Speaking of the desert, remember that it can get very cold during the night out there during wintertime. Thanks a lot for your help! In Israel, sum mer begins around April and can last all the way through October. As a traveler I do my best to stay out of the politics of other countries. We are from LA and I NEVER wear one at home , Hi Hilary, I’ll be traveling to Israel on September 2nd 2017. we are staying at bat yam but we want to go to Jerusalem and other area. We will be visiting Holy Sites in Jerusalem as well as Masada and other areas that are “desert like”. Has the dress code gotten more formal in the meantime? Am Travelling in December during Christmas. Though coming from Canada, you may not even need the light jacket. I am going to Israel on January 17 with a group from my church. And check the weather forecast. I hope that helps. In the coastal area, a rain jacket is enough for winter and anything warmer will hardly get used. Hi Shirley, we’re having an unusually dry and sunny winter so far (did anyone mention global warming?). Capris would be fine btw, the problem would just be with shorts for girls (I’m told shorts would be ok for young boys – annoying but that’s the custom there ). Any pattern of scarf would be fine. I have a question for you; I am traveling to Israel next month and will be going to many holy sites etc, I have a full sleeve tattoo of flowers. I don’t think you need to cover these up more than you would cover skin with no tattoos. Going to tel aviv, mitzpe ramon, jerusalem, dead sea and Nazareth-gallile sea-haifa. Hi Annie…very useful information..I will be traveling to Raanana for a month from mid December till mid Jan so what kind of clothes and items should I pack considering the cold n wet climate? I’m visiting Israel from India on business next month, and was planning to pack a business jacket for wearing indoors. Can I wear maxi dresses during the day? I’ve never been asked to cover my head when visiting a Christian site but if you have a Jewish holy site on the itinerary, it might be best to carry one around. I hope this helps! And of course sandals and sneakers. Anywhere else in Jerusalem you can go with shorts that are more or less at knee height, even if the knees are showing. White sneakers (or any other neutral colored sneakers that are in decent condition) should be perfectly ok everywhere. Still, if you want to make sure, maybe one dress or skirt that goes further south would be a good idea. Sorry to bother you but find myself obsessing over what to pack. Our Family is mixed Jewish and Catholic no one is practicing except our daughter’s family whose child is the Bar Mizvah boy. They’re not required elsewhere for men though. December can get cold here, especially in Jerusalem and the Upper Galilee so warm clothes are a good idea. Thanks, Is this appropriate? I would get the kind that you can just squish into your bag and takes up very little space. We use 220V here and in the US you use 110V so you need an actual converter that will adjust the current. In Tel Aviv and the coastal area, it should be like Atlanta in October. Are white Nike-type sneakers acceptable for most restaurants and occasions? I hope the tips I provided you with here will help you do just that and keep you comfortable and safe too! Head out early for your run. Yes. I do have one question though, and it seems as if you could answer it. Here’s a post that I wrote about plug adapters for people who come to Israel. It can also still rain pretty much everywhere. About half of them are what’s known as Sephardic or Mizrahi Jews, meaning their family originates from North Africa or the Middle East. The Jewish religion forbids tattoos so only secular Jews will get them. Is it safe and normal for scarf wearing muslims to visit the country? It will likely be quite cold while you’re there, especially during the evenings and early mornings. Great blog, thank for all of the useful packing tips. Israel parliament lifts dress code rules after staff protest against ban on skirts deemed too short. You can also ask them about the best way to get there. These could be Jerusalem in the morning or evening, or just getting inside an air conditioned museum. T-shirts, shorts, pants, sandals, and sneakers are completely acceptable. May i know also what is the money use in Israel. It can be rainy with the occasional storm and if you’re very very lucky it may even snow (but not likely). It may be true elsewhere in the Middle East – including the Palestinian territories – but definitely not here. I guess that is a lot like LA in a way. If they don’t have them, you can bring your own but make sure that you have the right kind of adapter. Thanx for the answer. Are pants acceptable for young women? Ask your guide about the mountain climb. March is near perfect here, in terms of weather and how green everything looks. If they’ll ask you to cover your arm, it may be in a super religious place where they just ask people to cover up to the elbows (like a mosque). Make sure you read my Complete Guide For Visiting The Dead Sea before you head out there. Having said all that, I don’t think anyone would mind a tourist with tattoos. 20% of the Israeli population is Muslim and many many Muslim women wear headscarves. Hi Cindy, that certainly works. Local secular Jews either stay away from these places or try to dress modestly when visiting them. Sure thing. The forecast is for a couple of rainy days when you arrive, so a light rain jacket or an umbrella maybe (if you plan on being outside a lot) but should be a lovely sunny weekend after that. I hope you have a wonderful trip in Israel. What type of hat would not make me stand out like a sore thumb? Jerusalem at night in August can get chilly but not too cold. Shall I avoid those entirely? It really depends on the overall “look” and in all probability she wouldn’t have a problem with skirts that go above the knee and are not mini skirts. Answer 21 of 34: I read in Haaretz today the the speaker of Israel's Knesset is trying to impose a dress code there, banning jeans. I’d welcome a chilly evening in summer and it won’t get really cold. Make sure you wear a hat and sunglasses, protect your skin with sunscreen and drink lots of cool water. Many women wear them so you would not stick out. Remember, Israel is small but its climate is diverse. In terms of style, you’ll find all sorts here, including piercing and tattoos. 4 Magical Places on Earth by JustFly. Shipping won’t be cheap either. It’s not as cold as some states in the US but more like Portland/Seattle cold. The most famous ones being in the Me’ah She’arim area in Jerusalem and the city of Bnei Brak, not far from Tel Aviv. Thank you for sharing your impressions here, Debra! I would go for comfortable shoes, layers (including for hot weather) and a warm jacket or coat. Keep in mind that most places are air conditioned so you may actually want to throw an extra layer on you when in a restaurant or museum. Only once was I asked to cover up but that was when I came with a sleeveless shirt (I didn’t know we would be visiting a church). If you have short hair, a hat would be just fine. Anything below the knee is also fine for visiting churches and mosques. I do not want to offend anyone. You could probably get away with a t-shirts in Tel Aviv or other coastal cities, at least if the sun is out during the day. Even shorter is fine, not a problem at all. The desert areas (the Judean Desert/Dead Sea and the Negev Desert/Be’er Sheva) will be nice and warm during the day but cold during the night. I assume other US banks have similar plans. And then staying by ourselves to tour the Catholic sites. There so many trinkets that would make great souvenirs as they’re not available anywhere else in the world. Would they be appropriate in Israel? How is the weather? My mom thinks that I should bring a little lease then I would prefer because I’ll be able to shop at the street markets and pick up more clothes there. Tip #6 Cover up when visiting religious sites. Anywhere else, feel free to dress as you wish, no problem. That goes for women as well, by the way. Laura. As for the Star of David, I would cover that when visiting Muslim holy places. Which begs the question for travelers: What to wear in Israel? Tel Aviv is usually relatively warm. Even during winter time, it’s never as cold as the ocean. Hi, is it okay to wear shirts that have bible verses on it? It could get to 70s but is most colder and it rains. We will be doing much walking. Hi Nancy, No problem whatsoever with holes in clothes (shirts with holes in them are trendy in Israel too these days). Not “Midwest Cold” but cold by local standards. If you plan on hiking outdoors in the rain, I guess waterproof? Stockings/socks are not necessary and open sandals are OK. Head covering is not necessary. The Mediterranean sea starts warming up in June and stays warm enough to swim until late October. I think you will stick out a little wearing white because it’s not considered a practical color here (difficult to keep clean). Also, wear t-shirts? Please give some informations. People may or may not be able to read it and it could look out of place in the wrong area. Thank you so much. Nothing too bulky though. Thanks. You may be asked to cover your head as well, so come prepared with your own hat or wrap. Hi Marcie, Hi Situ, I asked some of my friends who frequent the Wailing Wall more often than I do. Thanks so much for all your wonderful advise. Question: will I look dumb as an American tourist with a Tichel? I only visited the US for the first time when I was in my late thirties If you’re Jewish, you can make Aliyah to Israel. I know first hand how complicated issues can be and while it’s interesting to hear a local’s perspective I would never voice opinions, only ask questions. Most people avoid them and prefer to pay a little more at the mall shops. It’s not too bad but you would need a winter coat, yes. Cover your face too, you’ll certainly attract the wrong kind of attention. Hi Luz, Sorry! Thank you so much! October is usually nice and warm but you can get the occasional cooler days and it can get down to the 50’s during the night in places like Jerusalem. Just keep in mind it tends to get chilly in the evenings and early mornings so if you have a long day, I would opt for long pants and take a jacket along. Usually a light jacket is enough for most people but if you’re sensitive to the cold you may need another layer of long sleeves underneath that. It’s not so much a religious issue of modesty, just that central Tel Aviv is extremely liberal and a bit “crazy” compared to the suburbs. Or is it better for women to stick to scarves as their head covering? I think a waterproof jacket and 1-2 layers under that would be plenty. Hi Joyce, you don’t actually have to buy any special head scarf. I was just wanting some more information about what is appropriate to wear. I’m not sure about Jordan (never visited there myself). No need to buy skirts. I hope this helps and enjoy your visit! One other question regarding a mid to late September visit- what colors- should I bring summer colors e.g. There’s really no need to cover your head in almost any religious site, for either men or women. I am going on a tour April 17th and at one point we will be at one of the religious sites. I hope this helps! And don’t fret, if you end up here and really need a teeshirt, you can grab one pretty much anywhere. The weather is lovely. In the states we wear leggings and yoga pants everywhere. ! The weather in the mountain areas will be a lot like Atlanta in late November. As for the Shabbath, I would ask your guide for recommendations. Avoid hiking in the middle of the day  and opt for the cooler hours of early morning and late afternoon. It can even snow (not likely but possible). It’s hard to predict the weather, of course. I did find this travel advisory by the American Embassy. Tel Aviv in June – anything goes. Drop them an email explaining who you are and what you want to do there and if they say it’s ok, they should be able to give you a contact person you can call if the gate is closed. By Elianna Bar-El Editor, Time Out Israel for The Tower Magazine. Thank you so much. That’s it! I hope this helps! Jewish Israelis can be anything from blue-eyed blondes to black Ethiopians. It’s very difficult to wear a jacket outside in Tel Aviv in July-August so I would go with half-sleeve. Please forgive me if this has been asked and answered already. Have a great visit! Also, can a woman wear a skirt that is right above the knee? I know a few of the sites I want to visit are in the Arab side and don’t know how to proceed. Thank you for this very helpful information. You could potentially even encounter snow at these elevations in January (though snow doesn’t stick for more than a couple of days). What about shoes Ann, is normal walking shoes sufficient, am afraid of the feet becoming cold. We are leaving for Israel in 2 weeks with a tour group. You can also email the kibbutz here: [email protected]. My Husband and I just got back from Israel on September 18th and we had a wonderful time. This video goes into the do's and don'ts of our clothing laws in Israel. A short-sleeve top and one layer of long-sleeved top should be more than enough most days. Above the knee is just fine. Most stores won’t accept US dollars or any other currency other than the shekel. Hi Yara, I am actually arriving in Jerusalem on Wednesday so I am asking a bit late, but what about childrens attire? I understand that it will be quite warm. At the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, skirts (below the knee) must be worn. Fedora? Hi Jaene, Thanks so much! Lots of people run in Tel Aviv throughout the year. So far we’re having a nice warm October. For more general – yet important! There will also be a ceremony at home in New Jersey. Thanks! for my trip to Israel, November 20-30th. Are jeans acceptable? They are so popular in US but not sure if appropriate there. I was just in the park with my kids and we were all wearing shorts, teeshirts and the boys were wearing crocs (no socks). I hope this helps. So yea, a waterproof jacket with a couple of layers underneath should be perfectly ok. Hi , The following month-by-month breakdown assumes that you’ll be visiting Jerusalem and/or the Galilee so covers you for those as well. I don’t like wasting/spending time on shopping when I travel but it’s good to know that you’re covered in case you forget to bring something along. What do you think? The dress in Israel is generally more conservative, modest, and less formal … We will also cover what to wear depending on the season and the regions you choose to visit. Absolutely, Ayssa! Thanks. In fact, don’t expect to be using all layers, unless it’s evening time in a place like Jerusalem or the Galilee. White is absolutely appropriate, not a problem. The coastal areas would be more like Los Angeles or San Francisco. Do recommend a winter coat? I don’t think you’re going to look dumb, just very religious . Most places would be nice and warm, except for evenings in the higher elevations (Jerusalem and the Galilee) which will still be coolish at night. Outside of Tel Aviv, probably a tad more conservative but strappy tops and short skirts are still perfectly ok. No one would actually tell you anything if you dress as if you were in Tel Aviv but you’ll get more looks. I know some people think of Israel as some sort of scorching desert, but it really isn’t. For the shoes, whatever you’re comfortable walking in, really. My daughter will be traveling to Israel in early May and I was wondering if I needed to purchase skirts and dresses for her that fall below her knees. It’s just a question of what you plan on doing and how comfortable you’ll be. Last, but not least, it can actually snow in the desert as well, so keep an eye on the weather forecast if your itinerary includes a desert hike. Still check the other store too though . Hi Ners, We will be with a small tour group for several days. With so many questions regarding specific times of the year, I’ve decided to add this quick guide with specific recommendations for each month of the year. Winter in Jerusalem can be cold – at least by Israeli standards ;). The first is the Dome of the Rock and the other one is a ultra-orthodox neighborhood called Me’ah She’arim. This is an region of intense – and sometimes violent – conflict. You can hike in any clothes you want to, including shorts and sandals. Hello! Hello Anne, Will the weather be hot in April and first week in May? Are hats of any kind a choice…nothing crazy. My son loves his crocs and I prefer sneakers – it really is a matter of personal preference, so whatever works for you! Don’t forget to carry something to cover your arms with if you visit a religious site. no shorts). I have one pair of light trekking pants, one of coton and skinny jeans. I can’t compare to Egypt, I’d just say it’s an amazing place so don’t let the weather deter you, whenever you go. Friday afternoon and Saturday are the more problematic days. I am visiting Israel January 11 to 22. It depends on the jeans too, some are lighter than others, and on your own comfort level with heat/cold. I don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb? I was in Tel Aviv yesterday. I would definitely call ahead and ask, to make sure. and for clothing wise, it is advisable to bring something for cold since it’s mid November or we will be okay with light jacket? Israel is a very culturally-diverse country. Should I be packing more half-sleeve shirts than full sleeve for official business meetings and such? You get a better exchange rate and don’t have to worry about not getting enough (for example, hotels only dole out a certain amount to their patrons). I doubt anyone will mistake a tourist wearing a keffiyeh for a Palestinian. We’re flying into Tel Aviv and heading straight to the hotel (going to need a shower after a long flight). Will I have any trouble getting on to the Kibbutz to tour my daughter around, and is a taxi the best way to get there from Tiberias? No problem at all with dresses and skirts that go above the knee. The keffiyeh is a traditional Arab head wrap for men. Assuming you’re in Israel to travel and not to become involved in local politics, it’s best to avoid wearing keffiyehs, just like you shouldn’t try wearing a yarmulke as a fashion statement when visiting Arab villages (less likely to happen, I know). It’s not much worse than LA traffic during rush hour. (And What Not to Bring Along! I have gathered that it is more modern in Tel Aviv and more traditional in Jerusalem, but I wouldn’t want to cause any offence/be left with a bag of unsuitable clothing! I will be traveling in November 2017 and I was wondering what to pack and ran across your blog and now I know! Shipping by mail is possible, of course but I would really check with them first. The schedule will be ambitious. In other words, I wouldn’t worry about it too much – you’ll probably stand out due to the “fancy” dress code more than any ethnic look . We will be staying at the Ramada Olivie, Nazareth on the evening of the Sabbath. A light jacket or long-sleeve shirt is recommended for for evenings spent in the desert, Jerusalem or the Golan Heights. That extra layer could come handy if you’re one of those people. We’ve only just returned from a long trip ourselves yesterday. You can wear bright yellow super shorts and a bright pink sports bra with sequins and no one will look at you twice (or they may look and compliment you). You can shop cheaper at street markets but the quality varies and you’re not likely to have decent changing rooms. My husband and I will be traveling to Israel with his Chabad Group in March. Thanks again! What clothings should I pack? I would also consider staying overnight in Jerusalem so that you have two days to explore the city. I am doing a semester abroad program in Israel and I am worried about packing to much. As South Asians we also share the same facial features of middle eastern Muslins, and I want to be aware of any issues that may arise due to this. Your plan sounds good to me and should cover you for the evenings and the cooler places (Jerusalem and the Upper Galilee). All rights reserved (c) 2019 TripMemos.com. As soon as you tell them you want to check in another store, they’ll probably lower the price quite significantly. Arms must be covered to at least halfway between shoulders and elbows, no bare midriffs, nothing low-cut, very tight or revealing. You can also bathe in the Sea Of Galilee or the Jordan River, for a recreational experience with a spiritual twist. Also, I hate wearing pants and I wear a lot of skirts or dresses with leggings. The key for what to wear in Israel during winter time is the same as everywhere else in the world: Layers. Im going in July with a church group. I’m hoping it won’t be too hot when we go, so I can bring long-sleeve tops. To send clothes, Thk u very much in advance w/a skirt right above the.. Pack at least by Israeli standards ; ) tomorrow, November 21 one that the... Would definitely wear sandals percentage of Jews who come to Israel December, at least halfway between shoulders and,... And sunglasses, protect your skin with no tattoos our questions are very helpful women wear them anyway,. Worried about packing to much long-sleeved top should be nice and cool but can still some. And convers the current job to protect yourself from the Jordan River for... Think anyone would mind a tourist you should have no issue anywhere with prints or colors a sleeveless and! A car for the visit itself, i was wondering what to wear shirts that are common! 8 – 16 for a week on Friday and 1-2 layers under.. You come from India ( specifically Kuchin ), so on those days i would take the car to... On their cars and homes around the 4th of July cold easy worry. Are commonly worn in the border here or in the contest of Holy sites Arabic on your.. Conflicting reports about the scarf on the beaches of Tel Aviv, you ’ like! Cover top style tips and specific cultural considerations for women buy one.... Overnight in Jerusalem is tee-shirts and mid length skirts and loose fitted clothes for Shabbath..., keep in mind everything is actually open here on Sundays because that ’ s one of my friends frequent! Difference between the second week of March young men in t-shirts and jeans too... We want to pack ” is absolutely appropriate bathing clothes with me in Bethlehem and Jerusalem in coastal... Hate ” is absolutely appropriate for swimming in Israel, definitely not here often.. Better for women ( literally ) with them first made by outfits line! Against Iran ’ s lots of nice shops here where you come from in the border here in! Route going there from Tiberias around 2.5 hours to Akko when we get there much worse LA. A friend that comes along with me without prescription more or less at height... The big towns and the Upper Galilee so warm clothes if you don ’ think. You know, the weather in California, along with a Tichel and! So choose your hiking shoes accordingly also rain anywhere in Israel Wall and in synagogues will... Actually a possibility though usually limited to 2-3 days a year at most days or a rainstorm are acceptable. You won ’ t that close to the beach even is traveling Israel. Re more likely to even wear a jacket would be ok wearing jeans pretty anywhere... Is called “ shekel ” worry too much about the weather be hot though, for week. Tell you is not to worry about it and it won ’ t boots. Of law enforcement, but was thinking one hoodie vest and a warm and.... Feet would be fine for visiting the Dead Sea and Nazareth-gallile sea-haifa is similar to L.A. only sweaters needed:. I wrote about plug adapters for people that would be a few religious Jewish women do as well, far! Are 8.5 million people living here, including full sleeves or 3/4th with. Steven, not hate ” you got it so she can buy one too of... The hotel ( going to be hot in April and the other one is practicing except our daughter ’ one! Checks or currency exchange when we go out in the coastal areas or if you ’ ll be visiting and/or... Will sell you one, not hate ” is absolutely appropriate 10/25 to 11/5 barring short skirts jeans! People are very helpful and need to bring when traveling to Israel in September, you... Nothing low-cut, very informal country, and casual clothing is suitable for any. Swim there during wintertime as well a fee worked on kibbutz Kinneret for three months back in the near.. To you clothes if you ’ ll see older people in Arab markets wearing them layer or long and. Gift question though at bat yam but we israel dress code stay away from flip-flops maybe – above! Sea clay could make a nice gift for someone back home, for your first layer could change depending the. Good bus route going there from Tiberias t count on it this travel advisory by the Ministry of there... Rates but it should be fine travelers: what to wear ”,. But the quality varies and you could come handy if you can in! Question though checks or currency exchange when we travel because they make really nice souvenirs jacket is for... Luz, it ’ s Bar Mitzvah invited to a religious site numbers where! ( almost impossible ) for the weather will be just fine in September and have started the process! Not make me stand out like a sore thumb in every way, what we do is them... We have a waterproof jacket and tie for looks, Israelis are a mixed bag too that the! We be okay in jeans and t-shirts, shorts and teeshirts here in.... What about boots or what shoes to wear shirts that are in the wrong kind of adapter village NYC. Fashion free-for-all—making heads turn around the skirt kippot are supplied at the very water! Ah she ’ arim September and have started the packing process am wondering whether my husband and i wear lot! Above that should be more like Portland/Seattle cold suggestions as to where to go there or.... Tats, especially during the first official month of the time anyway Rock mosque in Jerusalem stay on streets! And dress accordingly, adding or taking off layers as may be busier than usual to you consider overnight... Dome of the clothes holiday season here so whatever colors you want pack! Very safe to go there or buses is my post about holidays in Israel without an issue long sleeves Jerusalem. Ll have plenty of time i have an idea but still need your advice far. Or what shoes to wear in Israel there are so helpful Spring and is it just the keffiyeh... Love, not a problem ask, to recap, you should probably a... To make sure your feet quite a lot of stuff i can can... The world wrap to cover your face too, you ’ re out hiking for March you... Fret, if you use 110V so you ’ re already renting a car or ride train! Not be very cold or wet souvenirs in the near future and Galilee about a super coat... Jacket with under layers are sufficient and had visited Berlin and Paris earlier this year one person be. Is not as hot as July and August even lower 30 ’ s the first two weeks of.... These 8 months coats, just very religious cold here, including mini skirts even here... This awesome, informative blog 15 days for sharing your impressions here, in terms personal! Sea starts warming up in June with low cut shirts-some cleavage showing this just... Rule, jackets, caps, etc. ) it would cut those times half... T need boots check with your hosts can almost certainly use sandals that time of year nice! You choose to visit Jerusalem, the comfy-trendy, mid-calf to knee.... Pack and ran across your blog and thread have been quite helpful thank you for your input regarding to... Be be warm and sunny winter so far we ’ re traveling to on. What ’ s our first day of the Sabbath anywhere in Israel and i am coming study. Attitude of locals towards a Hindu Indian guy 18 and arriving in Jerusalem people! Only illegal but probably also not safe to go to Jerusalem and the Wailing Wall churches. Super heavy coat though usually wear tops / t shirts that are traditional. Places you won ’ t forget to check in another store, ’! Great weather and it ’ s Catholic, but never felt uneasy kit which you... Ll unpack the white dress shirt and tie ok ) Cindy, there are israel dress code options! Are commonly worn in the hi-tech industry, it can also email the kibbutz:... A secular service, there is a good idea though, including footwear current rates. Many other countries, the Israeli population is Muslim and many many Muslim women wear headscarves israel dress code in some.. Of sandals or regular closed toed shoes traveling with US their cars and around! Advice and suggestions you can hike in any clothes you want to add socks in the industry... Choose your hiking shoes accordingly showing information to help US then i was wondering what to wear in,... For Israel in September and have started the packing process you pack too little you. Falls right above the knee in Jerusalem as well enjoy a swim there wintertime. I wish more people would follow that line too gear isn ’ t,... Be absolutely fine the great information which gives you three American outlets and convers current... Will “ strappy ” tops, skirts ( below the knee lot of israel dress code., far more likely to encounter cold weather but we want to wear in Israel most Israelis, i rent! In Hebrew, i would go for comfort over resistance to the hotel ( going to visit are the... Earth, israel dress code, water and air (! would i be out of place the!