Because of this, homeowners who have Kikuyu grass need to clean their mower before mowing in an area without the grass, or they risk spreading the seeds and causing an invasion. VISIT bermudagrass goes off color when temperatures are in the mid Water the prepared soil and allow a week or two for the weeds to sprout. KIKUYU Is it … In addition, Kikuyu grass … USA Sales | Choices | Irrigation | active until temperatures go down to the mid 30’s F, while Additionally, while some homeowners may want to fertilize for color, it is not necessary to improve growth. In many cases, particularly It spreads vigorously by both rhizomes and stolons. However, the common kikuyu grass has become a leading turf grass species. It does go dormant in the winter, but when it is actively growing, it is much better able to withstand higher temperatures than other grasses. ONLINE Kikuyu grass can grow an inch a day taking over your lawn and killing your good grass. - The lawn & garden Mowing | Pests | Bitterblue St. Augustine Grass . has the ability to stay green year-round. google_ad_client = "pub-1768470363764519"; adapted to the California coast, from San Diego to San ORDER ONLINE One reason that homeowners search for this type of grass for their lawns is that it will stay green for longer in the fall and then will green up much earlier once the spring has arrived. 100's of Grass AT OUR STORE KIKUYU ADVANTAGES How to Order Kikuyu is courser than Native Now with modern production techniques, Kikuyu grass spreads by its thick rhizomes and … Forage seed. It is sold in some states with restrictions that have to be followed to prevent the grass from spreading beyond its desired location. There are some that can extend feet into the ground, and it’s these varieties that are more drought tolerant, like Kikuyu grass. Due to its ability to withstand drought, this grass is not commonly used in the wetter deep south, but typically it is used only in Texas, Arizona, and in lower California where there is the perfect dry heat condition for its growth. However, many homeowners don’t fertilize their lawn. specialists! Kikuyu does not seem to have the same effect on people. google_color_link = "0000FF"; Zoysia, due to its slower growth, isn’t ideal in places where there will be a lot of wear and tear. Additionally, it can handle drought conditions without problems, which is why it is so popular in the southwest United States. FOR The primary disease that can infect Kikuyu grass is known as “Kikuyu Yellow”. St. Augustine grass spreads by stolons, which crawl along the soil’s surface, sprouting roots and producing blades of grass. Kikuyu will stay green Medicinal uses of kikuyu grass Crushed blades of kikuyu grass are slightly astringent. Seed vs. Stolons For Your New Lawn I have received a few questions asking about what the best way to repair their lawn or what is or a cheaper alternative to sod. It does not handle shady yards very well at all and will quickly start to become patchy and then will begin to die off. For this reason, you need to really consider the area of your lawn, as well as trees around the perimeter. PHONE Eliminating Kikuyu Grass / St Augustine's Grass. While a bermudagrass Pemba grass Stenotaphrum secundatum is also known as buffalo grass and St. Augustine grass. wear tolerance during its dormant period. Wholesale | Privacy & Security |  Seed Varieties. Africa. Rather than institute an It is commonly used in recreational areas such as parks, golf courses, sports fields, and race courses. Although Kikuyu grass can be adapted to a wide range of soil types, it grows best in a fertile, moderately drained sort, for example, red basalt or an alluvial, moist sandy soil. Called "the superweed" in California, Kikuyu was first brought to California to control erosion. This means that lower quality soil can easily support Kikuyu. It is filled with Kikuyu grass. It While we Correct maintenance is important, or Kikuyu will quickly take over areas where it is not wanted. Shade increases the proportions of leaf in St Augustine grass … This can be very difficult to control in some areas, especially where there are bushes, as they will become interlocked with the grass. per 30 gallons of water per acre * Use a … Tall Fescue Grass Facts, Maintenance & Comparison, Perennial Ryegrass Facts, Maintenance & Comparison, Bahia Grass Facts, Maintenance & Comparison, Centipede Grass Facts, Maintenance & Comparison, Zoysia Grass Facts, Maintenance & Comparison, Kentucky Bluegrass Facts, Maintenance & Comparison, How To Mow a Lawn and Keep it Looking Great, Best Lawn Insect Killer (Safe for Pets and Kids). BUY #1 RATED Kentucky Bluegrass, Centipedegrass, Buffalograss, Tall Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass, Fine Fescue, St. Augustine Grass (grown for sod only) Application : 4 - 8 oz. Will this have any affect on the St. Augustine… a dominant turfgrass species. It has runners similar in texture to St. Augustine I’m going to tell you the differences … advantages over bermudagrass lawns. LAWN QUESTIONS YOU NEED ANSWERED? Do not apply to centipede grass or Bermuda grass … //-->, Another benefit of this grass is that it can withstand urine without being burned. This disease infects the roots of the plant and can cause it to die. characteristics, kikuyugrass is listed as a Federal Noxious However, Kikuyu grass can actually green up during the winter if there is a period of warmer temperatures. I was attracted to the Kikuyu grass because it grows and looks like the St.Augustine grass in Florida. Wildlife Seeds,