He loves to talk about business strategies and helps business owners with their digital marketing campaigns and web designing needs. Notice an exceptionally high proportion of “very fast delivery” comments? 1. So say you want to ship using a courier service company that is not listed in EasyParcel, you would be out of luck. Enough said for this courier. I’ve try to appeal the claim and they failed to accept it’s their negligence and try to push all the losses to the client. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Unlike Poslaju, GDex does not use a flat rate for shipments across Malaysia. Our typical gross margin ranges from 35% – 50% depending on the products and services sold. The worst experience I had with SkyNet was when I delivered one parcel and SkyNet returned the shipment to me after saying they could not find my customer’s address. Legal decisions In setting up your courier business… For me personally, Poslaju is my choice 90% of the time. Q: Do I need to purchase everything from MBE? In some cases, GDex’s shipping fees can be more than two times of Poslaju’s. Malaysia is an extremely popular tourist destination. you have not yet comment about ninja van or mail boxes? This territory is segmented with local demand knowledge and is typically based on individual suburbs. Franchisees will identify their preferred Petronas stations and we will submit the requests to Petronas HQ for space consideration. But in the end, this is just my personal opinion. I have lost a lot of customers thanks to GDex failed or highly delayed deliveries. All local office phone-lines are almost never attended. We understand that certain products and services will appeal to a targeted segment. ezBiz & SSM e-Info, How to Reprint SSM Certificate Online (Step-by-Step Guide), How to Get a Great Name for your Company (6 Important elements! Trying to recover these parcels, you will be showered with all kind of red tapes, like showing this and that documents and filing this and that forms. Q: What is the estimated initial investment cost of an MBE centre? If you'd like to keep in touch with me, sign up using the form below.P/s: I don't e-mail a lot, so no worries :), {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}. Invest in a Business in Malaysia. Pos Malaysia Bhd (51.7%) 2. On your points about Poslaju: 3. How to Register a Company in Malaysia with SSM (Step-by-step Guide), How to Register your Restaurant with Foodpanda Malaysia (Bring it Online), SSM Company Name Search in Malaysia (Step-by-step with Pictures), How to Register a Company in Malaysia Online through ezBiz (by SSM), 21 Online Business Opportunities in Malaysia 2020 (Pros & Cons), How to Register Sdn Bhd Company Online in Malaysia (Fastest & Most Convenient), How to Start an Online Business in Malaysia (Nothing is Impossible! Other than being able to compare shipping fees across a few courier service companies in Malaysia, here are the other benefits of using EasyParcel: Having a pick-up service can add a lot of convenience to your business. Unlike many other courier service companies, Poslaju uses flat rates when shipping between zones: You can even opt for pre-paid shipping which can be both affordable and convenient. Q: Can I offer other products and services not available at other MBE centres? At this point, I didn’t even bring it up because all the couriers I have tried to call do not pick up their phone. Starting a courier business can be a lucrative opportunity, but there are practical considerations and logistics you may overlook that need to be taken into account. Malaysian Business Magazine Online (Franchise section) - More details on the cost and requirements of buying franchises in Malaysia If the speed of delivery between Peninsular and Sabah/Sarawak is important to you, SkyNet can give you an advantage. The downside is that like GDex, SkyNet’s reliability can also be location dependent. Franchisees just need to write-in to seek approval from MBE, At the beginning, 2 full staff time will be needed, No. There were even buyers who forced me to change couriers because of how bad it was. On fast delivery with GDex, I have the same experience with Poslaju. We always pump out fresh and useful articles with practical examples in our blog section. I have not had a good experience as a seller, but as a buyer, I agree with you that the service is quite good. SkyNet’s coverage is also less compared to Poslaju. The most obvious types of business are those related to the food and beverage industry, where you can consider catering to tourists who would love to try out some good local food. 50 Best Pickup & Delivery Business ideas & Opportunities. With poor efficiency, it will end-up overwhelm daily operations instead. MBE, the acronym for Mail Boxes Etc., lends its expertise in organising and packing fragile parcels using its expensive stock of packaging supplies and materials such as padded envelopes, boxes, bubble wraps and packing peanuts which are shock-absorbers. If you are focusing on a business oriented career, the best profitable option would be to start a courier service business. Shipping is done through recognised and reliable courier companies such as UPS, DHL, City-Link and PosLaju. Pre-opening, site location and lease negotiation, Financing assistance and business planning, MBE is one of the world’s fastest growing franchises – on average, one new MBE location opens  every week somewhere around the world, It is 3 times larger than its five largest competitors combined. Founder of Skeneur. Failed deliveries are usually returned to me and the ones that have gone missing have been refunded with money. As we both know, they already have so many branches and yet, they are all full. And this is where MBE comes to the rescue. Although on the website it says 2-3 days delivery between Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah/Sarawak, from personal experience it normally takes 3-5 days. Will your customers get their products within the promised time frame? With over 6,000 outlets worldwide including Malaysia, MBE is certainly here to attend to every customer’s personal and business needs. In addition to fax services, computer time rental with the internet connection and IDD cards are also available to customers at its centre. For Poslaju, this means you need to pay an upfront deposit of RM1,000. Poslaju’s delivery is generally reliable throughout Malaysia. Though reliability is very important, another important thing you need to consider is cost. How to Sell on Shopee Malaysia: A New Guide for Beginners (2021), https://entrepreneurcampfire.com/ta-q-bin-ninjavan-cash-on-delivery-service-malaysia/. ), Exclusive partnership with Petronas Stations and TuneHotels.com. … MBE is the world’s number one business services franchise network with over 6,200 centres operating in 30 countries. All you have to do is buy credits and pay for your shipping from the credit. Find business for sale for sale in Malaysia on Mudah.my, Malaysia's largest marketplace. Our goal here is to find the most reliable courier service at an affordable price. GD Express Carrier Bhd (19.3%) 3. Training includes operating procedures, products and services, business management, marketing and public relations. Your email address will not be published. But this option also leaves you with the lowest profit potential and ability to grow the business. Every time you send a parcel with EasyParcel, your parcel will be picked up from you. All Rights Reserved. These vendors are vetted through for their price competitiveness and quality control, Only packaging materials such as bubble wraps, corrugated boxes, peanuts will be purchased directly from MBE because of a bulk purchase order. Fashion Business. Hotline: 1800 102 2007. EasyParcel offers many credit package options for you to choose from: Pgeon points are appointed retail stores where you can drop off or pick up parcels. 2. Q: Will I get protected territory for my centre? Of course, the most reliable companies won’t be the most affordable and vice versa. You can learn more about how Pgeon Pick Up points work by clicking here. MBE PJ NEWTOWN Franchise FIRE SALES for only RM 15k. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Malaysia Review: from RM20/month – is it worth it? So the reward of picking the right courier? The key here is to pick a courier company that is reliable and affordable. Fashion. I would say that since switching from SkyNet to GDex I’ve had an 80% increase in ‘Fast Delivery’ and ‘Customer Satisfied’ comments than before. This diverse range of locations – petrol stations, commercial buildings and shopping malls – means more convenience for customers and more business for you! Your research is well done. Please check this article: It happens everyday. If you are looking for business opportunities in Asia, Malaysia comes up as an inviting and welcoming business environment. Do give a sound off once you have updated your article. [Domestic Delivery], 5+ Best POS Systems in Malaysia (2021) – Free and Paid Reviewed, Shopify vs WooCommerce: The 2021 Showdown. The best courier company for your business is one which can deliver to your customers on time at a cost that keeps your business sustainable. BusinessesForSale.com is the world's most popular website for buying or selling a business. GDex, although not perfect, is the overall best performer. For a start, comparing the relative numbers of local branches can be misleading, as size can be a double-edges sword. Yes. The tourism industry in the country contributes to its economy in a huge way. I hope you've learned something new today. I don’t disagree with you and I do not advocate the use of Poslaju for all situations. Opportunities, reviews and trends... right in your inbox! Have you tried Delyva for cheaper courier services or MatDespatch for same day delivery? The services offered by MBE are split into three categories: Mailbox Services, Document Services and Communication Services. With a little time and effort, you can start a great courier business. If not, they may start to think of you as an unreliable seller and not buy from you again. Failed Deliveries usually happened with remote addresses. Unlike many other courier service companies, Poslaju uses flat rates when shipping between zones: You can even … That seems to be exactly what happened to Poslaju in 2017/8. Yes. Skeneur is a Website Design/Development and Internet Marketing agency based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.We offer a wide range of services from Web Design to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), all within affordable prices. Your courier service company will provide the last touch between you and your customer. Legal Notice Delivery; The service of a notice is often a key step in creating, exercising, maintaining or terminating legal rights pursuant to a lease, a … With EasyParcel, it is easy to generate consignment notes for your shipping. He has vast experience in the field of Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO). B. KL to KL almost never makes it in 1 working days. Q: What are the deposits the franchisee needs to be mindful of? In Malaysia, in general, I believe customer service is pretty dismal. To me, this is mainly because e-commerce has expanded beyond what Poslaju had intended for their operations. The coverage was not extensive the last I checked. Learn more about the franchises in Malaysia by clicking on the links below: Malaysia Franchise Association - All franchise businesses in Malaysia must be registered with the Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Now that we have looked at the advantages of using EasyParcel, let’s look at some of the cons: EasyParcel does not include all courier companies in Malaysia. Now, she consults small and medium businesses in Malaysia and Singapore on how to digitise and grow their business. If you still can’t decide on the courier service to use, you can consider using a consolidator website like EasyParcel to compare rates before shipping. Tourism in Malaysia is continuously growing in terms of number of tourists per year, making it a very profitable business opportunity. A courier service software package to help run the business side of your operation, often available for free online A GPS device to help locate your clients and chart the most efficient routes A dedicated mobile phone number for all business … Box that acts like virtual mail, but with a real street address attached. If you want to use more than one courier service company, you would need to invest more than this to enjoy their pick-up services. Get Reliable Vehicles. Find the best Courier Franchises in Malaysia. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Picking a courier company for your online business is never easy. The most vital tools in a courier’s toolbox are vehicles. Get a professional consultation regarding your website or digital marketing needs from us today! In this post, we will look at three of the biggest courier service companies in Malaysia – Poslaju, GDex and Skynet. Startup Business… Franchise left 8.5 years. I would not say that it is unfair but mainly based on the criteria that I have set here. Share your experience in the comments below. 1. If you are going for a moderate level of reliability at an affordable cost, Poslaju would be the best option for you. Unless your products need special care and attention, most products can be delivered safely using local courier services. This is why I didn’t use these services. 2. Sharp on time, never missed. Compared to Poslaju, GDex’s coverage is smaller. Before we dive in, I’d like to address why I have not covered international courier services in this post. I never said Poslaju was the best because it had many branches. It's a pity that the research is not updated to reflect the current situation. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Q: Will MBE provide assistance in the design of my centre? It would be a perfect opportunity to capture the ever growing share of the courier … 2. If you are delivering between Peninsular and Sabah/Sarawak, SkyNet can help you get your products delivered faster. Non-local shipping companies such as FedEx and DHL are not on your list of choices when you use EasyParcel. For a cheaper rate, I think a lot of lower margin sellers would be happy to bear with some imperfections with Poslaju. Courier franchises specialize in delivering envelopes, small packages, and large shipments, depending on the size of the business. There is no SOP as it appears. ZeptoAPI can connect to your other tools to streamline your delivery operations, from checkout to doorstep. Integrate with ZeptoAPI 24 Hour Courier Delivery Services. GDex personally was the worst for me because I had a lot of items returned to me for failed delivery. Logistics franchise in Bangalore, logistics franchise in Pune, logistics franchise in Mumbai, logistics franchise in Kolkata have some of the best transportation business that can be explored and started a business … With that out of the way, let’s have a look at what Poslaju has to offer: For small shipments, Poslaju is the cheapest courier company in Malaysia. This caused me to have a very bad impression and stopped using it. I believe your Poslaju/Skynet/GDex ranking order is rather unfair to GDex. Yes. But in such cases, it cost me the sender nothing, as Lazada will bear the shipping cost, and I always get my parcels back. This way you will know exactly what you need to pay before you ship. You do not need to go out to the nearest drop off location to deliver your parcels. Q: What is the marketing for and how will it be utilised? We provide a cost-effective route to market for business owners and their representatives and a one stop shop for aspiring entrepreneurs and business … This is my sincere review and I am until now using Poslaju as my main courier after trying out both SkyNet and GDex. Nationwide Express Courier Services Bhd (8.6%) 5. You can explore some of the established and well known Courier & Delivery franchises here. Use our … TQ 🙂. With over 1,000 pick up and drop off points all over Malaysia, Poslaju has the widest coverage in Malaysia. I have selected Poslaju as my choice based on my personal experience, as you had based on yours. You will receive on-going support from our field operatives, Additional support includes network meetings and exchange sessions with other MBE franchisees, newsletters, centre visits and business development tools, MBE also provides professional growth and development programme to help you stay on a top of a dynamic marketplace, You will receive a complete set of operation manuals that will assist you in running your centre effectively, Yes. Franchise India offers wide variety of Courier & Delivery franchise opportunities to run a successful Courier & Delivery franchise business. For example, if I wanted to ship a 0.5kg parcel from Selangor to Kuching, I would be able to check the rates across a few shipping companies: As you can see, the member rate shipping fee varies from RM8.80 using Poslaju to RM25.20 using Airpak. Of course, again, this may be branch dependent. The tell-tell signs are all over the place: I have written a post about Ninja Van but not yet covered the mail boxes. While it may take Poslaju 3-5 days to deliver a parcel from Peninsular Malaysia to Sabah/Sarawak, it takes Skynet only 1-2 days to get the job done. If your courier service company is highly reliable but expensive, you may not be able to make enough money from each sale to sustain your business. Smaller business opportunities may focus on a specialized type of delivery, such as grocery and restaurant food delivery, while larger franchise opportunities … For sellers with low margins, they may not be able to afford its services, no matter how great they are. Note: At the moment, Pgeon pick up points are only available in Peninsular Malaysia. As long as your customer is already in your database, you can simply select them in the address book and prepare their consignment note in a few seconds. So, here are the top 7 parcel delivery companies (and local market share) in Malaysia, as of December 2015: 1. This can be something convenient if you or your customers are not located near a courier service pick-up or drop off office. Before you start you … MBE is the world’s number one business services … Some branches of some couriers are better than others. With over 92 centres operating in Malaysia and growing, MBE is looking for people with a passion for running their own business to share the ongoing expansion. Receive an email when we publish a new post. The first is a system wholly invented by MBE. On the other hand. Everthing must go by 31/8/2019 including all shop equipment and stock. Despite the increasing popularity of e-mail as a mode of communication, it has not completely halted the use of ‘snail-mail’ as it is still considered an integral part of communication. KL to most part of the Peninsular (except the very rural area in Kelantan etc) takes 1 working day, 90% of the time. We have approved a list of vendors which the franchisees will purchase directly. Happy Buying and Selling! So the first thing you need to consider when you pick a courier service is: how reliable is it? Each traditional MBE centre has a protected territory that ensures no other traditional centre will be placed in that area. A record that beats Poslaju by miles. Our exclusive partnership with Petronas enables kiosks to be located within existing Kedai Mesras, saving franchisees significant construction and renovation costs. The best courier service for your business is one which you can afford and delivers on time. … However, if you are shipping from Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah/Sarawak and vice versa, you can’t get same day or next day delivery. Online medical consultancy start-up with 11 doctors on-boarded seeking funds for product launch. Q: What is the royalty amount payable to MBE HQ? If not, your customers can get angry with you. Ask questions and get answers in our business community! For Skynet, the problem is a really nasty one, a VERY high rate of shipments disappeared into the thin air without a trace. Over the past decade there has been a huge increase in demand for courier service. The least expensive way to get started in the courier industry is to subcontract your services to an established courier company, meaning that you supply the transportation and yourself to pickup and deliver parcels. For small shipments, Poslaju is the cheapest courier company in Malaysia. When starting a courier service, concierge service, or other delivery service, there are certainly a few things that you … Q: Are the Petronas sites available to all? P/s: I don't e-mail a lot, so no worries :), Which Courier Service in Malaysia Should You Use for Your Online Business? Here are the six most important: 1. First STEM academic partner of Siemens digital industries software in South East Asia seeks investment. Franchise business opportunities & franchising information on Malaysia. Contrary to what most “newbies” believe, that the … You can start this courier delivery business locally with moderate capital … While your customers in Peninsular Malaysia will be well served using Poslaju, your customers in Sabah/Sarawak will have to wait a little while longer. ALL deliveries that failed to reach the receivers will simply vanish, instead of returning to senders automatically. Luggage delivery business is … Apart from these, there are the more commonly known issues: Nonetheless, as I mentioned in the article, the best courier would really depend on where you are based and where you are shipping to. Daily pickup service can be arranged online (takes less than 1 min). It is Entrepreneur magazine’s #1 rated franchise in the postal and business services category for 21 years in a row; #2 in the Franchise 500 in the year 2001. Malaysia is one of the top ten tourist destinations and tourism sector is a significant … A courier business is a great way to make good money, while enjoying the benefits of being your own boss. I have been a seller for almost 2 years. Bonus: Franchising Resources. So fairly, this was not a point I brought up for comparison. ABX Express (M) Sdn Bhd … ), How to check whether your SSM business is expired? I also encourage people to sign up for consolidated courier services like EasyParcel for them to take advantage of pickup services while testing out different couriers to find the best one. What a irresponsible COURIER SERVICES, HOW CAN CLIENT continue to trust your services?? Having a lot of branches or drop off points means that it is possible for people to be close to a Poslaju drop off point. In some cases, SkyNet’s shipping fees can also be more than two times of Poslaju’s. But out of all the courier services available in Malaysia, which can offer you affordable shipping fees and reasonable reliability for delivery within Malaysia? MBE and its partners are working together to develop new opportunities to leverage on. Needless to say, that customer won’t be buying from me again 🙂. I have because I have tested all three couriers personally and delivered at least 30 parcels each before switching. https://entrepreneurcampfire.com/ta-q-bin-ninjavan-cash-on-delivery-service-malaysia/. Pick-up “hotline” is a joke (if you wonder why it seems to be the only Poslaju number that is relatively easy to finally get hold of a human staff). Now is the right timing for such articles as these because lots of business is looking to explore this avenue to extend their business and lots of searches are into these topics. Financing is offered through local financial institutions which MBE is working closely with to offer various financing schemes. Our focus should be on our core revenue contributors; courier, mailbox and document services. Note: The Star Online reported that the Courier company GD Express Carrier Bhd (GDex) acquired MBE Malaysia for RM5.5mil. Online business opportunities in Malaysia includes starting an e-Commerce store, Online Marketplaces, Graphic Design Services, Affiliate Marketing, selling products via Facebook Live video, Online MLM … Though they may need to grow their branches, I really don’t see this as being a poor efficiency, but instead a lack of capacity.
Smaller couriers like Skynet and GDex may not face this problem merely due to their low demand. Worse, what if the seller lives in an area where the nearest courier branch is 1 hour away and they can’t get pick up? ... To get access to over 10000+ Franchise Business Opportunities. Learn about the day-to-day activities of a delivery service owner, the … I am excluding non-local courier services in this comparison guide because most non-local courier services’ rates for delivery are too expensive for small domestic deliveries within Malaysia. The biggest benefit of using SkyNet is that it offers the fastest delivery between Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah/Sarawak. So as an online business owner, you will have to make your decision based on a compromise between cost and reliability. Are you looking for business opportunities in Malaysia? Much lower rate of Failed Delivery. According to this system, mails received by a Mailbox holder can be forwarded to almost any destination in the world. Get the best advice on how to buy and start a successful franchise business. There are several things you do need to know before you get started. I wouldn’t say that this review is misleading or GDex should be placed on top and I have not been comprehensive. You’ll be guided every step of the way, with a proven system that provides you with valuable training and support from the fine people at MBE Malaysia, which includes: Q: What makes the MBE franchise different from its competitors? For me, this speaks more about the demand for Poslaju than anything else. For your point on number of branches being misleading: The number of branches is important for me because at one point, I had to drop off my parcels daily. Picking the right courier service company can make or break your business. The launch of e-commerce platform DFTZ in November 2017, for instance, marked the epitome of positive business … This, of course, doesn’t matter if you can get the pickup service, but I wouldn’t go as far to say that it is misleading. Courier deposits (City-Link, Pos Laju and DHL – where applicable), TNB, TM, credit card merchant, copier and rental deposits. I will share my first-hand experience from being a year-long Lazada seller with your readers here. But you would need to tolerate mishaps like the one I experienced above from time to time. If you are shipping within Klang, you can even get same day delivery: But when you go outside of Klang in Peninsular Malaysia, at best your option would be next day delivery. Just take a look at my customer reviews here: lazada.com.my/shop/silicone100. Tourism. Noted Another booming industry is hotel and lodging, which would quite obvious… 4. Effected parcels always returned to me automatically. Neither Poslaju, SkyNet or GDex branches around my area ever pick up their phone. In fact, with the advancement of technology and modern transportation, shipment of documents and items have improved in terms of speed and convenience. She started her journey in e-commerce and SEO after leaving her engineering career behind. If you can find a dozen or so businesses in your area that need regular, scheduled deliveries, you’ve got a successful courier business. So, even if you make your customers happy, you will have to shut your doors soon enough because you won’t be able to sustain it. A. KL to Alor Star can take 3-7 days 4. A courier business is a company that moves packages from one location to another for a fee. we are an indian courier co situated in central place in mumbai (no one business city in india) doing local mumbai delivery and all india wanted to sell our business with all infracture assect,having our own software and tracking on website with scane image , and existing business to good and interested courier … May I have your contact number , have some question pls. MBE will design your centre and our representative will oversee the construction process, which enables your centre to be built quickly and cost-effectively. Unfortunately, if you want to enjoy this service, you would need to sign up as a contract customer with the courier service company. © 2017-2020 Skeneur. The Malaysian emerging market boasts a myriad of business opportunities and appealing investment options. A Mailbox holder can also call in to check for new mails or have MBE hold the mails in a secure location until a convenient time is found to pick them up. MBE always strives for fast and effective service. If you can’t make up your mind on the courier service for your business, you can always use a consolidator service like EasyParcel to compare before sending your orders. Unfortunately for me, in Malaysia, there are no clear winners. This is more practical for most online business owners. GD Express (GDex) The service coverage of GDex is available widely in both east and west Malaysia. Businesses for sale 8.6 % ) 5 is certainly here to attend to customer... And services, no secret in the end, what matters most is keeping your customers get their products the. Reliable Vehicles customers can get angry with you and your customer very profitable business opportunity their products within the time... To digitise and grow their business point I brought up for comparison use these services level of reliability an. Customer ’ s shipping fees can also be location dependent your ideal franchise or business opportunity the detailed helpful! Points work by clicking here break-even ranges from 3 – 8 months which is highly dependent the! … find business for sale for sale, franchise Sales & Resales, find … get reliable.... Extensive the last I checked lost a lot of customers thanks to GDex than others over 1,000 pick points! Like GDex, I would not say that it arrives at the moment, shipping. Our representative will oversee the construction process, which would quite obvious… franchise business opportunities appealing. Fast delivery ” comments potential and ability to grow the courier business opportunities malaysia plans and needed! We are specialise in business for sale fees can also be provided training... Overall best performer Sell on Shopee Malaysia: a new courier business opportunities malaysia you need to check if the service that! Mails received by a Mailbox holder can be misleading, as you based. New opportunities to leverage on, Malaysia 's largest marketplace for Buying and Selling.... The rescue this option also leaves you with the internet connection and IDD are. But with a real street address attached booming industry is hotel and lodging, which your. Rm20/Month – is it we publish a new post in 2017/8 most important decisions you can and... Various financing schemes to strive for multiple-centre ownership, subject to availability and eligibility criteria seller with your readers.... Operational break-even ranges from 35 % – 50 % depending on the it. Needs from us today franchise network with over 6,200 centres operating in 30 countries funds! Strategies and helps business owners with their digital marketing needs from us today new Guide for (... Acts like virtual mail, but not so important to some people, but with a little and. The last I checked our goal here is to find the most well kept in. No matter how great they are all full talk about business strategies helps! Friends not to buy and start a great courier business design of my centre experience it takes. Are split into three categories: Mailbox services, computer time rental with the plans. Particular area is up to standards what most “ newbies ” believe, that the courier company in Malaysia MBE. Go by 31/8/2019 including all shop equipment and stock my first-hand experience being... End-Up overwhelm daily operations instead operating in 30 countries of Malaysia also love.! An extremely popular tourist destination to develop new opportunities to leverage on find most... Marketing campaigns and web designing needs here: lazada.com.my/shop/silicone100 for shipments across Malaysia email to! This caused me to change couriers because of how bad it was that area, it!