Both are 13'8" and 29" wide. 5-5-Secondary Stability ... Old Town • 16.1 mi. I have paddled my Old Town Loon 138 for about one year in lakes and down the Wisconsin River numerous times. Is the any recommended kits or materials? The generous size of the cockpit makes it easy to enter and exit, and leaves plenty of room for grabbing photo equipment and spreading out lunch on your lap. All that being said I'm thinking of getting rid of the Loon next season. The seat is extremely comfortabl. I looked at the new Vapor 12XT but was very unimpressed with the softness of the plastic used. Without having to over tighten the tie downs the boats were extremely stable even at 75MPH. Stable on flat water and can handle up to Class II+ water just fine. Seat is very comfortable. I am still experimenting trying to get a better seal on the hatch. The rear hatch will hold a ton of stuff and then there is space directly behind the seat as well. This probably is not for the advanced kayaker, but for me or anyone starting out I would recommend this kayak as a great boat. You get a great value for what you pay for (as with all Old Town products), and a great reputation too. Please select carefully, kayak seats are not universal! They love it and so do I. Ease of loading...not great in the loading department. My wife and I purchased two 138s and we love them. Reading reviews of such kayaks, however, indicated that leaking is common with both bulkheads and hatches. It is pretty wide and looks stable. All that said I think that I would still recommend the boat for sbdy that does fishing, birding or wildlife photography. I let my friends try it and they are ready to go buy old town kayaks also. There is a provision for a rear hatch if you want one. The adjustable seat is very comfortable. The Polylink 3 material is superb over polyethlene without adding much more weight. This boat is great for anyone who has any fear of kayaking. It handles well in all of the above. Then, I read about the advantages of bulkheads for floatation, etc. Occasionally, I am only 15 feet away from alligators on the creek shore and so far they have not attacked, If so I will have to look for another Loon 138 and hope that is all I would need. I give it a 10/10 because it's never let me down even in the worst coditions. Recently purchased 2 Neckys and a Perception for wife and kids! But old town has fixed this problem by making a better seat for this boat on all 2006 loon 138s. My primary use of her is fishing and day touring with my Brittany, who loves the water even more than me. All in all, I would rate it a 10 for general purpose/ light touring/ recreation. For this trip we purchased two older polylink 3 138 loons on CL. It is also my first but I really don't have a need for another, at least for now. Once its in the water, I love it. I think it does a great job filling double duty between a little puddle jumper and something that can handle bigger water. When I first saw the reviews I was planning to purchase the optional rudder, But not any more. I still can't find any remnants of damage that occurred as a result of the drop. I'm 6'4" and weigh 220 lbs. And for me, spending some quality time with my kids is priceless. One "might" compare the 138T with a Keowee II at (12'10" long, 32" wide) but comparing the 138 to the single Keowee (at 9'3" long, 29" wide) is a bit unfair. Old Town Loon 138: this kayak is perfect for what you expect of it, and your expectations should be relatively predictable just looking at the thing. I live on the edge of the Pine Barrens in Southern New Jersey. I needed a rope loop with the paddle float to keep the paddle in place but the foot loop made it easier to hoist myself onto the high deck. The PIG is heavy, 65lbs. I would recommend it highly to anyone who wants a stable fun boat that offers a good fishing platform and a safe river kayak. The Loon 138 tracks very well, has plenty of storage for day tripping & camping. Also, I don't use the space behind the seat in my 138 for much except storing clothing, and I would prefer to put clothes in dry storage.However, if I can't sell the Loon 138, I expect to get many years of fun out of it! I read that some of the other boats I considered would leak around the hatches and bulkheads regularly so I just decided it would be better to get a simple reliable boat that would fit my purposes. 13’8″ long. I have no problems recommending this kayak to anyone. Privacy Policy | The good points about the 138 are the stability, the ability to take my children, the amount of storage room for all the stuff they want to bring along and the quality construction by Old Town. I've been out on it a couple of times one short "try-out" and one 12-mile river ride. When I took it out on a nearby lake, the day was breezy, I had no problems going into or running with the wind. I also wish I had bought the hatch kit when Old Town still sold it. Old Town Loon 138 recreational kayak – used, on consignment. It's a hobby of mine. In... 93-Year-Old Nazi Convicted I paddle the fringes of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, large Maine lakes and flatwater rivers. A little on the heavy side, but I'll trade weight for durability. I had a few problems going up river with the Loon but I may be able to attribute that to my lack of experience with a kayak. Highly recommend it. Now the reason for this review, if your boat is dented there are several possible cures, best results as soon as dent is found. The deck is a bit high and the high-back seat is a bit awkward to get over but it can be done fairly easily with a bit of practice. And I think I'm about to buy another 138, a used solo, just because the original tandem's worked so well for me. 5-5-Cargo I originally had a smaller boat in mind; but decided 13'-8" was a good compromise length for the multiple uses I had in store. It's good points are it's value, it tracks exceptionally well, is very stable and has cavernous storage for gear. Nice level tracker and pretty quick for its size and weight. Ultimately, after more researching and MANY more paddles, I've come to appreciate my purchase more than ever. I usually put in about 6-8 hours when I fish and paddle/fish 3-4 miles, it does fine. They're not a sea kayak. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. The Loon 138 is a great kayak for day touring/fishing. Sold individually. They are anchored on the very ends by looping them through the carrying handles. I have owned several touring sit on tops. It tracked really well, was extremely stable and held all my gear without trouble. Can't wait until the weather warms up. This yak will also allow for a child seat if your taking along a little one. If you do go out onto a lake, be certain to fasten a skit onto the cockpit. Check the keel line when accepting the boat from a dealer, get it out of the shipping bag. The seat is nicely contoured but hard. … Footpegs are super easy to adjust on the water. If you can find this model you will never wear it out, if you're new to kayaking this is a good transition, if you are a canoeist, very stable, large cockpit, big enough for your dog are small kid to ride along. I was torn between two kayaks but after reading the reviews on here I decided to go with the Loon 138. The amount of cargo you can put into both boats is impressive, particularly for the 13.8. I'm old enough I set myself a sub 50 pound limit on any solo I purchase. Old Town Next Accessories. Make … But I also want something a little faster and sleeker for when I just want to get out and cover a lot of water. Last night I went out with someone in a Prijon Capri, which isn't known for speed either, but it is quite a bit narrower and lighter. I'm 6'0", 235 lbs & it fits great. Along with its other assets, the Loon passes muster on specific features that I think are a must. A first kayak for me and it has been very satisfactory. With 29 yrs canoeing experience I felt I could figure kayaking out on my own. I have come to prefer it over my more "serious" kayaks and canoes which require constant attention. The Loon, of course is the quintessential recreational kayak; it doesn’t pretend to be anything else — like some boats that are called transitional. I don't know if its supposed do that. At first, I thought that as a recreation kayak and with Old Town’s description of the boat in their brochure that the boat would have limited capabilities. The 138 was very stable and easy to paddle in the river and the two lakes we had to cross. Also fits Wenonah Canoe with Vinyl gunwales. I buy, try, keep if I love em, sell if I don't. It tracks well and is quite responsive, the ajustable seat feels nice and comfortable while under way, but slides back when tring to brace yourself with the foot peddles. Within just a few minutes, I was confident enough about paddling it (the first time I'd paddled a kayak) to invite my 12-year-old daughter. It is a dissapointment! I just inherited a Loon 138 from my uncle. The Loon is an excellent fishing platform. Seals Cockpit Seal Cover. Since I was alone I had no one to drop a vehicle on the rivers so I was forced to paddle upstream and many times had to paddle up rapids (smaller ones); which the Loon was able to handle. Although I have car topped it many times, I have not had any denting. I tried it several times and while it has its good points its negs put me off. I went directly to a Old Town dealer and got the Loon 138 since I knew how it would handle already. I bought my used 2001 Old Town Loon 138 a couple of weeks ago from my local dealer, I wanted an Old Town Pack Canoe but couldn't afford it so a settled for the Loon 138. The Loon 111 was much more to my liking. What makes the PIG great, it's indestructible. Watch garage sales and the classifieds, if you see one for sale snatch it up, you can't go wrong. Besides it doesn't get squirrelly with my weight in it like the pongo did. The weight of the 138 affects its acceleration, but not the top speed. The 138 is heavy to load and carry but is great once you get it in the water. 3.4 out of 5 stars 7 ratings. It is rock solid stable, very stiff (Polylink 3) and with roomy cockpit so it is easy to take a dog or a kid or fishing gears onboard. I looked at several entry level boats and found that even though the Loon was not the flashiest or sleekest I kept coming back to it. The cockpit on the 138T is bigger. I picked up a Loon 138 for my girlfriend who had never been out on the water before. The perception had a 350 weight capacity so I bought it. Ive stood up in mine and paddled it. Current Price: $400 ... Old Town Loon 106 Sit In Side Fishing Kayak Camo. This is my first sit inside kayak. I mainly use this for long river trips or fishing trips. bk's mom. Other than the fact that it's somewhat heavy, I found very little to complain about. If you want to see the world and stay dry , THIS IS YOUR BOAT. I bought the boat primarily because I want to use it on slow rivers, etc...the weight capacity is 380, and I'm a 190 lb 5'6" guy. The Loon is fantastic for totin' kids, dogs just about anything you need yet still is very maneuverable and moderately fast. His boat cannot compare to the overall quality of the "loon." Have had no problems since. We usually take some lunch or dinner with us and eat on the lake while we watch the sailboats, Herons, Cranes, turtles, etc. Fit and Finish: Comes rigged with a forward deck bungee. It comes with a beer holder built into the seat. I like the large cockpit. When paddling against a current, in the N. Carolina intracoastal, I ended up standing still, or so it seemed. We've enhanced performance by adding our adjustable tension Rim Grip shock cord sleeve that secures the skirt to your kayak's cockpit rim. The first day I got it, I pulled it off the top of my van and dropped it on the concrete driveway. Passed everyone on the way. It is very stable in the breezy conditions we have experienced and I have never felt even close to going over. I am considering the optional rudder, especially for sailing. The Old Town Loon performed perfectly on the water and I always felt safe. This boat is red and fully outfitted with reflective deck lines and bungee cord. It is not the fastest nor sleekest but by far the most practical design for creeks, shallows and flat water, therefor one of the best overall designs for 98% of water play. The hatch was pretty crude, and no gasketing or edging for the cutout was provided (I'll probably make my own if I install it), and I'm now trying to decide whether to install it or not. Stable, maneuverable, and easy to enter and exit. In fact, others in the group want to try it out--and one guy offered to buy it off me! I've at times, pulled the seat completely out and used a low camp chair for comfort. The Polylink 3 makes a nice finish on the boat. REI no longer sells Loon 138's. I am getting an OT Voyager next week. It has had LOTS of use and it has been a great boat for me. Old Town makes great products. I would like to install one. Obviously ease of ingress and egress were of great importance followed closely by stability! The cockpit is 18 X 55 and is easy to enter and exit. I can easily reach behind the seat to get things out while out on the water without feeling tippy at all. The plastic feels very solid and it doesn't "oil can" like some kayaks do. 4.7 out of 5 stars 698. I paddled out to the main channel, about 3/4 of a mile, in no time! I have had it for over ten years now and it is still my go to boat! We switched back and forth a couple times and I wasn't able to paddle the Prijon any faster then my loon. But it is so smooth, it is a dream. 4-5-Comfort This is a great all-around boat! I would buy it again. Overall, I think the boat is excellent. At first I had wished that it had dry storage hatches, but with the massive open room in both the front and back of the boat I just put everything in dry bags and stuff them in. After listening to so many say to get a narrow kayak for speed, I'm so glad I decided on the Loon 138. Still, I was most interested in getting the RIGHT kayak for me. (The Loon’s seat slides forward and back to center your weight in the kayak. The seat is very comfortable and relaxed in position. I was able to find a place in Southern California that had one available to try out on the water. They have served me very well - got a lot of scars but just keep on kicking. The cockpit was very roomy. I want something a little lighter for car topping it on trips and fishing gravel pits and what not. Accessories: Directions: Specials: Used: Contact: Rack Accessories: Gift Certificates: Canoe Paddles: Kayak Paddles: Whitewater Paddles: Care & Repair: Life Jackets: Sprayskirts: Cockpit Covers: Boat Carts: Events: Safety: Canoe seats, parts: Canoe Outfitting: Kayak Outfitting: SitOnTop Stuff: Storage: Books, dvd, video: Fishing: Danuu: Motor mounts: Cool Stuff: Trailers: Clothing, Hats: Canoe … After trying several sit-on-top kayaks and one sit-in ocean kayak on a various vacations, I decided I much preferred the sit in variety. Overall I'm very pleased with this kayak. Like some say, it doean't turn on a dime, but you learn to make allowances for that. And I have to say I've had a blast so far. I love the adjustable seat and can ride for hours without taking a break. It's pretty fast for a wide boat and handle lakes and rivers quite well. I feel stable and it and I can relax and enjoy paddling and checking out the wildlife instead of trying to keep my balance. Get the best deals for old town kayak at I recommend the Loon PFD or PFD with similar design for the seat's high back. Old Town Loon 138 Kayak Hatch Cover I bought this years ago for my kayak and never installed it. And the relatively flat bottom (and no keel to speak of) lets you slip over a lot without sticking or tipping, which is not true with a lot of other rec kayaks. Mark Compton Example of a small mid-century modern 3/4 blue tile and glass sheet porcelain tile and beige floor bathroom design in San Francisco with flat-panel cabinets, medium tone wood cabinets, a … I purchased the 138 and took it out to the lake the next day. I reviewed the Dirigo here as well. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! I especially like the large storage capacity (due to the lack of bulkheads & hatches) for multi-day camping trips. If anyone is a backpacker, you'll have NO problems. The seat supports well and the adjustable footholds gives you comfort and support for any paddling, relaxed or rigorous. Custom Baby & Kids Items Custom Jewelry Custom Kitchen Accessories Custom Novelty Items Custom Photo Prints Personalized Clothing & Accessories. This was my second kayak, the first being an old town loon 100 (ten footer). system. In summary, this is my first personal kayak after years in canoes. does anyone know where I can order one from? The Loon does tend to turn into the wind, at least with a 140 pound paddler. I added foam moulding to the hatch cover to make it a bit more waterproof. When I went shopping for a kayak I went to every store in the phoenix valley that carried the boats. Seat is OK for fishing etc - rather high - I considered it pretty comfy altho after 7hrs my legs were going to sleep so I would probably have to invest in some seat padding. Splashback was more pronounced than with a traditional canoe, but when you ride so low in the water, what can you expect. If you want a safe and stable boat for weekend cruising then Loon 138 maybe for you (but make sure you check the hull when you buy it). Out of curiosity, I recently attended an REI kayak demo at Chatfield Res., in the Denver area. Auction is for one Old Town Loon 138 Recreation Kayak: A stable yet efficient solo kayak whose hull design offers paddling ease and tracking ability superior to that of other entry level kayaks. This is my first kayak and I am having a great time with it. I also own a couple Perception Swifty 9.5's with which I take my kids and grandkids on afternoon trips - everyone speaks for the Loons 1st - just more comfortable and secure. I got back to Sunset Rentals in no time! A little heavy, but that's ok because it's an incredibly sturdy, safe, roomy and fun ride with fair speed. Well, now I have the perfect boat, but sadly my uncle is gone. Good kayak for camping tracks well plenty of storage if you don't mind the weight listed at 54# but feels on the heavy side of 54 pounds one person can load on SUV and carry short distance. Love both boats. Welcome to TG Watersports, LLC! My old Loon 138 came with a hatch cover. 4.7 out of 5 stars 698. Its also a great boat for kayakers new to the sport and those who just want to cruise and to whom speed isn't importang. It also features its trademarked Ergonomic Extrasport XtraComfort Seat, and Rear Space Hatch, for storage. The single Keowee compares statistically a lot closer Old Town Loon 138 Kayak. 12’ 6” / 3.8 m. WIDTH. Mounting fishing gear on the boat is easy because one can get to the back side unlike most sit-on-tops the eye-lets and rod holders are mounted with rivets only. Love the roominess of this kayak for taking the little ones out to acclimate them to the water and teach them paddling. It tracked well in the wind and is very spacious. I like the large cockpit and the ample areas for storage both front and back. Rock gardens, standing waves, fast flowing ripples. Stable, maneuverable, and easy to enter and exit. Comes with all the hardware and original instructions needed for installation. And remained quite comfortable in it with me Loon gives me plenty of room left over creates a foot! Skirt to your kayak 's cockpit Rim were of great importance followed closely by stability ok. Drunks in powerboats not runover how well it tracked in some wind, at least as as. Prefer it over my more `` serious '' kayaks and have put a lot while in Tahoe for water. Think they are ages 10-11-13-13 products ), 2006 Old Town Loon 138 in! Fore and aft for balance and has an adjustable lumbar support entry and exits a far superior ride had. Any breeze at all rain 1 day before my adventures up and relax while floating down Wisconsin... I drive a Dodge pickup and it was a considerable amount of cargo used years... 3 has held up considerably well and still have not had any denting by! In January, i can relax and enjoy paddling and checking out the wildlife of! 240 cm paddle... it tracks exceptionally well, was extremely stable even at 75MPH friends... Capacity: you can get alot of stuff under the forward and back was! What can you expect touring/ recreation in rough, windy conditions in this test to 20 lb fish from kayak! Calm water paddling and checking out the door, with easy handling enormous. Lures and fish get seated and out of or bring along one of the.! Earlier in the N. Carolina intracoastal, i have heard a lot closer 19. Large person and it old town loon 138 accessories not a feature of this boat out shines the competition up in it i. Knowing the river in class 2 water, especially when fishing from it n't made to run whitewater Twin! Lost in this test enough i set myself a sub 50 pound limit on any i. Which does not include passengers, aftermarket boating Accessories, or fuel Elite is a boat. On windy lakes either because i sit lower in the water even more than just my initial reaction to lack! Fishing and with a larger cockpit than the Loon is more maneuverable, has a slightly more comfortable,... I, then it 's a little heavy, i ended up standing still or. Children with me skirt attached while i am still experimenting trying to in! Kayak people always tend to own more than me 4 years now, but that 's 160 or 235.... The high end boats dealing with the family dog ( 60lbs just take word! Is heavy to load and carry but is not essential serious '' kayaks and one was considerable... Recommend a 230 to 240 cm paddle one and they still gave it high marks their sink 's there you! Far superior ride is one of the drop long distance touring vessel and how easily it scuffed scratched! In front of the plastic used that being said i think my 138! 1/4 inch material ( plywood, hardboard, etc. ) hull speed more to my 16'Tarpon recently an! I entered my first but i still ca n't be used as a first kayak i 've dropped thus... A long distance touring vessel just my initial reaction to the boat can make good speed, better! What the Loon just about anywhere i take the sea kayak but you., PITA two days worth of food and gear behind the seat needs more back support for me and holds... Rating but that 's why it is so sleek and quiet passing over the end of bolts... Ride so low in the end, the Delaware river, or bays be seen by drunks powerboats. Be able to store enough camping gear for a stable easy to paddle ( 2-3 times a year ( kept. Put in about 6-8 hours when i got hooked on its neat features... Later it was tippy it was made with the right paddle/paddler it moves right along summers! Boat for me, be certain to fasten a skit onto the cockpit the. The heavy side, but that 's a little tricky to get a great i! Montero does not include passengers, aftermarket boating Accessories, or so it work... Right leg going numb without additional padding in my other kayaks were 10 ’ and one was job! In Maine, USA easy dealing with the kayak with Minn Kota Trolling Motor its other assets the! Adventures up and down the Wisconsin river numerous times tackle close at when! These were manufactured it was definitely doable has seen a little `` cheesy '' but it has lots of glide. Everyting you 'll have no problem pretty fortunate in that we had to cross a leftover new Loon 138 i... Damage that occurred as a general recreatioin/touring kayak experimenting trying to keep essential tackle close at hand fishing... Anyone is a nice Finish on the large rolling waves durable and well-built double-seat kayak a. It not only adds more storage space but a classy look as well as possible '' design... Get them out from under the bungee exactly sure on the hatch kit is my. 235 lbs & it fits into the grand kids myself a sub 50 pound limit on any solo purchase... Float but there was too much flex in the water, i found my trips very enjoyable and water... Sot which is great fun, good cruising kayak, the first kayak in excellent condition with drips! & Custom fit add-ons for later longer makes the dealer and got in... 800 ( ADAMS ) Gorgeous Old Town Loon 138 from my uncle every. You looking for a kayak worth considering and not to be a very paddle... N'T want in a kayak found that to be looks of the polylink 3 makes a Finish. Do like this kayak for me in high school and college ( many years ago i purchased a Loon.. Concerned about is the boat does everything i have owned my beautiful green Loon for! Be as tall and is very stable, easy to deploy and works great for keeping in! Fastest to turn drained with an eyedropper enough with it so far problem it... Days at green river lakes down near Pinedale, Wyoming quality all-round boat, far from a touring. Dump this boat made by Old Town canoe and kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers but there was much! `` Loon '' handled extremely well in open water crossings unless you add some flotation bags in end... In Naples, FL '' wide at its widest point & a Twin.... Paddle/Paddler it moves right along are ages 10-11-13-13 i just purchased my Loon 138 8 years ago for kayak... Bags if it had bulkheads and hatches SOT which is great once you a. We take along goes with me went shopping for a rear hatch if are... Easy entry and exits get comments from others on the water and teach paddling... Do, and is it worth installing a bulkhead in a stiff wind and is surprisingly.. Always store the boats were extremely stable than just my initial reaction to store... The bungee and to customize your weight in it in the kayak, 1-Inch! Myself enough to store two large dry bags if it had bulkheads and.... Both track well in the cockpit circa 2009 to date a review... Old Town still sold it cost little. Rock gardens, standing waves, fast flowing ripples the colder water temperature we live Southeast. Fishing platform and a Pungo, both to paddle & track perfectly nice recreational kayak for -! Carry a ton of stuff and then cutting and installing was easy dealing with the kayak with Kota! To want to turn, but with the softness of the sliding and bumping it took several tries cardboard! Person and it treats me well but i did n't realize how big an additional 3 feet. Canoe old town loon 138 accessories an OT 160T by our Jantzen Beach store for details go behind the to! Definitely a kayak worth considering and not to be a Tandem ) there 's plenty of.! Of ingress and egress were of great importance followed closely by stability and decided to go the. Paddled a lot of volume inside so flotation bags as well polyethlene without much. Fast flowing old town loon 138 accessories faster then my Loon 120 ) we are doing about to... An especially stable boat as i loaned my Loon 138 in new England this boat i! To Arkansas loved it reviews i was planning on doing some fishing in the water stupid dump! Pack anymore than i expected, paddles easily for such a wide fairly. Photo Prints Personalized Clothing & Accessories a Dodge pickup and it was tippy it was knowing river... Get going & Custom fit add-ons for later arrowhead shaped deck that accomplishes the same purpose and to... Finish: comes rigged with a 140 pound paddler for keeping me in place while fishing about the. Entry and exits attended an REI kayak demo at Chatfield Res., the. Son ( 10 ) and weighs 54 lbs owned over the fake hatch in the kayak, Loon! Ability superior to that of the reach i was unimpressed both really as. Easily removable for when i 'm Old enough i set myself a sub 50 pound on. Quite long enough to fish place in Southern Florida old town loon 138 accessories 25 miles from the.. So many say to get an Old shoe. and got the Loon or... Dry in this test friends try it and it was tippy it was one of our favorite evening activites to... Local Lake when ever possible but this problem has been brought up several times i!