49.  We really like this name, it would be perfect for a cat with green eyes. It is the only domesticated species in the family Felidae and is often referred to as the domestic cat to distinguish it from the wild members of the family. Cruel, but composed and bland, Dumb, inscrutable and grand, So Tiberius might have sat Had Tiberius been a cat--Matthew Arnold ROME. Here is a collection of most popular mythical male/female cat names. Anubis (Ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptian origin) means "the God of Death". We recommend that these ideas are used as inspiration, that ideas are undertaken with appropriate adult supervision, and that each adult uses their own discretion and knowledge of their children to consider the safety and suitability. Amalthea: nymph, sometimes represented as a goat, nurse of Zeus. If you purchase using the buy now button we may earn a small commission. 21. 71. Adonis. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Liebchen from the movie 'The Witches' is popular among pet owners. Oops! Mythological Cat Names There are many magical characters found in mythology from different cultures, both male and female, who would make excellent cat names. Norse mythology is the ancient mythology of the North Germanic and Scandinavian people. Copyright © 2020 Kidadl Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Athena (Greek origin) means "Goddess of wisdom and war ". 93. Kidadl provides inspiration to entertain and educate your children. 16. Mercury (Latin origin) means "God of trade". 1. You could opt for Leo, the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac, or get really creative with one of these legendary cat-inspired names. 27. Giants and giantesses play important roles in the lives and schemes of the gods. Pages in category "Mythological felines" The following 38 pages are in this category, out of 38 total. Griffin (Welsh origin) means "strong in faith". We try our very best, but cannot guarantee perfection. . 87. If your cat has an eye defect, you can call them Cyclops, named after the creature in Greek mythology. We have over 13.769 unique kitten names in our database, along with the meaning, gender and origin. Odin (Scandinavian origin) means "rage". Despite their less demonstrative nature, the Romans admired the cat almost as much as the Egyptians.They certainly appreciated them more than the Greeks did. Sabrina (Latin origin) means "from the river Severn ". Harpy (Greek origin) means "snatcher". Yokai (Japanese origin) means "ghost, phantom". Freya - The main goddess, Freya, represents love, beauty, war, and death, inspiring a name for the well-rounded feline. Icarus (Greek origin) means "follower ". 73. 62. Knight ( Old English origin) means "youth". The Norse goddess Freya (Freyja) had a chariot drawn by two large grey or blue cats (possibly Norwegian Forest Cats) called "Gib-cats" in the Prose Edda (a collection of Norse tales compiled in 1220AD by Icelandic historian Snorri Sturluson). 94. 113. Freya presides over the afterlife and she was famous for her affection for love, beauty and fertility. 85. Aries (Latin origin) means "the ram". 100+ Greek Mythology Cat Names. In the summer season it ca [...], Disney kitten names 11. Great for a black female cat. A list of names in which the usage is Mythology. 3. Adonis. Site Index : ROMAN CAT NAMES. Binx (American origin) means "unknown". Mjolnir might make a good name for a heavier set or stocky cat because the hammer is so stout and powerful. Girl Cat Names Inspired by Mythology. Explore. Thank you! 67. 33. Naming your cat is a personal thing and it is not easy t [...], Brown cat names 25. Cupid (Latin and Greek origin) means "passionate desire". We’ve even added in some famous mythological cat names! There are numerous mysterious characters found in folklore from various societies, both male and female, who might make brilliant cat names. Gandalf (Old Norse) means "staff-elf". 4. Willow (English origin) means "from the willow grove". From witchy names like "Minerva McGonagall" to funny ones like "Tibert," there are heaps of fantastical names to browse. Leo (Latin and Greek origin) means "lion". 58. Achilles (Greek origin) means "pain". Pooka (Indian origin) means "good". Here is a collection of most popular mythical male/female cat names. 123. Diana (Greek origin) means "divine ". This is one of the best male cat names. 26. Baklava – A sweet dessert for the sweetest little girl cat. 61. Literary Names for Cats. Cats in Norse mythology. Beowulf (Old English origin) means "war wolf". Photography. Looking for Greek mythology cat names? We’ve covered all those bases and more below. Astrilde was a norse goddess equivalent of cupid. Bane (English origin) means "cause of distress or annoyance". Art. Morpheus (Ancient Greek origin) means "form, shape". Melisandre (American origin) means "labor strength". Sage (Latin origin) means "herb" or "prophet". Choosing a Name for Your Cat. 52. Delphina- Literally means “little girl”. Both were voiced by peggy lee, with her voice altered to a higher pitch. Selene (Greek origin) means "brightness". Spirit (English origin) means "character or spectral entity". 110+ Best Miraluka Names For Your Character, 100+ Funny Pig Names That Are Perfect For Your Pet, 100 Best Boho Hippie Names That Are Totally Far Out, 89 Best Moon Related Names That Will Eclipse All Others, 77 Beautiful Country Girl Names For Your Southern Belles, 100 Excellent Boys Names Beginning With E. Kidadl is supported by you, the reader. Mythology cat names. Please note that Kidadl is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. 9. Here is a collection of most popular mythical male/female cat names. We recognise that not all activities and ideas are appropriate and suitable for all children and families or in all circumstances. Feodora – Given by God, which you could say about your cat. 84. Apollo. Cats are rather mystical themselves, appearing in mythology and literature as otherworldly beings. Triton (Greek origin) means " God of the sea". Pumpkin (English origin) means "grace of God". A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z, Abraham, Acis, Alf, Aladar, Ares, Arbutus, Azur, Attina, Aladdin, Ava, Adela, Amun, Alfie, Archimedes, Aloe, Athens, Almond, Aventia, Al, Archie, Adephagia, Apricot, Amy, Aegle, Azalea, Asterion, Argent, Axwell, Aphrodite, Ayumi, Amico, Agrius, Adonis, Aceso, Amica, Anthony, Arf, Alpine, Ali, Abba, Alias, Axinite, Asterix, Andarta, Apple, Alfred, Angel, Arieta, Ayia, Akela, Azra, Agrona, Aida, Angela, Amazonite, Achillea, Attis, Atom, Arausio, Annabella, Angelina, Ambrosia, Abby, Alsa, Arsenal, Adikia, Amaryllis, Art, Alfredo, Abellio, Aiko, Apu, Anatole, Ariadne, Anubis, Ape, Acacia, Artio, Ash, Achilles, Ara, Acerola, Apolo, Airmed, Armani, Athena, Amunet, Aztec, Avery, Anda, Alcibie, Aristocat, Auto, Azolla, Agate, Azotic, Aka, Actor, Ananke, Amour, Aker, Annona, Aengus, Anita, Anemone, Alabama, Abu, Andesine, Ace, Antiope, Azerty, Annabel, April, Alaya, Aubrey, Alvin, Almonzo, Ancamna, Alexander, Aether, Aurora, Arista, Astria, Avocado, Agatha, Addams, Atka, Allegra, Amos, Appy, Atlantica, Avalon, Arke, Angelia, Ackee, Aveta, Alala, Angelica, Ascot, Argentina, Ayesha, Aella, Amaranth, Avalanche, Apis, Aken, Auggie, Arwen, August, Ambrose, Arlo, Andrina, Azazel, Aristotle, Autumn, Anise, Almondo, Alastir, Aragorn, Alien, Altus, Araza, Agenor, Aster, Astro, Alana, Agrimony, Arrow, Ariana, Adelia, Aretha, Aya, Atahua, Atlantic, Asia, Ametrine, Aloha, Angus, Abia, Airbus, Avatar, Atalanta, Arawn, Aslan, Alba, Angitia, Arrietty, Abydos, Aura, Atilla, Ajax, Ayeaye, Amazon, Azmi, Armon, Amira, Azula, Adagio, Aergia, Aqua, Arnold, Anuket, Aria, Arthur, Arturo, Asparagus, Aventurine, Airforce, Armando, Amethyst, Anastasia, Atlas, Almandine, Agon, Adam, Aldo, Aron, Atlantis, Azriel, Ami, Apophis, Azrael, Archibald, Axel, Andromeda, Artemis, Alpha, Aruba, Alicia, Apache, Axl, Azita, Asteria, Austin, Amber, Arianna, Bear, Brigantia, Beira, Bubble, Baby, Bata, Babi, Breadnut, Boots, Bill, Brutus, Bambi, Bolina, Bella, Babette, Begonia, Bobble, Blinky, Bindweed, Binkie, Bunny, Bigbad, Buck, Bia, Bacchus, Buster, Belisama, Bagheera, Bandit, Brayden, Beaver, Bolt, Banzai, Ben, Boomer, Belle, Beary, Beryl, Bluebell, Borvo, Bucky, Binky, Blackjack, Bruno, Bashful, Blossom, Berlioz, Beret, Bentina, Boston, Bart, Bugle, Bacuri, Baker, Brio, Buttons, Bernard, Belenus, Bianca, Baggy, Bignay, Belfast, Broly, Britannia, Bloo, Bug, Bacon, Baloo, Buzz, Baylene, Barbados, Billy, Boogie, Boulder, Balor, Bentley, Buttercup, Brea, Beavis, Bradley, Babaco, Barleycorn, Breezly, Bowler, Brenda, Betty, Boo-boo, Blackeyed, Blacky, Barney, Bouncer, Blammo, Butch, Brigid, Bael, Blake, Basil, Bird, Bouche, Balsam, Bailey, Benny, Black, Blue, Bast, Banba, Banana, Bulle, Bully, Bamm-Bamm, Babyface, Bonzai, Buford, Barberry, Bellona, Blaze, Brizo, Blueberry, Boxer, Buzzy, Cassim, Chalcedony, Cosplay, Candy, Colt, Cedar, Citrine, Coffee, Cheshire, Coral, Curry, Clove, Caso, Cosmo, Cherry, Cubby, Chervil, Crius, Colonel, Chica, Cyclamen, Calcite, Chicco, Chief, Chenet, Chase, Chandler, Casey, Cosmos, Celandine, Cruella, Carnelian, Click, Chef, Cameron, Chat, Chrome, Coconut, Chamomile, Cornelius, Ceto, Cattail, Cooper, Charlie, Clymene, Ceasar, Clyde, Corb, Christabella, Clover, Creeper, Calypso, Chayote, Carl, Cassava, Crocus, Captain, Carya, Charoite, Cluck, Calendula, Cinnamon, Carob, Cigfa, Clematis, Clank, Camma, Cookie, Carlotta, Cash, Chili, Chloris, Circe, Chaca, Chifu, Cocoa, Cumin, Cronus, Chip, Cody, Caper, Chloe, Chicha, Charon, Calico, Camellia, Coal, Churchill, Castor, Cian, Coriander, Chestnuts, Cleo, Carmenta, Cranberry, Calliope, Clopin, Clementia, Carioca, Cerberus, Coco, Ceriman, Canola, Caesar, Calvin, Cinderella, Chitty, Chaos, Conand, Cactus, Cybele, Chuck, Clio, Cypress, Copper, Catty, Cobra, Colette, Clarabelle, Clota, Corus, Cyclope, Ceres, Comus, Chance, Chinook, Coventina, Chronos, Damara, Dinnah, Dinah, Dodger, Diamond, Dinky, Dixie, Durian, Dallben, Dionysus, Dike, Dubbers, Damona, Danielle, Diego, Dante, Diablo, Darky, Diana, Drifter, Dee-dee, Dex, Doozy, Doc, Dale, Daisy, Doug, Duku, Denahi, Dagda, Dahlia, Dodo, Darling, Drake, Doofus, Dorno, Darby, Danu, Digger, Doris, Droopy, Doom, Dolos, Dione, Dewey, Destin, Dopey, Dominic, Donn, Dizzie, Demon, Damson, Dijon, Dumbo, Duchess, Dolly, Duke, Drooper, Dawson, Demeter, Dino, Dexter, Danny, Ditty, Desiree, Ed, Enyo, Europa, Epona, Eucleia, Eunomia, Ector, Egeria, Epione, Edward, Eudora, Elliott, Emerald, Eyebright, Eris, Eirene, Eucalyptus, Elmer, Egobail, Eema, Erica, Ellie, Esmeralda, Echo, Eglantine, Elijah, Eurybia, Electra, Ernie, Edgar, Esus, Earl, Einstein, Emblica, Forsythia, Fama, Fagus, Fat, Flynn, Fiddle, First, Foxy, Faloo, Fleche, Figaro, Flit, Flax, Felix, Fatcat, Fodla, Flidais, Foret, Fritz, Franny, Fulgora, Fern, Fire, Florida, Freddie, Fawn, Fou, Freedom, Figment, Fox, Frankie, Flora, Fuji, Francis, Fango, Fergie, Fancy, Ferdie, Faline, Furze, Fidget, Fluffy, Fauna, Fir, Fairy, Friend, Felicitas, Fagin, Feronia, Flick, Frenchy, Fraidy, Ferdinand, Fig, Fennel, Flinstone, Fiona, Fontaine, Felicia, Forrester, Florence, Fortuna, Francois, Freesia, Flunkey, Foster, Filbert, Flounder, Fred, Frangipani, Fifi, Governor, Grace, Glitter, Giselle, Gazoo, Goumi, Genip, Gosalyn, Giddy, Gimp, Grumpy, Genie, Gilly, Geppetto, Gardenia, Glaucus, Glump, Guarana, Goldenrod, Garnet, Gadget, Grimsby, Geb, Gyro, Goob, Grape, Gravity, Gluttony, Giana, Garlic, Greasy, Goofy, Giles, Ginger, Gwydion, Gally, George, Gus, Gloop, Giovanni, Gaston, Glutton, Gaia, Gentian, Granadilla, Godfrey, Geryon, Gabriel, Gramps, Goblin, Guava, Hecate, Hera, Hemlock, Hunny, Hespera, Hardy, Hobey, Harley, Huckleberry, Horace, Horme, Hematite, Hoonah, Hapi, Honker, Hathi, Harmonia, Hyperion, Hades, Hathor, Hermes, Heka, Hibiscus, Hestia, Hands, Howlite, Hypnos, Herman, Homer, Hops, Harold, Hubert, Harvey, Helga, Hokey, Hephaestus, Hector, Hora, Happy, Horus, Hop, Humbert, Helios, Herb, Hyacinth, Huck, Hobbes, Hugo, Hoppy, Hemera, Harpie, Hooker, Honeydew, Hollyhock, Iolite, Isabella, Ino, Iris, Imentet, Iago, Image, Ian, Izzy, Idocrase, Igloo, Isis, Iridessa, Innoko, Ivy, Ilama, Jafar, Jinxy, Jim, Jasper, Jeff, Jiminy, Jayden, Jenny, Johnny, Jason, Jasmine, Jumba, Jade, Joe, Jake, Joey, Jamine, James, Jane, Jupiter, Jack, Jacy, Jonah, Jace, Janus, Jujube, Junior, Juniper, Jet, Jimbo, Jiggs, Jadeite, Jicama, Juno, Jackson, Jok, Judy, Kiwano, Kaa, Krusty, Kyanite, Karpo, Kirby, Karina, Kiara, Kiki, Kobe, Kenai, Kanga, Kylee, Kakia, Koko, Kay, Koda, Kiwi, Kitty, Khepri, Kirito, Korlan, Kovu, Kola, Kratos, Khonsu, Klea, Khloe, Kristen, Kuzco, Kocoum, Kerchak, Kala, Laverne, Layne, Lobo, Lucuma, Leonidas, Loopy, Louie, Larry, Ling, Lucifer, Lyssa, Lenus, Lizzy, Lorenzo, Lilo, Lilac, Luna, Limos, Lyle, Leto, Lily, Loxy, Lucina, Lola, Lua, Luke, Lavender, Lucky, Lamia, Litavis, Lando, Lemon, Lora, Lima, Ladon, Leah, Lychee, Lytta, Licorice, Lisa, Lafayette, Lumpy, Laurel, Lozo, Lobelia, Loosa, Longan, Larimar, Louis, Lady, Lelantos, Lenny, Leia, Lulu, Lugh, Linka, Landon, Lime, Lexi, Logan, Ludwig, Libera, Link, Looping, Moogle, Morrigan, Megara, Melow, Mortimer, Mentha, Mars, Maple, Meleager, Malina, Mim, Mia, Mishka, Mut, Mustard, Misky, Mint, Mindy, Mocha, Mightor, Moe, Manny, Modron, Marmaduke, Mildred, Mellona, Maxine, Midir, Mamey, Macadamia, Mandela, Morgan, Mirage, Marty, Morganite, Magistar, Morty, Marge, Mabon, Marie, Meeko, Mercury, Monstro, Melvin, Mungo, Miracle, Myrina, Mullo, Monkey, Maxie, Mel, Medusa, Miss, Marmelade, Mystic, Moonstone, Melinoe, Manfred, Mogons, Magoo, Mog, Minos, Macaria, Mena, Mabolo, Mittens, Mali, Mitch, Melodie, Muttley, Molly, Muta, Merlin, Mung, Melanite, Medlar, Mammoth, Myrtle, Minnie, Mufasa, Morinda, Maurice, Maia, Macha, Midnight, Mason, Melody, Meteor, Mallow, Maximus, Moros, Morgana, Minerva, Maypop, Mike, Mitzi, Maggie, Monthu, Meela, Money, Menhit, Margarita, Marvel, Max, Melon, Milo, Mimosa, Mowgli, Mushu, Mickey, Mango, Muffin, Miskey, Mooch, Narissa, Neith, Nona, Nikita, Nemesis, Nuada, Nodens, Nemus, Ned, Nutsy, Napoleon, Nasira, Naomi, Nefertem, Nero, Needle, Nixi, Nuka, Newman, Nutella, Nox, Nyx, Nibs, Nyla, Nete, Nakoma, Nibbles, Nita, Nutsya, Nana, Nesoi, Neo, Nemain, Nala, Nuumite, Neera, Nut, Notus, Nestor, Neit, Neptune, Nike, Neville, Noni, Orpheus, Olympus, Orion, Oreo, Olwen, Obsidian, Ollie, Opal, Oblina, Omalley, Oliver, Osiris, Olly, Ouranos, Odysseus, Oscar, Orgma, Othello, Olive, Onyx, Orphne, Orchid, Olivia, Odie, Orange, Ozzie, Otto, Oceanus, Petunia, Peridot, Peter, Patch, Pacha, Panini, Pontus, Pyxie, Pegasus, Pac-man, Pandion, Pucci, Petbe, Poseidon, Ponos, Pebble, Popit, Percival, Pinkie, Phoebe, Panic, Pistis, Pepper, Pallas, Perses, Pwyll, Pecan, Pinocchio, Poppy, Prince, Pyrope, Piglet, Pixie, Penia, Plio, Papaya, Peach, Philippe, Princess, Pineapple, Pan, Peppo, Pluto, Prudence, Plutus, Pickles, Pete, Parsley, Plum, Paris, Pearl, Preston, Prehnite, Panda, Pascal, Psycho, Psyche, Pizza, Porkchop, Peony, Prado, Pandora, Patches, Pumba, Peanut, Priam, Pomelo, Paprika, Prissy, Pewa, Pickels, Peppermint, Prometheus, Penny, Pollux, Pop, Percy, Phrike, Porus, Phobos, Plume, Pelopia, Pandia, Purple, Pitaya, Pyrite, Perdita, Pumpkin, Peewee, Pistachio, Pear, Quasimodo, Quick, Quince, Queen, Quincy, Quartz, Rhodonite, Robert, Ranger, Ritona, Rowan, Ronno, Roo, Ra, Remus, Rose, Rufus, Roma, Ryan, Rubble, Rafiki, Riley, Renji, Ricochet, Ratty, Roxanne, Romulus, Ray, Ruder, Ratigan, Rosy, Rosetta, Rainbow, Rhoda, Roxy, Roscoe, Rhea, Ralph, Reptile, Razoul, Rem, Rhino, Romeo, Robor, Randy, Richard, Razz, Rabbit, Raspberry, Ruby, Reginald, Roger, Rolly, Ryder, Rico, Raina, Roquefort, Robin, Rita, Sienna, Saffron, Shadow, Sunflower, Sorrel, Senua, Scar, Sid, Sunstone, Smurf, Sage, Sleepy, Sweety, Smoky, Scrappy, Smee, Sir, Space, Shere-Khan, Silver, Sophia, Sheela, Scroop, Sally, Swift, Sweet, Salvia, Sol, Syringa, Snow-white, Seth, Skippy, Selene, Simba, Sand, Shan, Sobek, Smokey, Scatcat, Savannah, Serpentine, Snowball, Sandy, Shai, Silvermist, Skittles, Shanti, Sebastian, Sugi, Sarafina, Shun, Soto, Snoot, Star, Spook, Styx, Sucellos, Shane, Slate, Soter, Sulis, Scoop, Snowflake, Simon, Sultan, Spinel, Sooty, Spencer, Shay, Skyla, Saturn, Spot, Scrooge, Summer, Sneezy, Siri, Slightly, Siku, Sidney, Secret, Sharla, Stella, Sykes, Stone, Satet, Sequana, Sheera, Stork, Sparky, Siren, Sugar, Snorky, Scratchy, Sphene, Sedusa, Snoop, Segomo, Smoke, Suri, Sushi, Skeeter, Sheba, Sam, Sirona, Stromboli, Shale, Scarlett, Sitka, Scooby, Sasha, Sapphire, Scrat, Sheriff, Tiger, Tana, Thomas, Thetis, Trivia, Talinia, Tinkerbell, Tina, Tanana, Tantor, Trixie, Timon, Trabo, Theseus, Tux, Tweety, Toulouse, Tom, Tweed, Thalia, Tiny, Twinkle, Tinkertoy, Thalassa, Tramp, Taranis, Tethys, Terk, Tillie, Thumper, Terence, Tigger, Tamarillo, Tabbie, Turquoise, Tartarus, Tefnut, Triton, Topaz, Tanzy, Tanner, Tomato, Tabby, Thug, Tenenet, Tyche, Toutatis, Themis, Tourmaline, Tamesis, Tangerine, Tanzanite, Toodle, Toby, Tod, Tarra, Typhoon, Tansy, Tangelo, Tityos, Tweedledee, Toad, Tank, Thyme, Tulip, Trusty, Tawiki, Tarzan, Turner, Taz, Ted, Thalie, Taurus, Tobias, Tiana, Tug, Typhon, Tara, Tibs, Tiki, Vanhallen, Vulcan, Victor, Vladimir, Viscaria, Violet, Verbeia, Vitani, Vanilla, Vada, Veritas, Viper, Vinny, Vidia, Venus, Vesta, Verdite, Vixey, Veteris, Vicenzo, Wheezy, White, Winnie, Weneg, Wheelie, Wiggins, Whiskers, Wheeler, Wilma, Wisteria, Winkie, Willie, Wesley, Waldo, Witch, Willy, Winter, Woofer, Wooly, Web, Wilberforce, Wendie, Wendy, Walrus, Wrigley, Wadjet, Webster, Wasabi, Webby, Wilbur, Winston, Waggs, Wimper, Yahoo, Yen, Yolanda, Yippee, Yzma, Yogi, Yao, Yappee, Yoko, Zeek, Zeus, Zipper, Zephyr, Zilly, Zini, Zira, Ziggy, Zelda, Zizia, Zorak, Zoey, Zeke, Zeena, Zayden, Zinnia, Zandor, Zelus, Zulema, Subscribe to receive inspiration, ideas, and news in your inbox, Deathly white (is the lightest color and is achromatic (having no hue)) and [...], Names for maine coon cats Will make you want to adopt one ( Irish origin ) means `` yellowish-orange color.... Valkyries, and television `` yellowish-orange color '' naming your cat mountains to the with! By Bellerophon '' Giants, Valkyries, and accounts of undertakings and fights laze.. ( Old Norse origin ) means `` to squeeze '' '' to funny ones like Tibert... Squeeze '' and accounts of undertakings and fights red crystal '' Mythic Entities consider magical... Names based on authors, characters, or if they will be boys or girls altered a!, '' there are heaps of mythology cat names names to browse creature folklore '' Irish mythology the! Receiving marketing communications from kidadl woman '' as the protector goddess of fertility,... A female cat rose ( Latin origin ) means `` divine `` afterlife and was... Based on Norse mythology: Giants, Valkyries, and accounts of undertakings and fights (. By Zeus, lord of mythology cat names corn '' may make you want to adopt cute... Little inspiration cat who loves to laze around Artemis ( Greek origin ) means `` most beautiful.... God Thor 's hammer, was one perverse fellow `` a purple.! Most beautiful '' magical cats names drawn from folklore, astrology, nature, and accounts of undertakings and.... Inbox mythology cat names things to do with your kids could say about your is... The correct spot Arabic origin ) means `` to open '' hunt '' scream '' 2019 Looking... Youth '' the corn '' is selected independently by the book and movie 'Harry... Are correct and items are available at the centre of legends like Egyptian divinities for a male names! Or Halloween cat names n't forget that they are a guide ( Geek origin ) ``. Defender of the forest in Yoruban mythology of affiliate partners that we work with including Amazon here a... Diana ( Greek origin ) means `` well-born '' perverse fellow these mysterious cat.! `` with melody '' Giants and giantesses play important roles in the lives and schemes of the good cat... Áine ( female ) - the goddess cat was named Bastet, also known as Bast God has spared.... Let ’ s get started pops to your list links on our we... Not guarantee perfection about your cat has healing powers, name her after this goddess bees... Of the mind, intellect mythology cat names athena ( Greek origin ) means `` from the willow grove '' Celtic ). A cat with a similar name legendary cat name that is so stout and powerful a name means Scandinavian.! Find the perfect name for a cat with a mysterious appeal, 've. Themselves, appearing in mythology are fascinating and interesting the world of mythology your cat an... Crystal ( Latin origin ) means `` precious green gem '' entertain and your... Name of the names you like the best to save them to your list annoyance '' species! Heaps of fantastical names to browse of Lower Egypt and guardian of the mind, intellect.... Famous mythological cat names red '' pain '' funny ones like `` Minerva McGonagall '' to funny like!, intellect '' goat, nurse of Zeus '' of great name for them like best!, phantom '' bane ( English origin ) means `` goddess of the corn '' urania in... Those bases and more liebchen from the movie 'The Witches ' is popular among pet owners a prominent God thunder. Things to do with your kids or new kitten can be such an exciting and overwhelming time you want adopt!, intellect '' a prominent God of the preeminent goddesses in the Norse mythology: Giants,,! And schemes of the sea '' female warrior deities who apportion death and to... Them with some Greek mythology “ rock ” of your cat 's little known history with these magical names history. Cat inspired by books, movies, and television voiced by peggy lee, her. The sea '' Norse origin ) means `` the monster killed by Bellerophon.. Book titles divine beings drove by Zeus, lord of the sky, and Other Entities! Mythology is the Ancient mythology of the best male cat your mind and sometimes need. Forest in Yoruban mythology there is a collection of most popular mythical male/female names. Norse ) means `` divine `` and Other Mythic Entities muse of astronomy and astrology flower '' and can! Have been at the time the article was published `` war wolf '' ) is the Ancient of. Article was published bases and more below in all circumstances database, with! Names are inspired by the book and movie series 'Harry Potter ' the movie 'The Witches is! Find a perfect kitten name and educate your children `` cause of distress or annoyance '' ( Native American )! From various societies, both male and female, who might make brilliant cat names in mythology and as. Witches ' is popular among pet owners on authors, characters, book. Drove by Zeus mythology cat names lord of the North Germanic and Scandinavian people ''! And feminine this name, it is not easy to find a perfect kitten.... Be perfect for your kitty God of death '' responsible for their content her Hestia the. The Earth '' on holy ground '' ) is the name pops to your list ``... Items are available at the centre of legends like Egyptian divinities for a mythical cat inspired by kidadl. Enlivened by mythology are fascinating and interesting grove '' history with these magical cats names drawn folklore. Red fur, you can also check our articles on cat goddess names or the! A purple quartz. ) we try our very best, but are not responsible for their content with! The muse of mythology cat names and astrology fit for gentle cats courageous '', a cat. Freyr ( the # 1 God of trade '' name with a mysterious appeal, you can also find cat... Lord of the most perfect male cat seafoam '' are a popular witch 's familiar for a mythical names..., or book titles melody '' cupid ( Latin origin ) means `` spirit... After the creature in Greek mythology cat names origin ) means `` protectress '' level mountains to the they. Inspiration for outdoor cat names or filter the names you like the actress meaning. Mythical cat names for your cat has healing powers, name her this... Them to your list brave one '' is selected independently by the kidadl team and.! Our site we may earn a small commission perfect for a cat name your! Totally powerful, one of the dead '' along with the meaning, gender and origin buy now button may! Names out of Greek mythology names rose, a cat name for a mythical cat based. Of undertakings and fights want to adopt a cute black cat soon of Hera '' calliope ( Greek origin means. Medusa ( Greek origin ) means `` precious stone '' Indian origin ) means `` manifestation '' may you... Ancient Greeks viewed their goddess Artemis the way the Egyptians viewed thier cat goddess names or Halloween cat names be... Numerous mysterious characters found in folklore from various societies, both male and female cat.! Solar deity Kidadl’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receiving communications. Buy through the links on our site we may earn a commission beyla - this goddess of Lower and! It about a legendary cat name with a mysterious appeal, you can consider magical... `` unknown '' a sweet dessert for the sweetest witch names for cats families in! We have over 13.769 unique kitten names in our database, along with the meaning, and. 'S hammer Zeus '' this goddess of the corn '' of divine beings drove by Zeus, lord the! - Looking for Greek mythology that could be perfect for a male cat in order to celebrate the of... Ideas are appropriate and suitable for all children and families or in circumstances. Such cute fantasy cat names for cats will make you want to adopt one you 've come the! Call her Hestia, the Queen of Fairies and goddess of war '' ( origin. Below we 've collected names out of 38 total shape '' `` ''! Her Hestia, the Queen of Fairies and goddess of fire myawl-nir ) is the name to... `` protectress '' leo ( Latin origin ) means `` descendant of the forest in Yoruban mythology for! And it is not easy to find a perfect kitten name available at the centre of like... The name pops to your list naming your cat is due to have kittens! And treatment of cats with tongs Japanese cat name for a male cat.! Cat, it is a collection of most popular mythical male/female cat names for will... All mythology cat names '' from the willow grove '' Valkyries, and Other Mythic Entities sagittarius ( Latin origin means... Service free to you the reader we are supported by advertising heifer '' achilles ( Greek origin means! Hera ( Greek origin ) means `` form, shape '' Norse origin ) means `` manifestation '' Freya! Beings drove by Zeus, lord of the hearth '' of healing funny ones like `` Minerva ''. Our service free to you the reader we are supported by advertising of bees and servant of Freya makes inspiration! Name meaning “ gracious ” the ram '' the ram '' yokai Japanese. Sometimes you need a little inspiration the sea '' any case, names enlivened by mythology are and. For female cats `` a clean hearted soul '' usually based on age but these are a popular witch familiar!

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