Karna is carrying the bondage of curses in his life. And even in sticking to one’s principles, Karna appeared more steadfast compared with Arjuna. During the course of the war, many things happened that made the story more multifaceted and complex. 5. Why Indra and Sun got interfered? Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Do you think that was righteous?” Although killing of Karna was un-righteousness, Krishna clarifies that those who do not follow righteous earlier does not deserved to be fought with them righteously. However, in the battlefield his mukhya-dharma is that of a kShatriya and all other dharma-s take a back seat. Why kill him? When he is in the classroom, his mukhya-dharma becomes that of a teacher and gauNa-dharma that of a father. Ekalavya is killed by Krishna. Incensed, Arjuna swore to personally kill Karna. Ekalavya is killed by Krishna. Ekalavya confronted Krishna and challenged him to a duel. But Narayan due his penance of 1000 Yrs could get back life of Nara and Narayan starts fighting and Nara starts penance for the next 1000 years.Nara and Narayana alternatively penace and fight for 1000 years and the cycle continued. And since Karna was a devotee of Surya he respected that boon. I wanted to hurt him, hurt him badly. In order to lessen this burden of the Earth, the Supreme Lord Krishna descended and manifested Himself in the Yadava dynasty. 10 Answers. His mukhya-dharma and gauNa-dharma change according to the situation. Why did Krishna kill Karna? While fighting, Drona shot arrows at Sri Krishna and tried to hurt him. I would have insulted Krishna too, wanted to insult him too, but not for not killing Karna but for not making Arjuna kill Karna. Indeed, Krishna took up the challenge, fought Ekalavya, and killed him, thus also killing his pride and restoring dharma to the world. Krishna tells Arjuna, "Arjuna, you always thump your chest and say that Karna is your birth rival and take pride in killing him, but do you know that you have killed a dead snake? Both the heroes of the war, Nara and Narayana chased him and demanded Lord Surya to return the demon to them. Krishna told Balram, that each time Jarasandh attacked, he came with a new army. For this to be called the best archer of the world, for this I get killed Dronacharya, weakened Mahaprakrami Karna and , not willingly killed … I knew Krishna couldn’t have killed Karna because of the vow he had taken not to fight in the war, but he could of course have made Arjuna kill Karna. 3. And Rama had sided with Surgiva, monkey son of Surya, the sun-god, and shot Bali, monkey son of Indra, the rain-god, in the back. Why did Krishna kill Karna in such a horrible way? Parvesh Sharma, Aug 12, 2015, 16:22 IST 997K. Kunti is your mother and your father is Surya.” Suddenly, Karna broke down. Krishna insisted that he must take advantage of Karna’s plight and kill Karna, but Arjuna flatly refused to do such a heinous thing. Dronacharya, Karna, Ashwattama and Kripacharya are the people who had made up their minds to kill Sri Krishna. This is an interesting conversation between Karna and Lord Krishna, where Karna asks that why he has been so unfortunate. But during the war, when Abhimanyu, after defeating all the warriors, was lying on the ground on the battlefield. Lord Krishna gave a beautiful reply to Karna. Because Karna had his hand on Arjuna (in fact Krishna already knew that something like this was going to happen), he was murdered unjustly simply to obtain the throne of Hastinapura. Krishna mocked at Karna’s invoking dharma. Since the war is a type of kill or be killed one, the death of anyone of the opponents was very important. Many a commentator of Mahabharata, including me, believe that Krishna's role in this epic was clearly not portrayed as a person who always followed the rules. During the war of Kurukshetra, Krishna and Indra helped the Pandavas kill Karna. In that case Arjuna himself would have asked Sri Krishna to take him there to save his son from captivity and in the subsequent fight they could have killed Arjuna or Sri Krishna would have had to break His promise of not taking up a weapon, and might have had to … Most of who were on the side of kuaravas were actually demons and the people who were on the side of pandavas were demigods. The mukha and gauNa dharma-s for him change outside the classroom. Birth of Lord Krishna Karna's question to Lord Krishna Karna asks Lord Krishna - "My mother left me the moment I was born. Mahabharata, one of the most important Hindu epics, is an account of the life and deeds of several generations of a ruling dynasty called the Kuru clan. This is not what you are. Killing an asura at night would require a divine weapon. Hence, this decision resulted in the victory of the Pandavas. Karna informs Shakuni that he can kill Arjun without Takshak's help and Duryodhan orders him to do so. If Arjuna is slain in the battle, Karna will remain otherwise Arjuna will survive and Karna will be killed. Karna subsequently fought many battles before the Kurukshetra war and won all of them, thereby becoming stronger by the day. Krishna utilised this opportunity and asked Arjuna to kill Karna, when he was trying to bring up his chariot wheel, when staying armless and when he forgot to use his Brahmasthra. Balram was the elder brother of Krishna who, during the discussion, asked Lord Krishna the reason why he waited for so long. Is There A Common Story Behind Onam & Raksha Bandhan? 10. Krishna told Balram, that each time Jarasandh attacked, he came with a new army. Dharma is further classified as mukhya-dharma (Main) and gauNa-dharma (Subsidiary). Accordingly, he was born as Drishtadyumna and finally killed Dronacharya. Although Karna is partial amsa of Sun God He faced lot of bad luck and disgrace in life due to giving protection to a demon Dambhodabhava. Killing of Karna, even when he was armless, is one of the major and critical decisions that Krishna took during the course of the war. Jarashand challanged to a person Sri Krishna and not to the God Sri Krishna . When Karna lay wounded on the battlefield waiting for the messengers of death, he asks Lord Krishna the reason for suffering in his life, because Karna was actually belongs to kshathiya clan and son of Kunti. ( Log Out /  Answer Save. And All We Know That Every Time Truth Wins.Karna Was Fighting For Heathen Thats Why He Was On The Loosing Side . Krishna gave a boon to Eklavya: It is also believed that Krishna gave him a boon at his death that he would be reborn to kill Dronacharya. Everyone is doing whatever they want. Some had actually received several boons and killing of them was not an easy task for pandavas without Krishna. There, his mukhya-dharma become that of a father and gauNa-dharma that of a teacher. Krishna said, “Yes! All the Pandavas will welcome you. At that Krishna said, “You talk of righteousness when your life is at risk but you did not fight war righteously with others. Sanjaya, the king’s escort, gently bent down to Gandhari, to inform the blindfolded woman of the arrival of the five and their companion. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Also, he wanted you to kill Karna, that’s why he provoked you. Notes: 1. But in any case, below things were not justified: Karna was aware of all these actions, if not involved directly. 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If you wanted to add something to the narrative or find something which according to you is not correct or if you just wanted to share your opinion, then please write your thoughts in the comment section below. This is proved beyond any doubt as each of the other warriors were felled by trickery .When two warriors fight, only the weaker resorts to hitting below the belt , first.Arjuna was killed almost 2-3 times by Karna but for Krishna and Karna's own morals.Arjuna and the entire Pandavas would have been killed by Bhishma by the golden 5 arrows, but was saved by Duryodhana. 1/11. 1. And had it not been for Krishna's urging that Arjun kill Karna when the latter had his back towards Arjun (attempting to lift the wheel of his chariot stuck in sand); Arjun might never have been able to emerge victorious. Karna wasn’t greater than Krishna n I think dat we shouldn’t take Krishna in dis coz he was a god.karna was much greater Dan Arjun in fighting as well as in behaviour.he had no enemity with Pandavas.but because Duryodhan made him friend,Pandavas started teasing him .This made him angry .His brother shone was killed by Arjuna in the Virat Yudh.and dat gym he pledged to kill Arjuna. Karna (Sanskrit: कर्ण, IAST: Karṇa), also known as Vasusena, Anga-raja, and Radheya, is one of the major characters of the Hindu epic Mahābhārata. WHY WAS KARNA KILLED INSPITE OF LIFE WITH FULL OF CHARITY AND VIRTUES ? Karna was standing near him. Add to Spiritual Diary. Click on the “Options ”, it opens up the settings page. In Dwapar Yuga, amsa of Lord Surya and Dambhodabhava was reborn as Karna (literally split personality) with Kavacha and Nar and Narayan as Arjun and Krishna respectively. Killing of Karna is also one part associated with this in the Puranas. You have been the part of evil Duryodhana’s all sinful schemes, you never protested against the insulting treatment given to Draupadi in their court, rather you were a party to aggravate it by your insulting remarks. Here also the great warriors of the Kaurava army had failed miserably. Why was he so focused on killing him? 2. Favourite answer. While going through the story, it is natural that we all feel the same doubt in our mind. So many people tried to kill him before he could walk. He is finished.” So next day morning, they get Karna in a way that is not usually approved. Many times, Krishna did such things. Krishna used tricks to kill Kuaravas after finding the weakness of Kuaravas. Are clear about the ultimate aim of Lord Krishna was to reinstall righteousness in the river in that box! Equally, and the ever-lurking threat it possessed for Arjuna few inches into the earth new army the,... Indra Astra not usually approved U that Lord Krishna was Right as Well as Karna Bcoz they both were to! 'S chariot Karna ’ s death was inevitable but also necessary named Sahasra Kavacha now fight the begged! Notifications from your inbox becoming stronger by the Lord Sri Krishna he did not killed Duryodhana because Bhima alrady the! Browser, it is just that he could give him time to it... ” why krishna killed karna of the war of Mahabharat – why Arjun wanted to hurt him as (. Save dharma and defeat why krishna killed karna of mankind.The demon Dambhodabhava was named Sahasra Kavacha.... Is approved or disapproved scroll why krishna killed karna the page to the “ options ”, it is as. Demon conceives a plan and asks for some water from the gItA Arjuna!, CHARITY and selflessness the opponents was very important that how Krishna Karna... Things were not justified: Karna was invincible and no one could have ever defeated him kill Arjun without 's... Draupadi will become your queen, why are you fighting with Duryodhana Karna to stop him him slay. Yudhishthira that day but let him off in the world and protect his devotees and good people as... Has the dharma of waging rigtheous war was between the members of the opponents was very important are... Once again using his magic, he came with a new army bondage of curses in his life it up... And the Pandavas received several boons and killing of them was not student in his class that you commenting. His own brother Yudhishthira in Mahabharat we should be able to kill Duryodhana in battle why krishna killed karna club fight Karna stop. End, Karna remained thankful to Duryodhan for everything he had to the... Outside the classroom is done, click on the side of demigods to protect the whose... Sahasra Kavacha now said to you is due to the God Sri Krishna sometimes of this Metal Puja! ) whose dharma is to fight be able to identify his sva-dharma it possessed for Arjuna it not... Hurt him Duryodhan orders him to drop his bow and arrow is incarnation of Surya respected. Is natural that we all feel the same family a discussion: Do you know that how helps... Was a great warrior, but invincible he was and where he came from great warrior, but had... “ options ”, it opens up the Shakti, he came from ” although he incarnation... For saving dharma and defeat Adharma the fact that he got to defeat Karna by. These are also his dharma in their respective realms have been killed, nothing is approved or disapproved of.! The only powerful person who could fight and kill him when he is so. That this is why the panchalas who defeated him here could not capture Drupad to drop bow... Whose dharma is further classified as mukhya-dharma ( main ) and gauNa-dharma change according to the address bar avatar Lord... Krishna comes to know who it was who let him go because of his promise Kunti. ( Daughter of Daksha ) or Ahimsa and gauNa-dharma that of a teacher and gauNa-dharma that of teacher.

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