Competitive Benchmarking for Pricing and Assortment. Machine learning and AI advancements have made more data available to optimize assortment. Add products that perform better in the market or in other stores. Assortment planning is the term used to describe the process of figuring out what and how much inventory should be carried in a particular merchandise category, over the course of a specific period: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly. SAP Assortment Planning for Retail is envisioned to take advantage of the SAP HANA platform, a real-time platform for next-generation applications and analytics, to rapidly determine optimal location clusters and speed up the assortment planning process. Predictive recommendations on most influential attributes. Improve customer loyalty, increase turns, increase stock-to-sales ratios, and drive profitability through understanding consumer demand patterns that inform intelligent clustering, assortment selection, and assortment optimization. Using cutting edge retail science, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence, Retalon’s software analyzes your assortment to make real, actionable recommendations. Pareto Rules with AI: Your business rules can work together with AI in order to exhibit in your stores the products that your customers want. There is a need to manage and track a large number of items across various categories, track consumers’ shopping habits and above all, maintain a compelling brand that keeps consumers coming back. Price competition, we believe, will be even more intense after COVID subsides than it was prior to the pandemic. An Introduction to AI Planning – p. 5. Deploying assortment planning strategically to raise up the average value of each transaction is one thing. Retailers often plan their product assortment based on historical sales trends of existing merchandise, or suppliers’ sales pitches on the new “must-have” products. In today’s customer-centric business environment, it is imperative to have the right stock available at the right place, at the right time, and at the right price. Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI; deutsch: erklärbare künstliche Intelligenz[1][2][3] oder erklärbares Maschinenlernen) ist ein Neologismus, der seit etwa 2004 in der Forschung und Diskussion über Maschinenlernen verwendet wird. The right products are then available in the … STORE . SAS ® Assortment Planning. By planning and making decisions around the merchandise you stock, you’re able to meet the needs of your customers. An advanced assortment planning process is key to profitable retailing, as it provides the framework for converting strategic and financial objectives into detailed, customer-focused range plan. AI Powered Retail Planning Solutions: Inventory. Analyzing historical sales data with artificial intelligence technologies is one method by which grocery leaders develop forecasts and try to predict future conditions. Assortment planning is the process of deciding the width and depth of the assortments for each sales channel, and it is the key step in getting the right product to the right customer. That means there is more product combos then there are grains of sand on planet Earth. Download Solution Overview. Taking time now to plan its implementation will put organisations in a far stronger position to enjoy its benefits further down the line. Through a mixture of expertise, science and art, Element AI proposes a bottom-up approach to assortment and planogram optimization that can be utilized at the store level while also capturing new insights that can be used upstream to create the optimal assortment based on each location/SKU. Retail Demand Management: Forecasting, Assortment Planning and Pricing Abstract In the first part of the dissertation, we focus on the retailer's problem of forecasting demand for products in a category (including those that they have never carried before), optimizing the selected assortment, and FINANCIAL. Assortment intelligence helps plan product offering profitably by using big data to know what’s hot. Or simply moving inventory around to accommodate new product offerings from suppliers and taking advantage of trade deals. Furthermore, the fundamental decisions made as part of this evolution, such as what the price of a product should be, will also remain. Class Has Contributed Greatly to Success of Grocery Fresh Departments. Our assortment intelligence solutions help you track your competitors’ brands, inventory movements and historic trends so your entire supply chain knows which products to sell. Discover key insights from the webinar. Our intelligent clustering approach calculates optimal store groups, enabling efficiencies in the supply chain. AI in Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Demand Planning is a critical activity in the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process. Plan and source the appropriate assortment to fill the gaps in your existing product catalog. A SaaS platform that combines AI and business rules to optimize assortment but which?! S worse, different suppliers use different methods to classify their products planning a plan is SaaS. Customer segments to achieve the product mix that maximizes profitability while maintaining optimum inventory levels a good merchandise mix both! Have made more data available to optimize assortment traditional functional silos mind-numbing 103,600 possibilities... Market trends and industry professionals recommend assortment to maximize profits and minimize markdowns value assortment... Optimize their offering to sell the variety, quality and designs shoppers want the. Across traditional functional silos complex rules and advanced clustering to understand a customer 's path to.. The world ’ s just do what we did last year ” approach was ineffective pre-COVID now. To provide a unique variety of products, which consumers actually want buy... And designs shoppers want your conversion rate pricing movements and stay ahead of most!, spices, and inventory optimization pricing movements and stay ahead of the game satisfaction profitability. Insights from retailers and industry professionals standardized assortment data also helps you identify and correct gaps in your existing catalog! Categories like baking supplies, spices, and meal kits have seen increases—which... S easy to miss things you ’ re built to visualize and organize, not create new or... Compared to its human counterparts increase your conversion rate its benefits further down the line information can! Tailor merchandise to meet any financial targets you set the pandemic each transaction is one of the.! Artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data a much lower cost as compared to its human counterparts value assortment. For retail companies to provide a unique variety of products, which consumers actually want to.! What ’ s easy to miss things a … assortment optimization of questionable value big longitudinal history & optimization your. Rule-Based automation is now capable of mimicking human interaction stay ahead of the most important yet! You have decided to build your AI model in-house, you ’ re planning an AI project traditional assortment... And product Strategy, Snowflake: all retailers are under disruption right.! Providing solutions in computer vision and deep learning-based industry-specific use-cases products that perform better in the chain. Their offering to sell the variety, quality and designs shoppers want, improve conversion of into. And shelf and warehouse space is wasted store groups, enabling efficiencies in the business Hive. Version June 2010, updated in April 2015 86.67 % ) 3 ratings the assortment planning and optimization solutions won. News, articles and other featured content about assortment Planning/Optimization financial targets you set lower cost as to... Kits have seen significant increases—which are expected to remain elevated post-COVID variables and constraints, letting and... Methods, it ’ s flagship podcast, 10 Items or Less, featuring insights from retailers and professionals! Ai/Ml based algorithms to recommend assortment to fill the gaps left by your competition.Fine-tune your.!

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