This is a legendary power machine gun also obtained from the Deep Stone Crypt raid in Destiny 2. Console players will notice how forgiving this Sniper is in PvP while PC users will appreciate its high innate handling stat. To help you fill out your loadout without breaking your build, here’s a list of the best Legendary weapons in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn. PvE players can get a ton of mileage out of Triple Tap thanks to this weapon's seven-round magazine. In PvE, the play may to be mix in the new perk, One for All, which boosts your damage for a moderate duration after landing damage on three different enemies. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Witherhoard. Microsoft Flight Simulator Bastia-Poretta Airport Add-On Released by Orbx, HuniePop 2: Double Date Is Almost Complete & Will Probably Release Before Valentine’s Day 2021, Earth Defense Force: World Brothers for PS4 & Switch Gets Gameplay Trailer All About Special Moves, Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Best New Legendary Weapons, Check it out for yourself here via Ehroar, Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How to Complete Umbral Incursions, Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How to Get Mask of Bakris Exotic Hunter Helmet, Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How to Get Precious Scars Titan Exotic Helmet, Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How to Get Dawn Chorus Exotic Warlock Helmet. On this page you'll find a list of the best Legendary weapons you can equip to dominate any PVE activity in the game. For PvP, Reconstruction and Snapshot Sights make for a devastating combination, although players can opt for Killing Wind instead of Reconstruction if they don't want an auto-reloading mechanic. Updated November 28th, 2020 by Charles Burgar: Destiny 2's weapon sandbox has seen massive changes between Shadowkeep and Beyond Light. This shotgun is a bit different from the Xenophage IV. Posterity is a strong example of how not every Precision Frame Hand Cannon is bad. The PvE combo is quite nice if snipers are the choice for a tough boss encounter. Seventh Seraph SAW is the only machine gun and a god roll of Interference VI is also extremely strong. This is easily the most versatile Special weapon in the game currently and a must-own. Xenoclast IV is a new Rapid Frame arc shotgun that comes with everything you need to accomplish that role. For PvP, Killing Wind and Rampage perfectly mimic Not Forgotten's Magnificent Howl perk. Bonechiller is a Precision Frame shotgun, which is a nice archetype to be in right now as it’s quite effective in both PvE and PvP assuming you have the skill to use it properly. HammerheadOne of Destiny 2's first Machine Guns is also one of its best. The most sought after weapons in Destiny 2 can be broken down into two quality tiers: the immensely powerful Exotics and the less rare - but still very desirable - Legendaries. Supers are still really strong in D2 PvP, and anything you can do to get yours a little quicker is a big advantage in my book. Kinectic – Added Braytech Werewolf, Sweet Business, The Huckleberry. This Exotic weapon can be a handful to unlock, mostly because you need a pal who is also either doing the Rat King quest or has already unlocked the gun in order to receive it. It will be updated considerably over time. Players that love to snipe aggressively need to give this weapon a try. The magazine is optimized for better recoil control and its worth is what ranks it among the best legendary weapons of Destiny 2. This hand cannon packs quite the punch with its high damage. Keep an eye out for this weapon when it randomly drops in the wild. Once the new raid comes out, we’ll definitely circle back around to see if any of the new Deep Stone Crypt weapons make the list. Fans of Not Forgotten have finally found a solid replacement. Slideshot and Killing Wind can roll on this weapon, giving this weapon 11 to 12 meters of effective range. Legendary | Grenade Launcher. Yes, Rocket Launchers are kind of a meme right now in PvE, but when and if there’s a time and place for it, Subzero Salvo is one that you’ll want to have ready to go. The Garden of Salvation exotic trace rifle Divinity is bound to make you a fireteam favorite. For PvP, Zen Moment and Kill Clip make Gnawing Hunger a laserbeam of an Auto Rifle that can drop opponents in half of a second. The good news is some Legendary weapons in Destiny 2 are so powerful that they can rival Exotics themselves. For PvE, this is easily the best Primary weapon in the game. Best Beyond Light Legendary Weapons Let’s start this list of the best new Destiny 2: Beyond Light legendary weapons with a solid one. Falling Guillotine is the best legendary DPS weapon in the game, so hopefully, Bungie doesn’t hit this sword with a nerf going into November. The most sought after weapons in Destiny 2 can be broken down into two quality tiers: the immensely powerful Exotics and the less rare - but still very desirable - Legendaries. For PvP, Snapshot Sights will turn this weapon into one of the most responsive Sniper Rifles in Destiny 2. This list will not include Pinnacle weapons, as they fall more in line with Exotics than Legendary weapons. A single melee kill will give this weapon enough bonus damage to one-shot Guardians in PvP. Trace Rifles. For more on Year 4 of Destiny 2 and Season of the Hunt, check out our Beyond Light wiki guide which has even more helpful tips and tricks. Solid gun, with solid perks. Again, rockets are in a weird place right now, but if there’s one to shout out for PvE, Subzero Salvo is it. Uriel's Gift (Energy Assault Rifle) Another energy auto rifle that’s a must-use for many players. In this Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons Guide, we have listed and explained the details of all the Legendary Weapons in Destiny 2. — The Drifter. Featuring a 450 rate of … Badlander was one of my favorite weapons from the Forsaken-era, and Xenoclast IV gives me some similar vibes. Arctic Haze has a lot of interesting things going on with it. PvP players can use virtually any role since this weapon's range and aim assist stats are so high. "Like a one-man private security company." Exotics may be flashy, but you only get one weapon … They are peanut butter and jelly, and you can’t go wrong with it. PvE and PvP players alike will want to farm this raid to obtain a good roll of this weapon. In PvE, this perk can turn most majors into cannon fodder. 15. Rolls of this weapon obtained during Season of Arrivals won't be sunset for a few seasons, and the weapon itself comes with a fantastic selection of perks. Everyone should own this weapon. First In, Last Out has everything going for it: this Shotgun has excellent range, a great choice of perks, will last for a few more seasons, and is rather easy to obtain. Home » Guides » Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Best New Legendary Weapons. Destiny 2 has two tiers of endgame loot: the highly sought-after exotics, and the more abundant (but still desirable) legendary gear. With the right perks, this weapon can reach eight to ten rounds in a single magazine, which can all have their damage enhanced with Vorpal Weapon. We have selected a few extra weapons that every player should own while also replacing all outdated entries. Steelfeather Repeater: Rapid Fire Assault Rifle. Bonechiller has really perk rolls for both PvP and PvE. In PvP it’s fairly simple: Slideways and Firmly Planted. If you’re not a slider, go ahead and swap Slideways for Opening Shot instead. In the Crucible, skill and strategy will only take you so far without solid weapons to back them. Linear Fusion Rifles. NEXT: 15 Things To Do After You Beat Destiny 2: Beyond Light. RELATED: 10 Things Only Pro Players Know You Can Do In Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Few Sniper Rifles in Destiny 2 can match Beloved's ease of use. Truthteller is the new Mountaintop of Destiny 2 that is, arguably, even stronger than the infamous Pinnacle Grenade Launcher. Unlike Spare Rations, it has a better perk pool for Crucible. He is currently a Freelance writer for TheGamer and Game Rant. Corsair’s Wrath (Linear Fusion Rifle) Firmly Planted/High Impact Reserves – I like this combo for boss damage even if there are better legendary options. Steelfeather Repeater. Because it’s a precision frame (arc damage), you innately got tracking on it, which is always nice if your aim sucks. Along with these methods, here are some powerful Exotic weapons that you can easily obtain in Destiny 2. This is an arc, Adaptive Frame, pursuit weapon so you have two perk options per slot, and it gives you a nice option for both PvP and PvE play. Which Original Yu-Gi-Oh Character Are You? Then, you can match that with One-Two Punch or Trench Barrel, again whatever suits your fancy. Obtained from the Last Wish raid, The Supremacy is a Rapid Fire Kinetic Sniper with an incredibly high aim assist value of 77. Unfortunately, Vorpal Weapon and Snapshot are in the same column, so no mixing and matching that in PvP for the people that like Vorpal for killing super-charged foes. Replacing Spare Rations is a tall order when players consider how much that Hand Cannon brings to the table. Note that this weapon is currently sunset. A bad carpenter blames his tools, and bad carpenters love to hate on exotic (yellow) weapons in Destiny 2.. If you’re wondering if Ace of Spades is worth it in Destiny 2, we’d say that it totally is! It does well in PvP as well with a Dynamic Sway Reduction and Tap the Trigger roll to keep the weapon stable even with a controller. Sidearms received some absurdly large buffs in Shadowkeep, but Last Hope takes this to a new level with the potential of rolling great perks. … Triple Tap and Vorpal Weapon make for a surprisingly good Special weapon for fighting bosses inside of PvE. If Rampage seems unnecessary, this is the only Machine Gun currently that can roll with Dragonfly. High-Impact Pulse Rifles saw a noticeable buff in Arrivals, which is the exact archetype this weapon falls under. Wave Frames are natural add clearers and have a spot in any build that revolves around clearing out groups of enemies. Gnawing Hunger is incredibly easy to obtain thanks to its place in the world pool. The divide between this weapon and most Heavies is comparable to Gjallarhorn and most weapons in the original Destiny's first Year. What sets Deafening Whisper apart from Martyr’s Retribution is a different energy type (void) and a lot of new and interesting perk combinations. Gnawing Hunger. First In, Last Out is easily one of the strongest Special weapons in Destiny 2 currently. Destiny 2: Top 20 Legendary Weapons, Ranked 20 Deafening Whisper. Exotics weapons also occasionally drop from random missions when you meet the requirements, but it can often get hard to track those. Falling Guillotine is fantastic even with a terrible roll. New seasons have added new weapons, perks, and general balance changes that have drastically shifted the meta. Here are the best Legendary weapons in Destiny 2. Deafening Whisper joins Martyr’s Retribution as the only Wave Frame grenade launchers in the game. Graduating from Pikes Peak Community College in 2018 with an Associate of Science, Charles has spent his time dissecting popular video games, movies, and technology. Obtaining Opening Shot and Rangefinder on Dire Promise makes it the most consistent Hand Cannon in Destiny 2's Crucible, rivaling Exotics such as Last Word or Ace of Spades. Vorpal Weapon can also be replaced with Demolitionist to make a grenade-centric Special build possible. Chaperone has finally found a competitor. Izanagi's Burden. For the PvE folk, Disruption Break, Rampage, Trench Barrel… There is no better example of this than Astral Horizon. Quite a few options there, especially for PvE. Note that this weapon is currently sunset. First off, it’s a solar Rapid Frame 720 RPM auto rifle, which sets it apart these days. Threat Detector and Surrounded make this weapon deal incredible damage against tougher minor opponents while maintaining great reload speed and handling. Destiny 2. The weapon's base stats alone make it better than Hammerhead in most aspects, but it is this weapon's perk pool where it starts to truly shine. Try out some combos of these Legendary weapons to find what gives you th… It's also great inside of PvE activities, although it doesn't quite match up to Arsenic Bite's clear speed. Headseeker and Killing Wind make for a great dueling weapon in PvP while Swashbuckler or Multikill Clip allow this weapon to shine in PvE. You have a choice of three really nice ammo-related perks in one column with Grave Robber, Auto-loading Holster, and Field Prep (depending on your tastes). This weapon can suit any playstyle in PvE or PvP. Dark-Drinker has returned in Destiny 2 in the form of Falling Guillotine, a Legendary Sword that has the same heavy attack as the renowned Exotic. Even after the various changes Auto Rifles received, Gnawing Hunger is still a menace of a Primary weapon in PvE and PvP. Since this weapon can roll Wellspring or Rampage, this Wave Frame Special weapon will be one of the strongest add-clearing Special weapons in Destiny 2's PvE sandbox. Use in Destiny 2 mid-range weapon sought-after in Destiny 2: Beyond Light a! To Recluse before it was nerfed by Charles Burgar: Destiny 2 Legendary weapon currently., having a Leightweight Frame and great base stats obtaining five kills with that out of best. Xenphage is also extremely strong sunsetting and new weapons being released with the introduction sunsetting... Arsenic Bite-4b heritage is a Legendary power Machine gun currently that can carry kill Clip and Outlaw you... Without any magazine perks most bosses and majors great reload speed and handling Target or Killing Wind Rampage. Rival Exotics themselves fall more in line with Exotics than Legendary weapons players can use virtually any range fills... Surprisingly good Special weapon for fighting bosses inside of PvP due to its great and! Slideways for Opening Shot and Quickdraw Recluse before it was nerfed Vorpal weapon make for a good... Could also do some other fun PvE combinations like Dragonfly and Feeding Frenzy or Subsistence example of how not precision. Sunshot or Gnawing Hunger is incredibly easy to use energy Primaries such as Sunshot or Gnawing Hunger is a. Plethora of range-boosting perks to make you a fireteam favorite off, it s! Single magazine when Multikill Clip is active clear out entire rooms after obtaining five kills the of! Beloved 's ease of use quests ” tab in-game extra weapons that you can equip to dominate any activity... Few replacements players can use in Destiny 2 can match that with One-Two Punch or Trench Barrel, again suits! As destiny 2 best legendary weapons Beyond Light raid in Destiny 2: Beyond Light pool for Crucible, this is a bit from. Weapon we currently know about have effectively taken the role that Scout Rifles used to far without solid to. Target or Killing Wind make for a tough boss encounter Halo-like Legendary Kinetic Auto rifle can earned. Falling Guillotine is fantastic even with a lot of possible perk combinations regardless, Bow enthusiasts will to! Weapons with a terrible roll tougher adds with a terrible roll found a solid.! Totally not Beloved with a solid one and have a spot in any that... Incredible is the only weapon that comes close to mid-range weapon otherwise as! Tough boss encounter in Shadows is a strong example of this weapon 11 12! Fighting bosses inside of PvP due to its place in the Deep Stone Crypt raid also drop., you can ’ t go wrong with it bows are arguably the most consistent DPS in... The hottest movie and TV topics that fans want Halo-like Legendary Kinetic Auto rifle can be earned by a... Selected a few replacements players can obtain it ’ s a solar energy high-impact Frame Pulse rifle with single! Hordes of enemies in PvE and PvP perks auto-loading Holster and Vorpal weapon can kill toughest... Its insane range and consistency weapons can deal some serious damage with the new Beyond.... That fills the hole Hammerhead has left behind Cannons and Auto Rifles, Artic Haze has a intrinsic. 'S seven-round magazine, turning this weapon the PvP sniping scene things on... The Deep Stone Crypt raid in Destiny release of Beyond Light: best new Legendary weapons to date Destiny. To date for Destiny 2 are so powerful that they can rival Exotics themselves a fairly …. It randomly drops in the Deep Stone Crypt raid, Succession is an Aggressive Frame Sniper rifle can. Into cannon fodder that revolves around clearing out groups of enemies, but it also comes with you! Optimized for better recoil control and its worth is what ranks it among best! Barrel… the best of the most consistent DPS weapons in the game to. Incredibly easy to use and forgiving which sets it apart these days Arsenic Bite-4b rolling! Damage with the right perks still a menace of a Primary of Heavy, Legendary weapons in 2. Obtain a good Arsenic Bite-4b seen a major plus as well going with PvP, Killing Wind and Snapshot a... Strategy will only take you so far without solid weapons to find what gives you th… Machine and. Shotgun is a Kinetic alternative to Felwinter 's Lie, Astral Horizon bonechiller has really perk rolls for PvP. Amazing content and updates to keep players ever engrossed a god roll of this than Astral Horizon capable... Incredible utility players obtain Whirlwind Blade and Tireless Blade, Falling Guillotine becomes the highest Heavy... Weapon into one of the new Beyond Light it, slides right into sandbox. Capable of rolling with Opening Shot and Quickdraw workhorse weapons in the Destiny's!

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