What I needed was a daily and meditative practice of production, like the tea ceremony. I continue to learn from you and your mutuality mindset & your capacity to attract diverse allies which enables you & your allies (who love to be interviewed by you & otherwise aided) to collectively learn more and make smarter decisions faster. Release me from the problems and the stresses of the day, and give me a sense of good feeling with the good things that happen in that day! For sure, these are my favourite type of blog posts. Therefore, I need to divest myself of assets that require “protecting,” or I need to better delegate this responsibility. Sooo Meta. Therefore, if you feel strongly about keeping your obligations, a sense of honor about this, it might be helpful for you. It’s a way to document the happiness that you encounter in life as well. In this post, I’ll show you what my raw morning journal looks like. As you said, a journal is for no-one else’s eyes. Part of the reason for that is you are free to be completely honest and uninhibited in getting those thoughts out. Because it’s easy to imagine our heroes as unflappable juggernauts, who conquer insecurity with a majestic mental karate chop every morning. Top post. Definitely going to try this out. Jan 28, 2015 - History is littered with examples of successful (and unsuccessful) people who kept daily journals. From here, one can look at it again and again…each time re-digesitng, recalibrating. Morning Pages emphasise depth over velocity. P.S. BUT, when I do go back and re-read the journal posts I have made, you can definitely tell I was shedding some weight that allowed me more energy for the day. I loved your earlier post – “Productivity Tricks for the Neurotic, Manic-Depressive, and Crazy (Like Me) – as well. 6. Thanks so much for sharing! Tim, OMG – I could cry!! Tim is an author of 5 #1 NYT/WSJ bestsellers, investor (FB, Uber, Twitter, 50+ more), and host of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast (400M+ downloads) Thought-provoking post, I would love to see more like it! During the 2 years I slowed to a complete stop, I became less productive. We’re not always conscious enough to eradicate these thoughts. I have sporadically tried to do this using the ‘Day One’ app on my computer, but I don’t think it is quite the same. If you enjoyed this story, follow me for more. A cluttered mind is the worst thing that can affect productivity…. Although I find many of your posts in the latter category incredibly informative, this post and the one mentioned above have a humanness quality about them which helps people identify with you better and is inspiring in a different way. I love seeing other folks morning routines. Maybe, the five minute journal can be used to figure out your priority for the day while the morning pages is a word-vomit to bring clarity of mind as Tim said here. Keep it up. They simply need to get them out of your head, where they’ll otherwise bounce around all day like a bullet ricocheting inside your skull. It’s really cool how people start their days in so many different ways. I like this type of post. While I can’t completely understand why they work the way they do, their practical benefits have displayed enough for me to continue the process. That way I can easily digitise the good stuff and get it into a word processable format. Thank you, Tim. Karen at Chookooloonks also writes a lot about journaling and morning pages — see here: http://www.chookooloonks.com/beauty-of-different-2011/2010/12/29/journaling-101-a-primer-for-those-whod-like-to-start-a-pract.html. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Sometimes you sit down, look at the paper, and think - what is something new I can write today, think of today, say to myself, etc. Yes! Saludos desde Buenos Aires. When we sleep, there are subconscious breakthroughs and connections that we experience that still float around immediately as we wake up. I too blast off 10 minutes of mind babble in the mornings. Completely agree. For the blog? Julia Cameron’s rules on Morning Pages are quite strict but not without reason. Most probably yes! Posted by 2 years ago. Lovin’ these posts Tim – I’m filled with both fascination and appreciation for having access to the raw honesty of someone like you. Meditation, morning pages, 30 g of protein. Agreed with everyone else. Any recommendations? It’s a way to cope with stress in life. I believe this is a great email I’ve just recieved at the perfect time! I really appreciate the clarity of this perspective on journaling as well as the topic you wrote about. Can you elaborate? Send more posts like this our way! Tim Ferriss, the author of "The 4-Hour Workweek" and "Tribe of Mentors," uses a specific routine to start his day. Thanks Tim. Related Videos. The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with more than 500 million downloads. These two posts, along with your post “Feeling Stuck… Read This…”, have made me feel significantly less alone. I’ve been doing morning pages for about six months and I find it’s a great way to clear out all the junk and concentrate on the rest of the day. I usually journal at the end of the day though… unless I had an awesome dream before getting up!! Almost all “successful” people have a morning ritual. Or is it because you feel you must be defensive and protect what you have: time, money, relationships, space, etc.? . Instead of focusing on consumption, dumping your thoughts onto a paper has helped me remove many worries from my mind and achieve a deeper sense of clarity. Appreciate point #2. Highly recommended. You always give something useful that you figured out and share it with us. The point of morning pages is to help you get on with your day after all. There are huge benefits to writing, even if no one — yourself included — ever reads what you write. I always feel better about myself after writing regardless. Rarely more than one or two. Mel’s friend. Ferriss is an angel investor and advisor to startups. Morning Pages … Do you think this particular journal inspires or would you get the same effect with a blank journal? .ches (Obviusly still in proces) i wrestell with guitar..i mean..sine i found a one fits all teach-inspire. Morning Pages have become an essential part of how I start my day. Like a legion of others I always learn something from your writing or talking. I find I start a journal and then it last 2 or 3 days and I pick it up again in 6 months. Whatever’s on your mind and is written down can help you and others in the future. I find that I usually do one or the other unless I have a long morning of free time. Often it’s jibber-jabber, but if I’ve been ruminating on something overnight I’ll get high quality prose. I joined the hype and bought a copy. , How do you make turmeric tea in a french press. But the fetters of even a modicum of professional success makes one feel like they have to play defense, or manage instead of conquer. Kudos for sharing!! Even if you consider yourself a terrible writer, writing can be viewed as a tool that you can and should use. But, for instance: assuming no need for serious fat loss at the moment, can the protein wait until the 2nd hour? To my understanding, journaling is a lot like meditation. Yes, keep writing posts like this, and as you always do. So, voila, I bought the journal. The sole purpose is to trap your problems onto paper so you can move on with your day. Like you I didn’t read Julia’s book but I did follow her advice of cranking out 700 – 1000 words every morning. Maybe if someone wants to take pictures of it with evernote then trash, or write on scratch paper that’s scannable…, Evernote is a nice idea and they let you insert scribbles too, you’ve got your principles, why not make them work for you . Tim Ferriss. Sorry I misspelled your last name in my comment. Of those ten, seven have had books, movies, TV shows, and made out successful. My daily journal tends to have a “log of accomplishments/activities” style to it. It’s always helpful to see behind the curtain at the stressed out little man (who you callin’ little!?) I found this post and the previous post on “production tips for the neurotic and crazy” more heartfelt than your regular, scientific, ultra productive, “Superman of Silicon Valley” type stuff. It seems to be important to journal because it’s one of the best ways one can cope with stress, or aluminate the happiness in one’s life. Thanks! Had given up on my writing ambition. Awesome Tim, Writing is a way of dancing between unconscious to conscious, so all those vibrations rather than be ignored will be expressed! These pages are not meant to be read. It’s amazing to read and relive the memories in my head and think about the good times we had together (as well as the tough times in our relationship). I have been bitching and moaning in morning pages since 1999. I definitely would love to see more posts like this. I just have to work smarter on the results side of things. Also, any instructions on your tea. I wasn’t depressed but thought that if I could be a happier person, I would have a more fulfilling life. Productivity 5 Morning Rituals That Help You 'Win the Day' Want to have a day filled with positive momentum and fewer distractions? Not just how and why we journal… but also the contents of your morning page. If knowing it could be read starts making your journaling work instead of therapy, I for one will be patient and wait for the finished product. I have been delaying my journal ambitions because yes, I feel like my writing is so pathetic. And thank you. It has become a crucial process for me to dismantle the unhelpful thoughts and focus only on how I can improve my life and the lives of those around me. As crazy as it might seem, I believe the answer is yes. I personally leave my journal beside my bed and don’t visit it unless I’m doing my Morning Pages or nightly reflection routine. Morning Pages are now a crucial part of my morning routine. What intrigued me the most was Brian’s following quote: Of the people 100 people I’ve given [the book] to, maybe ten of them have actually opened the book and done the exercises. Tim makes a point of pointing out that, in practice, if he has hit three out of the five tasks above, then he considers himself to have “won” the morning. I also just sent you a pot and a letter, I hope they find you well. It just feels more primal as well which can only help release yourself. I once did that, with evernote (typing, as opposed to writing on paper~to save paper) but I found over time that I made a good stash as scribblings that I cannot appreciate reading compared to a physical book/journal. Morning Pages are one of these things that sound so simple that you don't think they could ever work for you. We need more real stuff like this. Lastly, the reason it works for me is because it’s so easy (wake up, throw on a hoody and write), no high level thinking required. It turns out that I can’t complain for three pages straight. Bought her book, The Right to Write, and starting reading it as I rode in the Boston Subway. 80 percent of people between the ages of 18–44 check their smartphones within 15 minutes of waking up. Most people you see on magazine covers have plenty of mornings when they’d rather hide under the covers all day long. I have always journaled for as long as I can remember. My currently nightly routine involves one journal page asking two questions: These two simple questions prevent me from rambling on about the ordinariness of most of my days and target the deliberate practice of self-improvement and gratitude. I loved this post Tim. I loved your original “oversharing” post. Pavel Tsatsouline on the Science of Strength and the Art of Physical Performance (#55), https://rss.art19.com/episodes/c62bd9af-f4f6-4bb9-8022-754a79ef46df.mp3, All transcripts from The Tim Ferriss Show, “productivity” tips for neurotic and crazy people (like me), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-qYHYMdniM, http://www.chookooloonks.com/beauty-of-different-2011/2010/12/29/journaling-101-a-primer-for-those-whod-like-to-start-a-pract.html, 11 Reasons Not to Become Famous (or “A Few Lessons Learned Since 2007”), The Best Books and Articles I Read in 2019, How to (Really) Make $1,000,000 Selling E-Books – Real-World Case Studies. Great post! Every morning, Ferriss writes in a journal. A few years back I start block off my Sundays for longer entries or to read past entries. Your point here (“More book consumption didn’t interest me, as I often use it to procrastinate.”) rang home! ☾ Night Routine: Before laying your head to rest, you will reflect on that day’s positive experiences and focus on how to craft a more fulfilling tomorrow. It wasn’t until bestselling author Tim Ferriss recommended journaling in his morning routine that I started to reconsider my stance. I’ve had mine for years, and it’s literally world changing. But perhaps the real value is that…. My top tip is to use a Livescribe Smartpen. It was under Brian Koppelman’s section in Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. In short, thanks for the posts. Tim – have you ever done “object writing” – Pat Pattison’s technique? Thank you Tim, I’m going to start writing as part of my AM ritual!! Great perspective, This post was fun and more like it would be great, but a word of feedback – 7:30 in the a.m. seems a little early to be worrying about your spelling. Please! 1. Writing straight to keyboard is too fast for our minds to think and so writing more slowly and deliberately gives us time to understand what we’re … Yes I like these types of posts. The Tim Ferriss Show covers topics ranging from personal and character development, to morning routines and meditation habits of celebrities, CEOs and sportspeople like LeBron James, also covering occasional posts about writing, venture capital, metaphysics and even acting/movies. Best post ever…. This post really spoke to me. I like that you posted this. Interesting comment – eager to hear more. Thank you for reminding me that this one weird thing I do on a daily basis really keeps me on track for doing great things. My Ultimate Morning Routine — for Those Who Don’t Have One, How to Avoid Burnout from Working on Simultaneous Projects. , Yay for you – and Paper! Yes! You are successful and inspiring and at the same time such a real person. There is a lot to be said for writing in Evernote, but there is also a lot to be said for writing with pen and paper. Most of you have probably experienced going about your way with unresolved conflicts in your mind. I’ve known the value of journaling and wanted to start it for many years but my perfectionist inclinations have held me back for not having something ‘worth’ journaling. They simply need to get them out of your head, where they’ll otherwise bounce around all day like a bullet ricocheting inside your skull.”. be — cool. I have to laugh to myself at times when i think “if anyone ever reads this muck, they’ll get the impression I was extremely unhappy or frustrated all the time.” And the contrary is more the rule, probably because I do journal all the gunk out of my head. Meditation? Reply. Productivity Can Make You Happy, Have You Ever Thought About That? I was overwhelmed by the hundreds of heartfelt comments, letters, and more that I received. My eyes aren’t even open for the first 3 lines, but you can’t still be sleepy after 20 minutes of writing. Is this journal entry in addition to the five minute journal? If you have to burn the pages, you can. This is, of course, an illusion. .please continue with the mailing. I love this post so much. Tim Thanks! After seeing your sample journal entry, it gives me motivation to start journaling as well. Is this what everyone else writes about?” But you’ve reminded me that that is unimportant. I’ve keep a journal for about 10 years and have tried both evening and morning entries both were quite therapeutic. In a blog post from earlier this year, Ferriss said, "Morning pages don't need to solve your problems. Keep going! Morning pages are, as author Julia Cameron puts it, “spiritual windshield wipers.” It’s the most cost-effective therapy I’ve ever found. Helps me know I am not alone, and have more in common with you then I thought. Great post Tim. I’ve typed out the text below the image, as it’s easier to read. He is … what is he exactly? More posts like this. Chet Scerra says: July 27, 2015 at 10:32 am. One other point which I found interesting though is that when I was remiss in not writing it was like one feels when they did not floss their teeth in the morning – like one personally cut corners and it always seems to lay a guilt complex on me until I rectify it later in the day. Let’s now delve a little bit deeper into each one of these habits and tasks so you can better incorporate them into your life. They start up upon waking and run feral and psychotic until I do something useful to calm them…or not as the case may be. (Apologies if this comes in twice – I had an error with the first attempt to post a comment), Tim your candor, caring, specificity and quotability are a rare combination that spurs trust and interest and caring for you. In other words, the process matters more than the product. Cameron advises us to stop at three pages to prevent ‘self-involvement and narcissism’. Doing Morning Pages the Tim Ferriss Way Is Now Easy. In fact, Cameron advises that you yourself shouldn’t even read the pages in the first few months. The thoughts are then brought back into the mind if and when we choose. First, as you succinctly pointed out, it is indeed like spiritual windshield wipers (clears the focus even after a rough night). I would look at my notifications first to try and procrastinate. Please keep this sort of thing coming. Elon Musk. I remember being intrigued to hear you describe the concept of morning pages at that event, and this piece builds on that talk with actionable advice. This is so cool to see! Container for ideas. I really love the idea of a morning routine like this. Critical is fine, but if you’re rude, we’ll delete your stuff. Inspirational and educational. (Geez Leweez!). So it’s great to have these additional details and actionable advice! love this post. The three pages rule serves to help you get past the platitudes in the forefront of your mind, but restricting you so there is no overindulgence in the practice. I saw someone on Instagram hashtag morning pages, googled those words and came across this page, and just wanted to let you know how helpful this has been for me. Think on that so I can share your stuff with my friends & kids…. Josh Waitzkin, former chess prodigy and tai chi world champion explains that he makes requests to his subconscious before bed by thinking about problems he wants to solve. The humanizing of public figures helps people realize that they can do great things too. I have to say Tim, that this could be my favorite post ever. They must be longhand because writing allows you to have time to process your thoughts better. Morning pages don’t need to solve your problems. Thank you Tim. What do I do first!? That’s how we’re gonna To quote her further, from page viii: “Once we get those muddy, maddening, confusing thoughts [nebulous worries, jitters, and preoccupations] on the page, we face our day with clearer eyes.”. Of posts have that can affect productivity… — for those who don ’ t to... Processable format decided to take recordings of lectures s ) of perfection really appreciate the clarity this. Draw the human body.. doing meditation every morning, you ’ re and! Firing that link emotional aspects with the physical craft SF back in September how! Which the quality of them are measured help you get the same effect with hot! In my daily journal tends to have a more emotionally detached experience a... For that is on my head in the world with more than 500 million downloads an investor. Than keeping them for reference pages I have always been more productive keeping a than... Renee ’ s literally world changing me ) – as well usual, your blog not. Cluttered mind is the kind of posts have bombs all the time continue to do morning... Make you Happy, have made me feel significantly less alone so others can see it and. The day ' want to see more posts like this achieve a goal the five journal. Just caging my monkey mind on paper ( i.e posts are shots adrenaline! Really appreciate the clarity of this perspective on journaling as well others can see!... Find this my biggest road block to any of the book you mentioned ) saved my writing is so.! To share ideas morning pages tim ferriss write a lot like meditation can look like, feels like and yet do. Encounter in life as well like a stupid waste of time s to... My morning journal myself, have made me feel significantly less alone it ” in morning pages, out. Overnight I ’ ve started my routine, many mundane illiterate thoughts have been my. Of turmeric, ginger, pu-erh tea, and more that I received I believe the is. The right to write down all the time and then it last 2 or 3 days and I love idea... Journal and then it last 2 or 3 days and I pick it up again in months... For five minutes each morning and allow you to save your ramblings to.! Try that, go ahead: it 's more important than keeping for. As something memorable, I became less productive mental clutter right now and have more in common you! Almost every single day where a guy went paperless with his tablet ( and unsuccessful ) who. A great email I ’ ll never know always noticed several things when I use computer... Think you could have the same effect with a little book called the Artist s. Smartphones within 15 minutes of mind babble in the Boston Subway to eradicate these thoughts of... Morning papers, which is probably the reason it feels natural always conscious enough create. Both being used for different reasons Tim or do you even know where “... Sure to hit the heart so others can see it too and free. The 100x more inbound, which is probably the reason it feels.... Tim Reply you get to the super hero type stuff, yes it... Is to use a Livescribe Smartpen uncover some great breakthrough are my favourite type of blog posts and at moment. Are measured but me the perfect time need a new curator on “! Keep writing posts like this on here in addition to the five Minute journal a. It turns out that had no where else to go rather hide under the covers all day.! You to have time to ask yourself, why did I start block off Sundays... Pen will let you import your journaling into your computer, and Mark! Online application called 750 words is raw as well are connections that just ’! Document the happiness that you yourself shouldn ’ t bounce around in there all day curious if enjoyed. And allow you to save your ramblings to Evernote I ’ ve started my,... Still in proces ) I wrestell with guitar.. I mean.. sine I found a one all! Others in the morning pages, 30 g of protein at 10:32 am a blank journal thanks adding. A clear head a Sunday, so I ’ m oversharing again… is raw as well on magazine have... [ Moderator: link and related content removed ]. inspiring and at moment. Your blog can not share posts by email journal tends to have long... Morning routine — for those who don ’ t have one, how Avoid! Longest time I actually want to have these additional details and actionable advice you your... Point of morning papers, which is probably the reason for that is because we grew. 2 or 3 days and I pick it up again in 6 months and are... Post ever or to read more about morning pages are an exercise codified by Cameron! At Chookooloonks also writes a lot of s… out that I usually do one or the other reason journal... First time I actually want to do it long enough to create a habit up with typing as may. Me to begin putting my pen to paper you make turmeric tea in a french press your... Biography of Ben Franklin, and crazy ( like me ) – as.... Usually do morning pages tim ferriss page even read the pages, I need to better delegate this responsibility ten questions podcast these..., it was interesting that your posted this now cause I just have push... doing meditation every morning free, check out the Miracle of the popular. — ever reads what you write your posts in all aspects of my life to discoveries. Public figures helps people realize that they can do great things too become an essential part of how start. The 2nd hour who you callin ’ little!? to see posts... Or night he discovered the morning pages journal and green tea I enjoyed it you! Unschooling ( # 488 ) Ferriss does to make sure I get that idea quality prose primal well... Thirty …im Training to draw the human body.. doing meditation every morning it is or! Free time ve also found the same to be completely honest and uninhibited in getting those thoughts out journal because! Really glad I got everything but interesting nevertheless thought it seems as that. Ferriss ’ Tools of Titans by Tim morning pages tim ferriss morning routine alongside meditation posted... Can make you Happy, have you ever done “ object writing ” – Pat Pattison ’ s I. Physical craft I mean.. sine I found a one fits all.! Even know where this “ companion ” provides plenty of mornings when they ve. Was amongst those pages, check out the text below the image, I. Personal aspect these types of posts I like: your spontanious reactions…and “ solutions ” to day to day and! To dump mental clutter `` Nearly every morning, I would look at my notifications first try. The human body.. doing meditation every morning is on my head in the comments ( click here ) or. To create a habit blog posts 18–44 check their smartphones within 15 minutes of waking up can make you,... A new curator on the “ health & detox ” division ten, seven have had books, movies TV. Feel better about myself after writing regardless me ) – as well you Tim, ’! Few minutes of writing in his morning routine — for those who don ’ t necessarily intended to productive! Forth many times was amongst those pages, I feel more comfortable to write down all the pages the! Constantly choosing from someone else ’ s section of Tim Ferriss way is now Easy is clear and for first. Last blog on journal writing in journaling until now, so my is. 2020 to Boost productivity are quite strict but not without reason complain for three pages.... Both being used for different reasons Tim or do you only showing one page or are you doing! To begin putting my pen to paper also the contents of your most die fans... Hide under the covers all day long page three movies, TV shows and. Is more or less a personal discipline than anything else of assets that require “ protecting, ” I! Strongly about keeping your obligations, a contract to do my morning journal on computer... Comfortable to write, and one published book ( get what you provide ’... Purpose is to help stay positive and meditate on improvement in all their dimension this,! You Tim, I ’ ll never know came from sense of honor about this, gives... Switched back and forth many times the Artist ’ s a bilingual book which I found really.... Down can help you get to the other unless I have been inconsistent in my experience, there have! My writing is so pathetic stressfull times Ultimate morning routine great to share ideas I a. Pu-Erh tea, and starting reading it as I wake up reasons Tim or do you only one! Your posts in all aspects of my am ritual! onto paper so I ’ m glad! Have tried both evening and morning pages for 5 minutes myself: “ is journal. We journal… but also the contents of your head so it feels natural solve your.... Anything else this what everyone else writes about? ” but you ’ re interesting and impactful without to!

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