We will walk you through a few really cool voice techniques, a simulated audition, harmonization and blending exercises, and will then invite you to jam with us on one of the songs in our repertoire-- Be prepared to have fun + win some free CDs!!! RSVP Text goes here X. And what can we do to prevent it? Click here to edit the text. What is a bloodborne disease? Why is Australian wildlife so cool? Want to solve fun and hard riddles like the one below? We'll discuss many amazing examples, including species that pass through Connecticut. And how are we to respond to them? Chemistry and science is all around us, and this class will explore this idea further. All over the world, girls face extraordinary struggles whenever they get their period. William L. Harkness Hall (WLH) 100 Wall St, New Haven, CT 06510. Or will the schemes of lesser men bring our hero down? X4047: Making Decisions through Essentialism. We will be thinking through excerpts of different fundamental texts in prison abolition as we decide whether or not this is a feasible option the in the 21st century. Why have certain gun policy proposals gained the support of over 90% of Americans, but failed to pass in Congress? This is a placeholder for editable text that has not yet been added. H3986: Cinematic Delights: Understanding Film Technique. A4061: How To Break A Leg: Making A Broadway Musical. Click here to edit the text. Often, we live our lives in automatic mode, never questioning our actions or our existence. Wham! Fall Splash Spring Splash Teachers Parents and Educators FAQ & Directions More Splash! : The Prison Abolition Movement in 21st Century America. S3998: Solving Global Health Crises: An Effective Altruism Lens. Do you or a loved one menstruate? More than a year ago. In this class we will explore the origins of Dragons and their role in Literature through the ages. What are the odds? Or why it's said that you can't "catch the same cold twice"? What is a right, and which rights are protected by the Constitution? Sometimes this is by design (a Sharknado is obviously not an actual thing). We’ll look at how children are able to learn language so quickly, how words came to be, how words come together to make meaning, and how we seem to know the rules of language even if we don’t realize what those rules are. Date TBD. We will explore how each of us speak in slightly different ways, called idiolects, and how each one is effective at communicating. We will also look at companies and initiatives trying to tackle this problem and how they will affect the future. Some of us in America are fortunate enough to have answers to all of those questions, but for girls and women around the world many of those questions remain unanswered. Fall Music Concert. Click here to register or view your classes. Have you ever listened to a song and felt inspired to move, but couldn’t find your groove? The physics of orbiting objects can be strange, but we'll explore all these topics (and more), predict some upcoming astronomical events, and maybe even plan an interplanetary mission of our own! The film La La Land all but claimed it was dead. But none of this would have been possible without the aqueducts. S3974: Emergency medicine - how to keep people alive! Finally, we will end with a more philosophical discussion of the ethics, aesthetics, and politics of sampling in order to answer the question: Is sampling a legitimate art form? We will discuss how both the Confederate and Union sides used religious ideals traceable to the Colonial American period to justify their actions, and how this permitted them to frame the war as a moral necessity and God-ordained duty. This class would be a super fun workshop for anyone who is interested in A Cappella singing! Facebook Quant Research Virtual Q&A Panel - Splash - Join us virtually to hear from a panel of Facebook Research Scientists, Data Scientists, and Quant UX Researchers about the dynamic, interesting, and high-impact field of Research in industry.Our group of researchers will tell you more about their day-to-day work, current research projects, and about their journeys from academia to industry. In Iceland they created a free society of independent people where law, culture, and creativity flourished. H4031: Finding the right climate solution. We feature swimwear models from around the world in this publication and the brands they love to wear! Or that it has influences from the Americas, Europe, and Africa? Are you interested in band, chorus, or orchestra? Despite the fact that most everybody wants to be happy, nobody ever seems to ask these important questions. H3951: Food Television: Watch What You Eat. Enjoy delicious sips from from all eight wineries of the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail and locally-roasted coffee from Shady Grounds, tasty bites from Coal Restaurant + Lounge and Twisted Olive, and sweet treats from Josh Early Candies … We'll read some examples of excellent flash fiction before playing around with some prompts and writing our own. This semester we are excited to host an virtual Splash experience for students and teachers! You won't learn how to solve the education system, but it might just make you a better leader! Most of the current research is being dedicated to finding ways to recreate and sense the human body. There is so much more to know about periods than how long to keep a tampon in without getting Toxic Shock Syndrome. A desire to listen to things carefully and with joy. Cutting-edge research at Yale is using insight from evolution to design smarter treatments for the most deadly diseases. Exposure to Newton's laws of motion and gravitation recommended. Yet, many people do not know that one of the most impactful ways you can help the cause is by reducing your meat consumption! Mindfulness helps us. H4035: Soft Power: A case study in Korean Pop Music. Answer all these questions and more as you learn how to correctly clean small wounds. At what point does something stop being alive and become dead? This class is about the basics of how doctors manage common medical and surgical emergencies in the emergency room. Even fewer people know how to throw one properly. Splash Fall 2019 Course Catalog Filter Catalog by Grade: Jump to Categories Arts Humanities Lunch Math & Computer Science Science Miscellaneous This is a placeholder for editable text that has not yet been added. We know, studying sucks. Nothing - except basic addition and subtraction skills. members nations in modern Europe, and how member and non-member nations interact. NOTE: If you already know what a flip-flop is, this class might be a bit tame for you. Wham! We'll talk about how modern civilization has changed the kinds of health problems we face, as well as our deep past and potential future evolution with respect to disease. *Your … Some background in biology would be very helpful, though is not necessary. We will also learn about how to use these gifts of nature to improve the overall wellness of life! Our world has problems. Probably don't take it twice? A3936: Zap! A third of the earth rendered inhabitable. Well many do so very actively by watching food based entertainment. Are myths, fables, and fairytales only written for pure enjoyment? Anything from cooking competitions, cooking tutorials, travel shows, and even documentaries shape the way we watch and ultimately eat our food. The SPLASH Teacher Leaflet equips teachers with instructions for activities and for sharing Bible truths. Come to learn more about soft robotics and the applications in space! What is myth about America's 16th president, and what is true? Tap Dance! Who gets to be an American? We'll cover a lot of ground; no prior exposure to African history needed. H4064: From Fast Fashion to Sustainable Style, H3984: Shot Down: How Smart Gun Laws Save Lives, and Why We Still Don't Have Them. Save changes Preview Cancel. Expect a dynamic, immersive environment in which you'll be surrounded by the sounds of one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Engage in some thought-provoking discussions, and learn about the relevance of film to global politics and culture today! We live in a society that fetishizes a high-consumption and egocentric lifestyle and is eradicating our environment. Date TBD. 7 Want to be a Student at Splash? It will explicate the relationship between popular music and jazz, covering jazz’s roots, popular acceptance, decline, institutional preservation, and current state. A willingness to watch clips of dance on film and an open mind to learn to tap dance! Why do some people talk differently than others? Other than that, players of all levels are welcome. Exercises include positivity journals, cognitive behavioral therapy and meditation! Influence friends. Analyzing the concept of disparity in the United States through the lens of education. H3985: The American Presidency Through the Ages. Come learn about managing your money to live an exciting life. Apprenez le français! Bonjour! Classes at Splash cover a wide range of topics designed to appeal to everyone. How do we consider species to be "pests," and how do we consider them valuable to the environment or the economy? What You Can Learn . Over the past 230 years, 44 men have held the title of US President. There is a growing body of evidence that shows genetic and environmental factors can come together to nurture a “criminal brain” with violent tendencies. This waiver needs to be completed before the day of the program. Do you want to learn more about one of the earliest countries to give women the right to vote? Teacher Leaflets Sample Reproducible Book Sample Home Cards Sample. From these activities, students will analyze how these activities could benefit people in their everyday life. Click here to edit the text. Other times movies simply ignore things or get them wrong. There will be lots of musical appreciation! The purpose of this class is to teach students the history of the electoral college, how it works, its importance, and the current movement for a national popular vote. Join this class to learn more about the world of investing stocks! This course will examine how climate change and other human activities are decimating in bird populations right here in New Haven. The class will begin with a brief history of sampling and hip-hop, followed by an exploration of the techniques and technology of sampling. Where: Virtual: Register for Splash! If you didn't understand a word of that sentence - great! Splash Fall 2019 Course Catalog Filter Catalog by Grade: Jump to Categories Arts Engineering Humanities Math & Computer Science Science Miscellaneous This is a placeholder for editable text that has not yet been added. Click here to edit the text. The differences of others -- whether that be political alignment, color of skin, or religious convictions -- obstruct us from acknowledging the one thing that we all have in common, which is our humanness. Have you ever wondered why rockets have "launch windows," how some satellites always stay directly overhead, why rovers are only sent to Mars every 26 months, or how scientists detect exoplanets thousands of light-years away? Venez, donc! We'll learn the differences between the inoculation and vaccination. A4043: Queer Visual Arts: Painting & Comics. See below for the Dates and Times of the Fall 2018 Academic Standing Workshops. Together, we will gain competency at one of the most important skills today-- confident, clear public speaking. No prior exposure to French needed. Are you curious about what the Federal and State governments can and cannot do to you? More than just hypnotics, brains, and psychotherapy, psychology is relevant to the world around us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RWOpQXTltA. How sound is produced, travels through the air, and is heard? How did Sony and North Korea get so entangled in a cross-border dispute? If you are interested in a career in medicine or are an avid outdoor-enthusiast who could benefit from some survival safety training, this class is for you! Have you ever wondered how exactly vaccines work? S4041: Science, Society, & Controversy: How to Think Like a Scientist, S3890: Stethoscopes, Sphygmomanometers, and the Silent Killer of High Blood Pressure. Whether you're an EDM enthusiast or work nights as a future bass DJ, come join the fun! The first part of class you will learn about techniques for mindfulness in your daily lives and methods of self-care. We will cover how the brain functions, parts of the brain and what they do, ways we study the brain, and weird things that can happen with brain damage. H3987: The Trolley Problem, and other ethics games. With our incorporation of popular African dance moves along with our love of Afrobeats, we create fun dances that highlight aspects of the African culture. What was Homer's view on womxnhood or can we say that with regard to its heroines there indeed is "A Silence of the Girls?" In this class, experiment with new ways to add intrigue, thoughtfulness, and flair to your journals. But did you know that tap has an over 400 year history that began when enslaved Africans were brought over to America? Fall 2019 Academic Probation Workshops . and Marika Cowan (from Our Cartoon President). Take this class to read more about the structure and institutions of our very unique government! There we'll meet the mighty warrior, Thor; the sly trickster, Loki; the wise leader, Odin; and all the other goddesses and gods of the Norse pantheon. Students and Teachers click HERE to access the zoom rooms for your courses. Want an easy way to remember dates, birthdays, lists, and long numbers? This class will explore the art of persuasive speaking, to help you convince others that you're right. Modeled off the most popular class in Yale history, this class will explore how to use psychology to live the happiest life possible. Or imagine not even knowing what a pad was. H4037: An Entire Country on Trial: Using the Experimental Gacaca System to Serve Justice After Rwandan Genocide, Over the course of 100 days, 1 million people died in Rwanda. Click here to edit the text. What makes you happy? In Physics of Music, we'll explore these questions and more using basic physical concepts, primarily simple harmonic motion, through the lens of hearing and creating music. We will be making a lot of drawings by looking hard at things in the world, trying to make sense of the decisions that get made in the process. The 2019 IZFC, hosted by the International Zebrafish Society, took place on June 12-16, 2019 and fish investigators from around the world were present in China for the first-ever IZFS International Zebrafish Conference in the Asia-Pacific region. One of three required classes, Historical and Political Thought covers the works of Herodotus, Aristotle, and other political philosophers, theorists, and historians. We will be discussing “what is psychology?” and how concepts such as inattentional blindness, heuristics, and critical thinking impact many of us everyday. Splash Program Vitals: What: A day during which you can take multiple classes on a variety of subjects! Movies are great at engrossing us in stories, building our excitement, and making us laugh or cry - but they’re not necessarily always true to reality. We'll also introduce examples of how data science is used in the real-world. Feel like unlocking the potential of your LIMITLESS memory? In this class, we’ll explore the domains of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this class we look at what top researchers have said about strategies of systems-change, including takeaways for anyone interested in taking on social change in the nonprofit and social enterprise sector in your local community. Or use the basics of emergency medicine to get to action! How is this possible, you may be asking? Win applause from more than just your mother. pin. Are you interested in being more informed about our government and being a more civically engaged American? General interest and knowledge of climate issues. In this class, we will examine religious rhetoric surrounding the Civil War. Where did Thor get his hammer? We will be learning the basics of Salsa and Bachata (including fancy spins and styling to make your dance attractive). Our world has problems. Get ready for an hour of jamming to hit songs- this will be a crash course in body confidence, self-expression, rhythm, and groove! We'll make beautiful ink creations of our own! We discuss this in legal, social, and historical lenses to together explore how America is built. Carbon taxes, bans on cows, a Green New Deal, even geo-engineering a giant mirror in the sky to reflect the sun's radiation–the ideas are innovative and limitless. In this class, we’ll be talking about some ways to make studying fun, or at least, a little more enjoyable. More has been written about Abraham Lincoln than just about everyone except Jesus. A4018: Character Illustration and Design! Flash fiction stories are usually only a few hundred words long, making them small but mighty vehicles of storytelling. We will have the chance to use this microscope to view some interesting microscopic things! Ever wondered how music is made without acoustic instruments? Student Registration is now open. Time-permitting, we will delve briefly into some cultural notes on the Middle East. How can you learn languages without any lessons? Television is reflective of the people watching it—what is revealed about generational differences when we analyze the evolution from observational to absurdist humor? A willing and desire to think critically and challenge not only others, but the teacher and especially oneself, A willingness to participate in class and bring your own ideas to our discussion! And besides that, what exactly is cancer, how does it arise, and why is it often so hard to cure? Although not a requirement, be aware that this class will likely be more enjoyable for right-handed throwers. How close have we been before? Familiarity with the basics of cell biology is helpful, but not required. A brief history of Korean Pop music (K-pop), the Hallyu wave, and its role as a source of soft power in East-Southeast Asian affairs. What is your endgame? If you took "Psych in Our World" with me last Splash, there will be many overlaps. Learn more about why high blood pressure (hypertension) is known as the "silent killer" in a hands-on workshop that teaches YOU how to manually measure blood pressure using a stethoscope and sphygmomanometer cuff! S4055: The Hard Truths about Renewable Energy. We will delve specifically into Abraham Lincoln’s religious evolution, and how his conceptions of a mysterious—albeit interventionist—God figured into his wartime decisions, especially that of emancipation. ## How do I sign up? Students will learn about unique and interesting aspects of the brain, the history of psychology, the biopsychosocial approach, look at fascinating case studies in psychology, and much more! When: Saturday, November 14th, 2020. Lastly, we will tackle the topic of linguistic prejudice and why some ways of speaking are looked down upon and others raised up. If time permits, we'll discuss the history and science of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Who gets to be in our melting pot? The case at hand will be "The Big Bad Wolf vs The Three Little Pigs.". Fall 2019 is here, and this issue is packaged full of amazing swimwear models! (For 7th and 8th Graders), A3892: The Office and Seinfeld: The Evolution of Television Humor. In this writing and spoken word workshop, we will examine pieces and spoken word performances by people of color and/or with an immigrant background. A discussion of edge cases, S3990: The Plight of the Red Knot: Extinctions in our own Backyards. Imagine not knowing how you would be getting your next box of pads. Come try out the fun genre of flash fiction. Contemporary culture caricatures jazz as music for old people, intellectuals, and elevators. Teacher registration is open until September 24th here. What is the actual environmental cost of building a wind turbine? your mates with a weird-and-wonderful new set of vocabulary. Meet one the lesser-known heroes of Iceland's Viking Age: Finnbogi the Mighty. In this course you will learn about chess strategy and tactics. But in this class, we'll hear from Honest Abe himself. And how did they resolve conflicts in a land with no king or government? How does Israeli soft power manifest in the popularity of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman? Why do people love to tell stories? Cost: Fall Splash will be free this semester, but you are free to donate as much as you want to Yale Splash. Come on, then! In this course, members of the Yale Rotaract club will give a detailed overview of the current Rohingya refugee crisis: the mass migration of the Rohingya ethnic group from Myanmar, escaping a government-organized genocide. In this course we will go over what anthropology is and how it can be useful in understanding the world around us. By the end of the workshop, students should feel comfortable recognizing when they are experiencing stress, and be familiar with several tools they can employ to manage their stress. No prerequisites, but experience with trigonometry and/or physics could be useful. Scenarios which we might take for granted in some movies – like the space battles of Star Wars – are actually physically impossible! Has your cheap (but cute) Forever21 top ever ripped after only two months of wear? Doesn't burning biomass produce more emissions? Brandeis Virtual Splash Fall 2020 is November 14th from 12 to 5 PM. This will be a fun and practical class, so you can expect to make some new mates! Have you ever wondered what makes living things different from nonliving things? All are welcome, regardless of musical background or lack thereof. If you're interested in personality tests that will help you understand yourself and the way you think, come to my class and learn about the Enneagram! Students will get a chance to participate in these puzzles and games. Thanks for watching. This video is unavailable. Too often it feels overwhelming! Save changes Preview Cancel. Impress strangers. And linguistics is becoming more and more applicable in the world of computers: as Google Translate seeks to convert from any language to any other, and Siri and Alexa try to listen to you and understand what you’re asking, understanding language and how it works is becoming more and more important. Hands-on engineering problems will be presented, and it's up to you to solve them. A willingness to get outside your comfort zone and be creative! Have you ever forgotten where you put something? I reckon this course will be absolutely bonza - fair dinkum! Ever wonder what the vikings did when they weren't busy raiding and pillaging? S3935: Animal Agriculture and Climate Change: Eating Sustainably in the 21st Century, X3903: Witnesses to Internment - Incarceration of Minorities in American History. We will focus on a close reading of passages that specifically focus on the themes of war, memory, and freedom from the book. We will also "think" about our own decision making and how we form judgments about our worlds. Splash Fall 2019 Course Catalog Filter Catalog by Grade: Jump to Categories Arts Humanities Science Miscellaneous This is editable text. This class will equip you with basic French skills: the alphabet, counting, and basic vocabulary. H3930: Transforming American History: From National Identity to Women of Color Feminisms. Did you know that nearly all of Africa was conquered by European powers? Course registration is still open. How do we get them? Who will triumph in the final battle for the fate of the world? A discussion of edge cases. No prior experience required at all! Japanese internment occurred under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Chief Justice Earl Warren, and a slew of other progressive politicians. Be prepared to move, groove, and listen to some great music. At one point in time, this was a dominant assumption in economics research, but now we tend to think the opposite. Abandoned at birth, Finnbogi survives to become one of the strongest men in Iceland. Some selected texts: Macbeth, The Merchant of Venice, Hamlet, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Lion King, The Nightmare Before Christmas. To this very day, emus damage Australian crops. Splash Fall 2019 1. By reading some of his key texts, we will explore one of America's most complicated—and important—political characters. Is renewable energy the silver bullet when it comes to climate change? EPSFallMusicConcert2019 - Splash - MS- Featuring 5th - 8th GradeFall Music Concert begins at 5:00pm All School Visual Art Show at 6:00pmUS - Featuring 9th - 12th GradeFall Music Concert begins at 7:00pm Both take place on Thurs., November 14thIn the TALI Theatre - Thursday, November 14, 2019 . New classes may be added occasionally in the days leading up to Splash, so make sure to check back regularly. January 19th at 7:00pm. From racism, sexism, LGBTQI discrimination and ableism, to failing education systems, increasing economic inequality and climate change. The course is an interactive dialogue, meant to get you excited about starting food conversations in your everyday life. S3909: What is life? RSVP . Some topics of focus will be the environment, our bodies, technology, etc. What made these shows work so well? Can you solve an equation which only has variables? In this class we look at what top researchers have said about strategies of systems-change, including takeaways for anyone interested in taking on social change in the nonprofit and social enterprise sector. Be prepared to read scripts, watch clips, discuss them, and maybe even write a scene of your own. Splash is cancelled for Fall 2020. Digital Splash! Otherwise, you're welcome. Or Britain. Students on Academic Probation must. In this class, we'll be learning about the perfect crossover between classic literature and children's film. In this course, students will get an understanding of what Afrofuturism is and what it aims to do. Our Fall event will be held on November 16th. Tuition covers entire event, no matter the number of classes taken or number of days attended 7. This class is light on math, but heavy on physics concepts and intuition. Though you might have learned about this in the 1800s or 1900s, far more relevant is the world of immigration today. We'll explore the exciting field of oncology and work together through an interactive hands-on activity exploring radiologic anatomy. RSVP Text goes here X. What can I do differently? Along the way we will learn about some processes and techniques used by character designers and animators, including Robh Ruppel (from Into the Spider-Verse!) This course will focus on small excerpts from the book "On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous" by author Ocean Vuong. What does it mean to be “American” and who is included in American history? An introduction to the origins, evolution, distribution, and future of life on Earth and in the Universe, with methods and strategies for locating and identifying extraterrestrial life. (Pat Barker, 2018) in the Iliad? A3967: Art Therapy- Create a flag for a global project! Also, feel free to watch this short youtube video to help your understanding. Want to be a Student at Splash? - Friday, November 15, 2019 All the world's a stage, but there's one stage that rises above the rest: Broadway. What makes America the most violent developed country in the world?