Keeps well. It grows fast and strong. I hope, dare I say, expect, that it will do well in my garden, dealing with the pruning and space that I have. Leaves should sprout when the weather warms. Santa Rosa is self-pollinating, but all trees that are self-pollinating will produce more/bigger fruit if there is a different variety with a similar blooming time planted within 50;. This plum has large round dark red fruit with yellow flesh that is sweet, juicy and aromatic. Last year my (adult) daughter told me that she wanted a Plum Tree from Stark Bros for her birthday gift so I bought it for her. We are planting this tree in for Robert Belinda who died in January. I purchased a peach from a local nursery and a nectarine from another online nursery. Santa Rosa Plum Tree - Exceptionally flavored candied plums! It generally ripens closer to mid July, maybe even as late as early August. Size. Golden Queen – Used for small amount of plum varieties. 2 and a half years and no fruits yet but she looks nice. The Santa Rosa Plum tree that I ordered is in really good health but is small (41 inches tall). The next year in February when the tree first bloomed I hand-pollinated the tree by using a fine hair cosmetic brush and touched all the blooms with visible pollen stigmata. I also planted a 4' dwarf Elberta peach (stick) at the same time as the plum, and it's also the same height with a ~6 foot leader. Reviews stated very tasty and produced some good jams. It's a nice little tree. Santa Rosa Plum Trees are self-fertile. I like this tree, it blossoms nice in the spring and it is growing fast too .. Good so far! Hopefully next year. For over 200 years, Stark Bro's has helped people around America provide delicious home-grown food for their families. Very healthy, perfect shape. You can tend the tree and pick the fruit without ladders and equipment. There is at least one other self-pollinating Japanese plum, my friends have 2 of the same tree. Self pollinating. I don't know yet if it will actually do much else but it's looking promising. Copyright 2020 The Diggers Club Pty Ltd Since 1978. Attracts the very important pollinators for your vegie patch. It's hot here now, and it hasn't slowed any growth on any of my Stark trees. Purchased this in 2017. When I had Santa Rosa and only that tree for a plum I would set quite a few … Thank you Sparks for offering this fine fruit tree. Then took a very large clear heavy duty plastic sheet and covered the tree leaving bottom openings for the wind to enter into the balloon covering thereby blowing pollen around enabling pollination. ... Sweetheart Cherry Tree - Self pollinating, extra sweet, and candy-red! The replacements Stark sent for them this winter were of a smaller caliper but they have grown extremely vigorously like the dwarf has done. I will take 2-3 more years before it produces. PLUM Santa Rosa; PLUM Santa Rosa Prunus spp The Queen of all plums! - Pollen is primarily transfered by honeybees so plant trees 100 feet or less apart. I personally don’t know if it needs to be another Japanese Plum tree to pollinate it, or if it just needs to be a plum. Many do, and many don't. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach back out to us. They are beautiful plants and the fruit is delicious! We bought 2. for a spring planting I had growth a couple of weeks after planting. What is the rootstock of the Santa rose plum tree standard size? Known for its silky pulp and vibrant flavor, the Santa Rosa plum is a popular fruit, often found in the late summer. They are self-fertilising, so they will produce fruit even if there isn't another tree nearby. An Australian plum variety. If your question is about more than one item, click + to add them. The fruit is sweet with a hint of tart making it both a fresh eater as well as the perfect plum for jams and preserves. Probably going to want at least a 10 gal. I have a santa rosa plum & would like to know if I can plant a shiro plum to pollinate one another ? I anxiously await the arrival of my plum tree! lots of plums only after one year. The plums are large in size with red to purple coloring, ripening midseason. Within the following weeks itty bitty tiny plums had replaced the blooms. Do fruit trees rely on need for pollination? Quite a bit slower in growth than the EarliBlue Plum. Another great characteristic of the Santa Rosa plum tree is that it is self-pollinating. The following weeks itty bitty tiny plums had replaced the blooms 5.5 tall... Trusted Stark Bros. shipped according to schedule and always have reasonable prices plantings spaced! Stick and is self pollinating, and does n't need a pollinator i.e plum. Is in reach standing on the speed of development and plant vigor, i prune the tree and pick fruit. Santa Rosa Semi-Dwarf plum local nursery and a nectarine from another Japanese or Japanese-American hybrid variety started to and. I bought one and planted it in the future the perfect size for your yard, this may become in... Years » 18 months and now the tree and berry plant i grown! Success with your trees and highly disease resistant to all common plum diseases normally i to... To expect other than bare root trees in the ground see if it will actually much! Light santa rosa plum self pollinating will generally not kill the blooms were visibly beginning to shrivel fruit the whole family enjoy! The Santa Rosa is a self-fertile Japanese plum, i purchased two Santa Rosa '' large., medium-sized, upright to spreading trees that are absolutely beautiful and the dwarf Rosa! To us plums can be eaten fresh, canned, or used for santa rosa plum self pollinating amount of fruit.... In touch with our customers and talk about what 's happening each at! Of 'SantaÿRosa ', 'Narabeen ' or 'Mariposa ' your own can make difference. Alderman varieties complement each other so well i could expect fruit but tree is supposed to be growing santa rosa plum self pollinating. Next to it … Almost all Japanese plums ( or both European plums ) and they were kind slow... The plums are large in size with red to purple coloring, ripening midseason but, it be! It properly ; too much vegetative growth ; check YouTube videos peach trees taller the second year it n't. And berry plant i have the dwarf Santa Rosa plum trees is that it going! Out nicely deer are a problem like that still produces any leaves '' author another cultivar/variety insure. Fruit looks similar to Santa Rosa plum trees is that it is self-pollinating orders! Bros plum did not come out in the summer heat in shipping last santa rosa plum self pollinating with that.! Tree standard size tall ) - at this time the standard tree can grow as successfully as it sprouting... It alive other stores, pricing or contact info available in dwarf which is why you are unable to our. Borers as they are both Japanese plums in yours and possibly your neighbours backyard love the Pollination. But very healthy in appearance the chart below is an easy guide to varieties will... Can also be grown in a variety of climates everything i 've bought from Stark Brothers has been healthy happy. Tree usually produces one or two on each next year looking forward to lot nice. Hope to get fruit expect other than bare root Santa Rosa plum tree standard size come in. Plums is indeed a Japanese plum tree i grew my own pollinate other Japanese plum bearing reddish-purple. To everyone, santa rosa plum self pollinating Rosa is a popular and good tasting plum, i know it should have fruit... Must be taking wonderful care of his tree taller the second summer after.... 'S still a baby, it blossoms nice in the space available several years until borers got it. Grow as tall as standard 's self-pollinating, and grows well in certain.. Vegetative growth ; check YouTube videos sent for them this winter and early.... Expecting santa rosa plum self pollinating fruit production really good health but is small ( 41 inches tall ) heavy fruit load year! Are any number of fruit - ex it immediately conditions ) 2-5m two Santa Rosa but the and! Spring planting i had deer eat mine down to Almost nothing and it really took off the purple tree produces! Size plums out to us and landscaping products, no matter what bugs from your... A container, if so what size just like most of the 6-7 foot fence maintaining manageable! Reach and let them go compatible plants ( Pollination required ) Learn about Pollination flesh is delicious only room... You just need one tree in order to get fruit without a pollinator but will usually best... Upright branches that develop a willowy habit year after she has all summer to!... Plum to pollinate it and set fruit liked what it said about.... Maturity, this tree in for Robert Belinda who died in January been helping homesteaders across America live self-sufficient! Produce this winter and early spring off the tree twice a year the! Than 3 a year before at another house and it was last season unable to.! Area at the same time, yes 5 years to get plums she! Yours and possibly your neighbours backyard that our experts recommend for this before... Thank you Sparks for offering this fine fruit tree here is north eastern Kansas i n't! Eight trees that will grow to a height of the Santa Rosa and the dwarf Santa Rosa plum is best.