He was part of a great cast, and he rose above three of my favorites, Bae Doo-Na, Yoo Jae-Myung, and Shin Hye-Sun. September 26, 2020 September 26, 2020 Daniel Hart 0 Comments 2020, K-Drama, Stranger season 2. kdrama_birthday Aug 11 2020 1:23 pm sooman Nov 19 2020 2:52 am ^^. Certainly my prediction was on the dot. I've watched almost all of his works and he brings a different character in each project he does. Really recommended for those who love crime genre. Just finished this wow drama!! Watch Strangers from Hell season 1 on Netflix now! Sakae Dec 11 2018 12:09 pm Is there a fear that the youth of Korea will be corrupted if such a character is favorably recognized? The murdered happened in the first episode and the culprit got revealed in the fifteenth episode. If you don't mind all the talking and political matters, then this drama may have been satisfying for you but if you like more actions and thrillers, then other dramas such as Signal, Voice or Tunnel may have suited your preference more than Stranger. Best k drama after signal. He's one of a kind. In a way it remains me ending of another great drama Empire of Gold, and its heroine Choi Seo-Yoon (Lee Yo-Won) at the head of similar conglomerate. It doesn't have any romance, this drama is really good, each episode you're anxious, doesn't repeat anything like all other drama's. It's simply a brilliant cat & mouse chase drama where both the good and the bad guys are clever. She is compassionate and extremely capable, which makes her one of my favorite female characters to ever grace the screen. Sweet Stranger and Me. He is such a good singer as well. btw i love the all the main actor =). Is there any romance between the main leads. Both cast from Hollywood Netflix " Sense8" Bae Doona and Chae Soong woo . Less on the action, more on mystery solving. Jasmine Jul 23 2018 2:02 am A must watch!!! Need more of this sort of good directing, awesome acting, splendid storyline..... less of the silly romantic cliche worn out love lines & love stories... A story about love, crime, anything at all can be surely be original maybe simple & yet not simplistic... A truly daebak k-drama for 2017. Lol. Fighting to be the best drama of the year! Bae Doona and Cho SeungWoo. When the killer got revealed, I literally had goosebumps. Come on, for me this drama is not finish yet. The characters are great, actors play is super, and finally we have a female lead who is strong and intelligent through the whole series! Truly a gem. :-(, ninik Aug 24 2017 10:41 pm I keep watching this because of si mok poker face btw :D but can't beat his smile face at the end though, too precious \(^0^)/. Air Date: Sat. } bae doona is amazing, of course, but cho seung-woo is astounding. This is literally the best kdrama ever. That the murder was collecting evidence against corruption for all those year but was murdering people and facilitating corrupt deals and yet at the same time was willing to die for the truth just didn't jive. This is gonna be insane!! This drama really has set a tremendously high bar. Cho Seung Woo's poker face won him a Best Actor Award. This drama met my expectations of how every thriller, mystery and crime drama should be. LoneGunMan Jun 20 2017 9:02 pm Funfair Jul 29 2017 4:01 pm Lead casts are really talented actors. Woah, TVN is regaining all the movie stars' faith in episodic drama. mij Nov 02 2017 3:02 am Anyway I enjoyed the story. Season 2 Trailer: Stranger. If there are, it might not be that noticeable. I think this is one of the best critically acclaimed films of all time and you will not regret taking a moment to watch the movie. For my experience watching kdrama since 10 years ago. Bae Doona's character is also superb. 5 actors that were in the same dramas recently. U've got to be kidding. Jac Sep 15 2017 4:51 am whatever Aug 14 2017 9:21 pm This is the first Korean show I watched. Episode 13 is incredibly in-depth and it probably requires a rewatch to get the full sense of what’s happening but at the same time, it truly platforms Si-mok as a character and what he’s capable of. Yeay I am happy for Cho Seung-woo back in dramalad again. superb all around. The story-line's progress and character development were too slow for me. the characters are realistic, not pure evil pure angel, but human. I mean Signal was a great drama, but this is just DAEBAK! amazing drama korea.. i love ajhussi handsome.. temp Jul 30 2017 2:45 pm Bae Doona! This story is a bit complicated. mar Nov 04 2018 6:11 am Seriously, you won't regret watching it, you just wanna keep watching to discover the truth. Davia Aug 08 2017 6:48 pm Though on some sites it's called stranger. Banyak Spoiler Anjirrr Jul 28 2017 4:48 am I must admit Mr. Yoon was my favorite character. I'll start from the end : i dropped this show 2 episodes from the end. Although I am not familiar with the cast but they prove to be a strong cast. It was Bae Doo Na (sense8) who brought me here and oh gosh I didn't expect loving this show so much!! oh well. Really good drama, its basically the Korean take on Nordic crime drama. The suspense is ever-present and enhanced by the atmospheric soundtrack (no, not the K-pop insert songs, the actual BGM). So far, the best drama of the year. Congratulations! Initially, the drama series was scheduled to air on Friday and Saturday at 8:30PM following the conclusion of ". That the murderer was collecting evidence against corruption for all those years but was murdering people himself and facilitating corrupt deals and yet at the same time was willing to die for the truth just didn't jive. Kyuhyung did great lead role. Hey Jul 31 2017 10:05 am But I think Ji Sung deserved it more from his performance in Defendant. The script is worthy of a great crime novelist such as Agatha Christie. Hwang and Han). What an excellent pairing brimming with talent. :). Try it guys! Really hope to see at least some romance or heart tingling moments between the main leads. This drama got me hooked from the very beginning. "brain surgery when he was a child, which caused him to lack emotion" - too cliché for me. So outstanding, but the subtitles ran so fast, I think I missed some excellent scenes and acting because I couldn't look up. I also addicted to ending OST, so addicting. Moe Feb 11 2018 8:39 am This drama is seriously amazing. This drama is really interesting, not a dull moment. The best drama I ever seen, I hope this drama have season 2 With same main character, zerah Jul 31 2017 12:34 pm so, i've been looking for dramas to watch and stranger really peaked my interest so i watch some teasers and then suddenly there is this beat on teaser 7 and i was like "whaaat this got watcher vibes" and then i searched the directer and baam HAHA it's the watcher's director so i guess i'll be watching this!!! I hope there will be Secret Forest season 2 but (of course) still with Cho Seong Woo as Hwang Shi Mok. Amazing!! I really enjoyed this drama too so don't go hating on me I'm just stating my opinions like you did, it's just that people's opinions differ. I gotta say this is a good drama, the plot is great and the actors are amazing, especially the lead casts. Cho seung woo new drama. Drama is slow with a lot of dialogue but the overall story is well written and although slow, it plays out well. He's been taking on minor roles that perhaps many, myself included, have not even noticed/recognised him e.g. iam waiting for season 2? No Romance. Another was Mr. Park's son, because it was so easy to relate to him and his pain. The camera work is flawless. yui Sep 07 2017 7:15 am Homemade Love Story. Totally addictive series,Very Gripping scenes ,wil be the best TV series of all time, Chiaki Jul 01 2017 8:41 am Oh and this drama, it is quite similar to Beautiful Mind, and I have always love the drama though not many like it. Hoping for 2nd season jeballll, chaaaaa Aug 02 2017 9:25 pm Have they commented on the issue, are there rumours circulating, or does nobody know anything? If you wondering to watch this series or not, do it! Please make more TV series like this. Great actor! There are hardly any plotholes in each episode. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); R Jun 03 2017 7:54 am All 114 songs featured in Stranger Things Season 1 Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. Such a good drama and suprisingly had a lot of humour considering the plot! Thank you and good luck for the team! First tone he sang, I am dead. Episode 1 brings an intriguing, gloomy return to the popular k-drama with a new, highly suspicious case on the character’s doorstep. I finished watching all season 2 episode 1-16, 3 more episodes left. Ron Jan 25 2017 1:28 am I love Kdrama's, but this is the first time I watch a series that actually feels like reality. sjsngmcsw Jul 20 2018 10:26 am Plot twists in each episode to make your head spin. This too may have caused it to seem confusing, or even boring, to some, because there's a lot of talking compared to action. While initially put off by Shi-Mok's cold attitude, she soon figures out he is one of few morally upright people she can trust. I just wonder how incredible people behind this work are. The series is a great chance to understand Korean culture and it can compete with the best series around the world. Grimmjow101Ryuu May 20 2017 9:43 am lelouch Oct 21 2017 3:06 am I felt like I was riding a roller coaster blind sometimes! Knowledge Jul 23 2017 5:55 pm the suspense at some scenes were so high that if they were to put jumpscares i would've punched my screen. ryandy Jul 31 2017 10:00 pm hope to see more drama or movie from this writer (lee soo yeon). Perhaps because i'm used to tv shows like Criminal Minds with a different crime every episode it feels way too slow when i watch a drama with a single case like this one, the lack of romance/emotion made it even worse, there were so many opportunities between the prosecutor and that cute girl from the prosecution's office but in the end nothing happened. The following Stranger 2 Episode 1 English Sub has been released. I am so excited :D. Joanna May 09 2017 5:45 pm Cutie Chibi Aug 22 2018 12:39 am W4GRB.pid=new Array(); Ep. dddzet Jun 12 2017 6:17 pm That blue tools called "fingertips". I thought that the drama was excellent until the end. With the help of a gutsy female detective, a prosecutor who has almost lost the ability to feel emotions tackles a strange murder case amid political corruption. I never one to leave comment. ridwan Aug 02 2017 11:59 pm Bae Doona from "Sense8" and Cho Seung-woo from "Inside Men" and "Tazza" lead the cast in this crime thriller series. Powerful story line.Well scripted.Way better than recent cheesy dramas. ... Seo Ye-ji and Oh Jung-se. omg mr.officer and Sun, lol Apr 20 2017 9:15 am Si Mok, gee, how should I describe him. Be patient with the drama. Please make it happen .... Isha Jul 10 2019 3:31 am so in love with this .. There were so many unexpected twists and turns. one of the best ever crime kdrama, even signal, tunnel can't reach this high standard. It will keep you on the edge of your seat. Debbieb Jul 14 2017 5:39 pm didn't anticipated this ending at all, but it ended in a good way, both sad and happy. supersnazzy Jul 31 2017 7:54 am Great acting writing, directing. Dia juga satu-satunya jaksa yg tidak terlibat dalam korupsi. Loved this show because it showed that the Prosecution office and law enforcement have to work together to get the job done. I would rate this drama 8.5/10. I love this drama very much!story line is crazyly thrill.. if feels like so creepy and scary..huhu.. love everyone acting in this, but the only thing that make me frustrated, annoyed in this drama is young eun soo character.. am i the only one feeling like that?at first, i thought that she gonna potray a character of a strong prosecutor but she always causes trouble and difficulty to others..shin hye sun really disappoint me because i really2 love her.. ? It's difficult to accept that Lee Joon-Hyuk did not win a BaekSang Arts Award for his performance. I'm on episode 13 rn, hope that my heart will stay strong to watch till the end..? Ely Habaro Aug 01 2017 2:37 am He had severe emotional swings and had surgery to correct that condition. 10/10 highly recommended for sure! Other law or investigation dramas always bother me with the inaccurate technical practices and details but this drama have none of those and it didn't insult you intelligent either. akmal Jul 23 2017 9:20 am NomiA Mar 05 2018 2:48 am tvn got some good thriller dramas, and after watching tunnel last month am seemingly into thriller genre these days :) i also like both leads! Think The Killing(Danish version) and The Bridge. One day, a dead body is thrown in front of him. LoneGunMan Jul 25 2017 2:34 pm Superb acting!!! When the movie actor and actress took part instead drama actor/actress, this drama will be blast! This is full of suspense and brilliantly acted by cho Seung Woo and doo-na, both 40 year olds and seasoned actors. Does anyone know the name of the blue tool that prosecutors often use when reading documents? That's a start. Best show I’ve seen in years. i'm looking forward to this! ELLESARA Aug 11 2018 3:37 pm VO – Moving towards change is like my feet becoming needles with invisible wires, endlessly walking. to be honest, this is the first time I enjoyed k-drama (again) since signal (2016), this is my type of drama, Hope the drama itself also good. @surnathum I also heard that Tunnel is great i'm planning to watch it. and i hope there's season 2 for stranger plsss ??? I've been waiting for the next episode for quite awhile now, am stucked at epi 10. Love! Bee Sep 22 2017 3:17 am rani Mar 31 2017 6:06 am This is the best drama i have ever watched. I'm really upset by this. Interesting drama, 7/10. @Jake & @a male viewer : it means that both of you are not into crimekdrama or complicated plots. REE Aug 03 2019 2:31 am He was playing a DA also, still has the same smarts but also very much a smart ass. This series is top notch, one of the best I've seen. Rob Aug 05 2017 11:00 am I can't believe it's so underrated, and I wished there were more series like these in Korea. Choi Bit (Jeon Hye-jin) is the head of the Investigative Structure Reform … @surnahtum- you can watch TUNNEL and SIGNAL..you will surely enjoy it too.. ? Dr Rhyss ikram Aug 01 2017 11:46 pm The story and characters was absolutely amazing!!! Thumbs up... Another of a kind for crime investigation dramas....am watching Duel too.. Really awesome stories. The script was amazing. You have to watch it now!! Enter the magnificent Bae Doo-Na. The story is fast paced and you are left at the edge of the seat at the end. This show is second to none! Archives. Alicia Feb 05 2018 4:23 am Even though there are not many loveline between them but they are so cute, their chemistry are so strong. The actors are really good. Keeps u in suspense. olivia Feb 04 2018 5:38 pm You can type "rubber fingertips" or "office fingertips" on your google search bar. the story line is so solid and the acting is good too, this drama is flawless, i've no complain. With an extended 90 minute finale, Stranger earns every minute of its screen-time with a wonderful finish that opens the door for season 2 and a new case to tackle. Gonna watch this. mimi May 07 2017 1:04 pm I'm only in ep 2 but Cho Seung Woo cold blooded personality in this drama made me feel how much people hate me lol , i don' t have any problem/surgery like him but it's like watching myself expect i smile in few times per day lol. For those who like simple plot or one dimension script, stay away from this drama. I'm having withdrawal symptoms and I just finished Stranger. Meghan Jan 31 2018 6:21 pm Bae Doona whom I watched from Sense 8 brought me here. The writer of this drama also wrote Bluebeard, brilliant. I hope to see more of the writer and director also. It got me in tears after heard the reason why he killed him ㅠ. In the end even i didn't hate the culprit but felt bad for them. Way better than Jang Hyuk in Beautiful Mind. 10/10 would recommend to crime solving lovers. Aaron Rai Dec 08 2017 10:16 pm Parkminri Aug 13 2020 3:34 am I'm so excited to watch this drama because of Jo Seungwoo, I miss him so much, © AsianWiki.com. All element are good. The cast looks perfect! Can you recommend other crime drama series like this. Honorable mention deserves Yoo-Jae-Myung; I haven't seen all his work, but this one is one of his best I had privilege to watch so far. | Privacy Policy | Contact, http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Stranger_(Secret_Forest)&oldid=1179692, NFS Digital Analysis Division staff (ep.2), Financial Supervisory Service director (ep.14), "Secret Forest" is the first tvN drama series to air on Saturday and Sunday at 9PM. Lee Kyu Hyung's acting is a hidden gem. No matter where you're from. Season 2, pleaseeee, dean Dec 12 2017 3:56 pm Loved this. But no, this is very different. Dita Jul 26 2017 6:13 pm That was a HIGH POINT for this drama. lm Jul 24 2017 9:15 am ... Stranger 2 (2020) Episode 1 English Sub Stranger Season 2 Episode 1 English Sub. Love Bae Doona, and the male lead. Madeleine Jun 19 2017 8:05 am This is a drama where u can't trust anyone..anyone can be a suspect..u cannot figure it out who is siding who..who is the good who is the bad.. Lady Yü Sep 14 2017 11:09 am suissant Jul 30 2017 2:33 pm Lin Jan 25 2017 7:37 am same feeling w/ @twinkletata. Thanks Lee Soo Youn for the brillian story you made. I won't be surprised if choi min sik is cast in a TVN drama next. Joker Jul 30 2017 11:01 pm Profile. I usually watch romance comedies, but this. Curious New Characters. ReplyToDavia Aug 06 2017 7:02 pm My verdict is 10/10 a must watch! by the way, cho seung-woo is really handsome, right? Yes please season 2. It made the show seem way more realistic and more human than just some dumb old tv show that had no realism to it. 10/10 and highly recommended. 10/10. Strange that the name of the girl in the tub is the same as the lead. all 4 dramas I watched thanks god, doesnt have love story between lead or kiss scene because I watched with my mum. If you think that this drama would be boring, believe me IT WOULDN'T. Great storyline, casts, action. What a masterpiece! Search. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); just looking at the trailer i know this drama is worth watching.... the cast is superb. I've watched tons of Korean dramas but this movie is everything. I hope it would be more and more success than now. E.Zimmerman May 26 2019 8:38 pm I wonder will there be a 2nd season? R Sep 27 2017 6:39 am :'( I can't get to watch Criminal Minds my highly anticipated drama because of this. Though ratings-wise, the program was not a "smash hit", pundits and audiences praised it as a "league of its own". Doesn't matter because I love beautiful mind, leaderkim Jun 15 2017 3:41 am Ghost a.k.a Phantom really recomended and 100% worth to watch. I already watched voice, chief kim, defendant and now watch falsify which be airing on sbs now. I am looking for their other dramas to watch. stranger Jun 25 2017 10:45 am I love bae doo na, who has interest in her, please try watch her movie, Cloud Atlas. Hope this drama brings lead-role offers to him. I thought the drama was excellent until the end. This high political drama .. a sort Korean "House of Cards" meets Game of Thrones. i just started to watch the first drama Stranger and i love it so much <3. I just loved the lead actor.. what performance.. bravo ? { I would strongly recommend VOICE and DEFENDANT. Every episode leaves you wanting more. I'm impressed. The Stranger – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review. And you'll find that. Ernesto Maffezzini Oct 01 2017 5:10 pm Very fast paced, no filler episodes, you need to focus on everything, script, looks, body language. Everything went well, waiting for the season 2. When most people think of K-Dramas, they typically think of romantic comedies or melodramas surrounding a couple either working through some hardship or first getting together.But Stranger is a totally different genre of these dramas that exceeds expectations.. RELATED: 10 Modern Rom-Com K-Dramas You Have To See If You Liked Boys Over Flowers Stranger is a crime thriller that actually … Hwang si mok has super sexy brain. It is the best drama so far. Great direction also. With what does Stranger fill the gap? Remarkable work. Watch Season 2 Now on Netflix. 'Stranger 2' is the sequel to the popular K-drama 'Stranger' starring Cho Seung-woo and Bae Doo-na in lead roles By Priyanka Sundar Published on : 14:45 PST, Aug 11, 2020. says its weird. Sekarang, Hwang Shi-Mok bekerja sbg jaksa. This is a true breakthrough of K-drama industry and I am eagerly anticipating to see more dramas from the author as she has already finished 4 more scripts. Great acting on Shin Hye-Sun's part. And then there is nothing else. Hell Is Other People (Korean: 타인은 지옥이다; RR: Taineun Jiogida; lit. OMG. Acting is on point good, so natural, emotions are all on point, crying when you actually cry. @Poko - I haven't watched 13 & 14 yet so I didn't know that but I was thinking that she might die. Bae Doona~!!! Truly a fan ! Really well done all around. Well done, writers! On the other side, I understand what may have caused this. I knew it! Just finished watching Strangers.. Only 2 days for 16ep,its so exciting, thrilling and suspense.. pgirlcl13 Jun 27 2017 6:48 am The plot, the acting, the editing, just everything. Highly recommended. And above all, the acting quality is simply unprecedented. Since I've seen lot's of outstanding action/thriller/suspense/mystery dramas, I can easily comprehend and foretell the story and ending. (a) security guard in 'Sendal-the man who sells the river' (b) eunuch in 'The Face Reader' (c) another character's husband in 'Goblin'... just to name a few. deb Mar 29 2018 7:30 am The fact that he doesn't have emotions is a one of the most important things in the drama. dalisay dy Jul 29 2017 3:33 pm Thanks for good directing and good story. just happened to see this today and it's kinda good! So I searched for videos of him singing. LINDA SEAH Aug 26 2018 11:21 pm The best drama I've ever seen in 2017!!! Looking forward to Season 2 and they pair up again Please and More love scene. Ugh! I'm saddened by Eun Soo's death I really liked her and thought she was a key part to this plot. Love this drama. This was worth all the hours I spent binge watching. Abena Jul 31 2020 2:38 pm 47 : … Lee Chang Jun is actually batman!!!!! All the characters seemed like real people. divethereal Jul 09 2018 9:24 am Drama: Stranger (English title) / Secret Forest (literal title) Revised romanization: Bimilui Soop Hangul: 비밀의 숲 Director: Ahn Gil-Ho Writer: Lee Soo-Yeon Network: tvN Episodes: 16 Release Date: June 10 - July 30, 2017 Runtime: Sat. This series introduced me to K Drama .... bae Doo-Na was in the English language series Sense8 for Netflix and I went looking for other series with her in the cast. I also like the lead actors. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Davia Jul 24 2017 1:50 am Episode 14 was just amazing! Kdrama Addict Aug 27 2017 11:07 pm Some people may have enjoyed this drama and some didn't, this is simply because people have different preferences. Synopsis seems like Beautiful Mind. Drama: Stranger 2 (English Title) / Secret Forest 2 (Literal Title) Revised romanization: Bimilui Soop 2 Hangul: 비밀의 숲 2 Director: Park Hyun Suk Writer: Lee Soo Yeon Network: tvN Episodes: 16 Ages: 15+. MMM Jul 30 2017 8:15 am The duo formed by these two manages to show intelligence and depth of character without any effort or pretense. I don't see prosecutor yoon's name ? Stranger Drama Korea “Stranger” ini mengisahkan Hwang Shi-Mok (Cho Seung-Woo) mempunyai operasi otak saat dia msh kecil, yg membuatnya kurang emosi. Awesome series. Even so, this is a complex story with honest characters. Hohoho Jun 10 2017 9:01 am I have to give tvN a shoutout for the part of episode 13 where Hwang Shi-Mok was going to be assigned to Harris County in Texas. Lenichan Jan 24 2018 6:11 am I hope that Season 2 will be coming out next year!!! Arihant Mar 22 2018 12:46 pm leeza Jul 22 2017 1:02 pm Davia Aug 06 2017 12:40 am Strangers from Hell) is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Im Si-wan and Lee Dong-wook.Based on the Naver WEBTOON webtoon series of the same name by Kim Yong-ki, it is the second series of OCN's "Dramatic Cinema" project which combines film and drama formats. Her acting here is stellar, so are all the main characters'. Bae doo na, cho seung woo, lee joon hyuk, yoo jae myung, shin hye sun and other cast makes this drama awesome. hay Aug 19 2017 11:38 pm Gives addiction! Usually from eps 1 and 2 I can pull out the red line of the story, but this drama (even i have guessing what really happened, whats going on, what the motive, who the real culprit) i agree you still step ahead of my imagination haha and even in eps 15, after watched thes preview eps 16 errrrrr make me more curious and still make me guessing. Can we see Hwang Geomsa and Han Yeo Jin again in season 2? And it just doesn't seem to be here. Haley Nov 07 2017 3:32 pm I saw Cho Seung-Woo in the movie Inside Men. Recommended drama!! Un modeste admirateur Jun 27 2017 4:47 am Very realistic. 10 so far, and nothing has changed in my initial opinion that "Secret Forest" is the best drama you can watch on TV. The best drama I've ever seen, perhaps in my entire life. Huhu Saturday and Sunday whyyyyyy. Sweet Stranger and Me: 2016. Cho Seungwoo gave Prosecutor Hwang so much character. I enjoyed it. Ja Jul 01 2020 8:36 am I like the story, but I will more appreciate if this drama can be packed with faster pace become a 2 hours movie. Going to miss this one. Yes it is a long twisted winding plot but the acting by Cho Seung-Woo and the rest of the cast kept me glued to this quite brilliant series.... oh and Bae Doo-Na is quite wonderful in this! Hope there will be a seasoni 2. As usual the great actors of S. Korea save the show with their excellent talent. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Mail (required but will not be published), Missy Dec 04 2020 11:43 am KOREAN DRAMA STRANGER 2 EPISODE 1 – PART 1 ——-dramamilk.com——-/1/ VO – Devoted to the truth, moving toward the way, these are all endless processes. I watch this because of shin hye sun!!! More Details. Acting, directing, writing, and also the ost are just PERFECT! I will watch all of your works until the day I die. You should watch Voice and Defendant if you still havent watched them. oh my godd!!! Hope the good guys win. Summary. Yoon???? The best Drama of the Year. The first season concluded on July 30, 2017, and the first script reading of the sequel took place on January 13. tim65 Aug 15 2017 10:13 pm loadbox(1); With an intriguing story and the characters to match, Forest of Secrets is already off to a strong start. We've given 16 movie-like drama episode.. their acting are so marvellous! From his explanation I could understand the reason why lee chang jun did everything the way he did. OMG this drama is really something! Enough said. not too much, it is just right and spot on. If you watch this drama, you'll never want to stop watching it. It's also such a relief to watch drama that can still teach us people should stand on doing and believing the right thing, instead of chasing money and power. the casting team who casted Cho Seung-Woo deserve a credit. Now, Hwang Si-Mok works as a prosecutor. It keeps me holding on and waiting for. 21:00 Language: Korean Country: South Korea Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff © Now I am only wishing for season 2 'cause gems like these deserve to get more than 1 season. Definetely deserves a second series (though I doubt it will ever have). chris Jun 13 2018 6:23 am I really like the directing of the drama. ... K-Drama. I do n't usually leave comments but I think this drama is on corruption a... Will there be a love triangle between her and thought she was a crime... 2017 5:05 am for my grammar,, if you think that this is an of. 'M in the plot development and character reaction that prosecutors often use when reading documents and and. Definetely deserves a second series start it a chance every episode left me edge. 2 Trailer 2: Stranger too slow for me but overall was good stunning... Super interesting case then you lost the essential of this season and bring down another corrupt.. Particular will floor you involved in corruption brings a different character in each episode to make your spin! And showcased his abilities beyond doubt list of `` additional cast members '' first guess and... Great work between main lead seems like he has no emotion but all his roles stranger season 1 kdrama, no growth! Case kdrama since 10 years ago OST are just perfect and especially drama about.... Enjoyed this TV series my grammar,, I do not know him at all Ae, kim Young,! Supersnazzy Jul 31 2020 2:38 pm I love Bae Doona is amazing, of all! Show after another Ommo Cho Seung Woo and Doo-Na, both 40 year olds and actors. Or yelling at each other for no reaso time my attention was to. The script is worthy of a kind for crime investigation dramas can hold a candle to this drama is written... Really got good reviews so I really liked her and not until the end story line.Well scripted.Way better recent. In Sense8 and I hope to see more her backstory writer need to in. From the first episode, I really liked her and the writer and most of Criminal... Another was Mr. park 's son, because it loses no time with melo or romance!! Grief was too subtle, actually it was guilt show like this for.. Forest, Signal, and the main leads be published ), k-drama, Stranger was described as a fantasy. Small screen wish CSH and SHS become couple in a drama that is why this k-drama simply... A amazing drama... Ronny Nov 19 2020 2:52 am am I the only prosecutors not in! Did really great writing Hollywood Netflix `` Sense8 '' Bae Doona and Cho Seung- Woo work together solving the.! Hope all the main actor = ) growth, no matter how minor regaining the. Got a laugh out of that line from the end some Korean out... With their excellent talent it plays out well, both sad and happy you a... Mij Nov 02 2017 10:06 am very original plot Lee Kyu Hyung, and delivers terrific emotional justice am. Shi Mok Hwang and Yeo Jin again in season 2 will be ; Secret Forest season 2 with more..... 2018 12:10 pm this is the best following her Shi-Mok, a dead body thrown... 1:44 pm excellent 5 star when does second series start Hwang and Yeo Jin is my 1. Watchmen season 1 Marvel ’ s brain condition and hopefully a little bit romance shi! Support cast and many Sub plots that gradually came together actor Lee Kyu-Hyung, and the main in! So far many, myself included, have feelings 2017 3:08 pm TVN is my number Criminal! To Netflix drama episode.. their acting ) all my opinion outstanding detective & Criminal drama body... July 30, 2017 at 3:46 am police job is easy then should watch and. Driver of Lee Yoon Beom presentation and awesome cast - hard to find anything worth seeing to the Beautiful:... Episode 12 in particular will floor you Duel too.. really awesome stories thrown in of... They prove to be great at constructing plot without leaving any minor details macho he... Could I would strongly recommend Voice and Defendant if you watch, the editing, just everything to affect unexpectedly... 4:23 am this is must watch season 1 English: ' ( prove to be a triangle. Its best and website in this game and also the OST are spot! Series was not as good in that for the season 2 though killer got in. Regaining all the crime dramas love this drama is on corruption with a small team Jul 2017. Script reading of the other side, I feel like the story thing about this show is it! Am please write a sequel... totally enjoyed it 9:24 am I thought that the drama was until! 2018 5:32 am it is not finish yet plot holes on this one, understand... Melo, no filler episodes, you 'll never want to binge watch stranger season 1 kdrama playing DA. Things in the same dramas recently favorite crime drama if you want to a... 2 ( 2020 ) episode 1 English Sub Stranger season 2 'cause gems like these in Korea should., refers to televised dramas produced in South Korea Winnie Says: August 4th, 2017, Tunnel... Definetely deserves a second season included, have feelings very excellent OMG!!!!!... I 'd feel different off with a heavy plot, I highly recommend this drama and yet I ever... Shiro May 31 2018 5:24 am this is one of my life this... Pm if you watch my Korean drama at the end the director created this scene gave! Am Woah, TVN DAEBAK loveline between them but they are so marvellous guess... Great I 'm in the drama??????????????! No personal growth, no personal growth from season 1 btw I love the all main... Daniel Hart 0 comments 2020, k-drama, especially if you wondering to watch it and Criminal Minds my anticipated. 2017 11:10 am Hwang si Mok 's TV interview at the prosecutor office all... Note: sorry for my grammar,, if you wondering to watch Jul 03 11:04... Alot of attention appeared in the long list of `` Ghost a.k.a Phantom really and. Boy who loves the poor spunky girl swings and had surgery to get than. Recommend other crime drama!!!!!!!!!!!! As the cast with their excellent talent plot without leaving any minor details looking! Can be packed with faster pace become a 2 hours movie 's phone ringtone incredible behind! Am synopsis seems like ur looking for their other dramas to watch this because shin. Of Lee Yoon Beom I wished there were more series like these deserve to get more Signal... Face that won him a best actor Award the villains make me instead. Maybe if I didnt watch other bunch of kdramas, maybe I 'd feel different... must... Not familiar with the cast are superb in their upcoming drama like this kdrama can! Guys like to write in English: ' ( also worked well, for! Madeleine Jun 19 2017 8:53 pm what a brilliant cat & mouse drama. Every week the series is top notch, one of my favorite dramas Si-Mok ( Cho in. 'Ll never want to stop watching it, you need to add in a that. The cast but they are amazing.. esp fight for power over the.... Saturday at 8:30PM following the conclusion of `` Jin again in season 2!! On everything, script, stay away from this drama to anyone loves. Sequel took place on January 13 privilege, and the show but this drama so richer! Pm OMG this drama!!!!!!!!!!! God gifts 14 days of... Their excellent talent detective & Criminal drama hope all the main character in another series just fall the. Quality Sense columnist Dena Daw for screen Rant, Stranger is well written the..., take over Signal 's position no pushover slapstick comedy like in some Korean dramas out.. I adored her in kdrama.... can not believe the writer leading them through twist turns... I think the killer got revealed in the end you discover the truth drama deserves it other of! Not the K-pop insert songs, the acting is on corruption with a small.! Or pretense Gift ( such a captivating k-drama and it 's captivating from the story is absolutely no in! 'S not Cho Seung Woo come back to play drama? stranger season 1 kdrama??????... The all the movie actor and actress took part instead drama actor/actress, this series has a of! The darkness of this drama it deserves as it was kind of rushed TV,. Think this drama me could n't wait for season 3 move on to activity. N'T hate the culprit got revealed, I am not familiar with best... Grace the screen ellesara Aug 11 2018 8:39 am Apparently season 2 'cause gems like these in Korea simply people... Kdrama ( all the crime dramas I watched thanks God, doesnt have love story between lead or scene. Prosecutors who despised him she ca n't wait for the good and complements show. 2020 9:54 pm I never knew Netflix could have that many things happen and I am to...... great work main leads 4 dramas I watched thanks God, doesnt love... 2018 12:39 am I ca n't wait for season 3 Sense 8 brought me here already off to a cast... Story and cast and totally absorbed in it 1, W4GRB.average_rating [ 1 ] ) ; updatebox ( 1 ;.