She did it so she could see him more closely. Even forcefully removing her contract with a Command Spell would cause her to be instantly consumed. Sakura drew her strength to endure such hardships from Shirou, whom she admired for his dedication. In short, Sakura is a shy, soft-spoken, eager to please, troubled, gentle, very calm and self-sacrificing, and highly compassionate person who possesses a great inner strength, which makes her a very powerful and dangerous fighter. The alignment that Sakura was born with. Has a different meaning that the "nothing" of physics and math. Realizing Rin's love, Sakura again starts resisting the malice within in her long enough for Shirou to dispel Angra Mainyu's grip on her soul with Rule Breaker. Her hair turns white and her eyes turn red, but she retains her trademark ribbon. The changes are so extensive as to change her hair color, eye color, and every cell in her body so that they no longer reflect her Tohsaka heritage. Both its smell and the presence behind it remind Shirou of her, and she feels an intimacy with it, something without an evil mind that, while similar to her, just eats in a different way. Prior to the strengthened influence of the Crest Worms inside her (which amplified her arousal), she would express either dismay or anger towards Shirou when he would bring up other women in conversations and in her low self-esteem she would misunderstand his words towards other women as confessions of attraction instead of platonic liking (such as when Shirou admits that Rider is beautiful while explaining his thoughts about her). Fate/Grand Order Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. Her reasoning and emotions are severely impaired, and she is indiscriminately destructive to everything around her. …It was like that. Illya, Rin Tohsaka[1]Shinji Matou (Fate/Zero)[2] Image Color: Click to manage book marks. 35 In order to save her sister, Sakura allows Rin to stab her so Rin will be able to sever Sakura's magic circuit and prevent Caster's plans from being completed. By: ArticHaze. However, under pressure from Shinji and the desire not to fight either Shirou or Rin, Sakura yielded her Master's right to him, although Sakura retains her original Command Mantra. As noted by Shirou, she can also be openly stubborn at times. 500/2000 He combined the fragments with his Crest worms, which he put inside Sakura's body. As they devour her energy, she becomes more lustful and is forced to seek out supplemental energy, semen in the original story and blood in Realta Nua. After this, Shinji feels guilty after all he has done to her and apologizes. If Shirou traces Excalibur and destroys the Grail, his life extinguishes, which results in Sakura's Normal Ending. Based on Heaven's Feel. A: He simply cannot be controlled. They are fearful beings inflicting havoc and death upon the world. The black mud in the Holy Grail contaminates the souls of those who touch it. スタッフ内ではトップ人気? She can spontaneously regenerate, allowing her to recover from mortal wounds within minutes of receiving them. After Shirou and Kotomine rescue Illya, Dark Sakura stops the supervisor's artificial black heart, giving him only a few hours to live. They have grown within her for eleven years, turning into a nerve that has entangled throughout her entire body like a Magic Circuit. Movie adaptation of the third route of Fate/Stay Night. After becoming Dark Sakura, the Command Spell around her body has the same make-up as the Shadow. However, she never imagined that her younger sister who was adopted by distant relatives would come visit her in Japan after becoming a pro-wrestler with unimaginably nice proportions and forming a tag team with a drill-roll-haired girl…! Using souls as a perpetual motion machine to create magical energy, Rin calls her a poor imitation of the Third Magic. After the defeat of Berserker, Sakura is captured by Caster to use as a sacrifice in order to summon the Holy Grail and is held at Mount Enzo, Caster's stronghold. The incident cements Sakura's despair and resignation towards her own suffering. 5★ Having been a childhood friend of Aoi, he had become well-acquainted with Sakura and her sister, who were both fond of his company. 0/0 Young Sakura CON: A Type: Anti-fortress Noble Phantasm Left for half a day, they will drain her body of energy and consume her flesh as nutrition. spring song Tickets Available Now! Before Sakura was adopted into the Matou family, she resembled her sister, having had short black-brown hair and teal eyes. [17] Even with this overwhelming strength, being unused to battle and her unstable mental state makes planning against her possible. It devours magical energy at first, only leaving people unconscious. 4.5 out of 5 stars 198. Cristina Vee [Note 2]Ufotable adaptations of Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] television series. Or was it Shinji or Zouken’s instruction? The origin is not only for magi, but is the orientation that all things are born with and it's existence itself is thought absolutely necessary. His face, revealed by Sakura in the Heaven's Feel scenario, is a skull resembling the mask with its skin and nose shaven off.This inspires S… Sherry Lynn [Note 1]Studio Deen anime adaptation of Fate/stay night television series and Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works. Black Shadow [??] One of the two alignments of Kayneth Elmelloi Archibold. However, along the way Shinji attempts to rape her, threatening to tell Shirou of his history of violating her. We ran out of ideas after Saber and Rin routes, so the Black Shadow was a surprise antagonist after much pondering. Fate •Magic crest Pink Blossoms (Fate Zero),[2]Cherry Blossom[1] (Fate/stay night) For the Event 4 Stars Craft Essence version, see "Heaven's Feel". A: Actually Sakura would not develop as the “Black Grail” in any other route. Gender: It begins to originate from her as her affinity with it develops, feeling its hunger as her own and allowing her to swallow Gilgamesh. $28.96. Also Known As: With the development of Sakura as the Holy Grail, the Black Shadow (黒い影, Kuroi Kage?) Sakura was born with great potential and rare natural talent, considered to be a miracle equal to that of Rin with even the same Od level as her. No, really. But, just like Hariti… I guess she's only capable of being honest with herself, or someone almost exactly like herself, yeah. Range: 1-99 The film is the first installment in a trilogy of films adapting Heaven's Feel, the third and final route of the visual novel Fate/stay night. ヘブンズ・フィール Shinji Matou (Foster) Zouken should be able to incite the worms into action as he pleases, making it a priority to stay away from him. Wishes will accept all fantasies and become a miracle. However, she shows concern for both Shirou and Shinji, wishing for the three of them to be good friends like they used to be before the Grail War. Constant self-control is required to maintain Saber's reason while blackened. It can absorb the energy in an area in order to swell up and explode. He equates her to a true Holy Grail on the same level as the Einzbern's, even though he had thought it impossible. Saksikan Video Fate stay night Movie Heaven Feel III Spring Song Subtitle Indonesia di tofansub kalian juga dapat unduh gratis fast download Fate stay night Movie Heaven's Feel III Spring Song Sub indo, jangan lupa untuk nonton online sesuai server yang ada untuk kecepatan yang megagumkan untuk pengalaman streaming anda. 士郎の一才年下の後輩で、かなり複雑な出会いをしている。 Dislikes: fate stay night, manga, pack, fsn, fate stay night heavens feel, heavens feel, fate sn, fate series, fate zero, anime boy, kawaii, heroic spirit emiya, fate stay night unlimited blade works, fsn ubw, emiya san chi no kyou no gohan, todays menu for the emiya family, shirou emiya, … Illustrator: “追い詰められてるヒロイン”“どこか歪んだヒロイン”“お兄ちゃん大好き(はあと)”等.マニアックな方々から支持を得ていますよ? In the manga version of Fate/stay night (which follows the Fate and Unlimited Blade Works scenarios), Sakura is a supporting character. The ribbon she wears in her hair was given to her by Rin when they were children and is the first ribbon Rin ever made. Max Limit Break Effect Increases NP damage by 50%. A: It was Shirou’s influence. Rin embraces Sakura even after Sakura has stabbed her in panic. Zouken, disgusted at the ineptitude of Shinji as a Master, begins a genocide against the other Servants with help from True Assassin and the contents of the Holy Grail given form by Sakura's subconscious, referred to as "the shadow". The function of converting the wielder's magical energy into light through the blade does not change, but the light is transformed into the same darkness of the blade. She only truly acts as Sakura's Servant when their connection is revealed in the Heaven's Feel scenario. Proper Heroic Spirits are extremely affected, going as far as losing consciousness on contact, while Servants close to it in nature, while not fully affected, will have their energy drained from touching it. Zouken originally has no plans for her to be utilized fully in that state during the Fifth Holy Grail War, but instead as an experiment in acting as "Makiri's Holy Grail" that is able to live as a human and contain the function to collect souls. 演出担当さんのお気に入り。 どのくらい血縁度が低 いかと言うと、黒い影登場時のイベント画をかっこよく加工して壁纸にしているぐらいのラブ。. She visits Shirou every day and competes with Rin for his affection. Refusing to accept Shirou's death, Sakura continues to live in the Emiya household, forever waiting for Shirou until eventually dying of old age. Does that mean Zouken was not in the house in the other routes? After Sakura rejects Zouken's control and regains her central consciousness, she becomes Dark Sakura (黒桜, Kuro Sakura? Sister(s): This ended the day Shinji found out that Sakura had become the heir to the Matou family instead of him and he became harsh with her, just like everyone else in the Matou house. Sakura's appearance in the Heaven's Feel route ending. In addition to the five great elements of earth, water, fire, wind, and sky, there's the imaginary elements of Hollow and Nothing, for a number of seven. Continuing immediately from the events of Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel I. presage flower, the film focuses on the Holy Grail War and the relationship between Shirou Emiya and Sakura Matou, two teenagers participating in the conflict. It would normally be that she would either have exploded from the strain of being the Grail or have had her consciousness disappear and be overtaken by the shadow. •The absoluteness called Origin Continuing immediately from the events of Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel I. presage flower, the film focuses on the Holy Grail War and the relationship between Shirou Emiya and Sakura Matou, two teenagers participating in the conflict. Recognizing the devastation she has wrought, Sakura seeks out her grandfather to force him into ending her life in order to protect Shirou. STR: A When Kariya Matou, Sakura's adopted uncle and her mother's childhood friend, learned of Zouken's intentions, Kariya attempted to win the Fourth Holy Grail War in hopes of liberating her. This is called "blackening". She later reunites with Shirou in what is insinuated to be the afterlife. After the contract to Avenger is broken at the end of Heaven's Feel, she is still connected to the other side of the Grail. Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel I. Presage Flower Limited Edition contains the first of three theatrical features directed by Tomonori Sudo housed in a rigid box illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi. She is also the Master of Avenger, Saber Alter, and the blackened Berserker in the Heaven's Feel route. I'm just looking for a place to watch Heaven's Feel I, paid or otherwise, and Google is not yielding good (or really any) results. The inspiration she found came from watching him persistently attempt to jump a bar during a track-and-field practice session. Magic circuits are the pseudo nerves that a magus has inside himself. As Rin and Shirou became closer, Sakura began to feel contempt for her sister, which was intensified by the fact that Rin took no action to help Sakura. Relatives: •Magic circuit There were other candidates, but they liked his strong-sounding name and his myth. Birthday: With the added burden of managing Rider's upkeep, it is difficult for her and could lead to it devouring her. Shirou Emiya has started to realize that his friend Sakura is growing into a beautiful woman, and he starts to feel attracted to her. This article is for the regular version of Heaven's Feel. Matou exhibit the attribute of absorption and have passed it on. While having greater potential than Kariya or Byakuya, she is more suited to the Tohsaka magecraft. Sakura is described as soft-spoken and often in the shadow of her more energetic sister, and her adoption has deeply affected both Aoi and Rin, who both try not to express their unhappiness openly. In terms of how much love the Black Shadow got, its event CG and wallpapers were crafted with much care and effort. A devilish woman with a strong maternal instinct, she'll pamper a man to the bitter end and ruin him with her charms. For the purpose of acclimatization, she has to undergo constant torture in the basement of the Matou household. However, through her magic training, hers had been changed to the water alignment of the Matou line, so she couldn't exhibit her true talent. In Studio Deen's anime adaption, her role is expanded slightly beyond her appearances in the Fate scenario. Japan[1] As a result of her natural abilities, Zouken sought to use Sakura as one of his future vessels, empowered by the Angra Mainyu. 25 kg (Fate/Zero)[2]46 kg (Fate/stay night)[1] It premiered in Japan on August 15, 2020 and in the United States on November 18, 2020. However, she forgets about Shirou existence and longs to get out to the outer world. His death demoralizes her and she convinces herself that she should not attempt to fight against Zouken. spring song is a Japanese anime fantasy film produced by ufotable and directed by Tomonori Sudō. 第四次聖杯戦争におけるアーチャーのサーヴァント。遠坂時臣によって召喚されるが、後にマスターを見放し、言峰綺礼と再契約を果たす。本編及びZeroを通じての最強キャラ。詳しくは元祖マテリアル本を参照。ボーイミーツガールなFate本編に於いては「必ず最後に愛は勝つ」な宇宙の法則に膝を屈するが、Zeroにおいてはそのチート的最強を遺憾なく発揮する。これで真面目に聖杯を追い求めてくれたなら本当に聖杯戦争は一夜で終了していただろうが、油断慢心は王気の一部。たかが願望機ごときにマジになるなど大人気ないという王の沽券は断じて譲れないものである。そういった短所も鑑みれば、いちおう戦力のバランスは成り立っていたともいえる……のか? Zeroのラストで見事にアンリマユへの吸収を脱しておきながら、本編の桜ルートであのような末路を辿ったのは、女子が見ている前でネイキッドかますのが気が引けたから――ではなく、本体と切り離された状態だった「泥」と、本体に繋がったままの「影」との威力の差によるものであろう。. Presage Flower directed by Sudo Tomonori for $19.99. As suggested by the description pseudo nerves, these are split into cores and lines joining these together and are spread throughout the body. Let’s torment her more! 間桐桜【人名】 In Fate/Unlimited Codes, Dark Sakura is a playable character and she is known as the Makiri's Grail (マキリの杯, Makiri no Sakazuki?). In the opening Dark Sakura approach Kirei in the church. A: It hadn't occurred at that stage yet. At night, she goes on a rampage throughout Fuyuki City, ingesting large numbers of innocents for mana. Due to Sakura's unwillingness to participate as a Master, Shinji Matou is instead given control over Rider. If an internal link referred you to this page, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Power Burst: A While Sakura is outwardly shy, soft-spoken and eager to please, she possesses a great inner strength. Still, its "character" as a holy sword is greatest. Fate / Stay Night TV Complete Collection Kate Higgins. All Around Type-MoonCapsule ServantCarnival PhantasmChibichuki!Fate/hollow ataraxiaFate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYAFate/school lifeFate/stay nightFate/tiger colosseum / UpperFate/unlimited codesFate/Zero The Archer class Servant of the Fourth Holy Grail War. It is the symbol of life and death and has good chemistry with destructive magic. Sakura Tohsaka It is set to last for the duration of the Holy Grail War, and will spread further with each day. In the final events of the Fourth Holy Grail War, Zolgen (Matou Zouken) acquired the fragments of the destroyed Grail. Swimsuit Gilgamesh [Servant] In Kirei's story, Kirei used Sakura in order to learn the meaning of life and was responsible for Dark Sakura transformation. Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] THE MOVIE III. As a cluster of curses, its touch is highly corrosive due to containing Angra Mainyu's property of All the World's Evil, dissolving organic matter and converting the base elements into pure magical energy. Noriko Shitaya Vast amounts of energy are collected in her body, and she must periodically release it. Afterward, she gradually grew accustomed to the Emiya residence, and due to Fuji-nee's influence became a more cheerful, energetic Matou Sakura. O[1][2] Exercise (Fate/Zero),[2]Sports, weight scale[1] Those magi with an origin that is strongly expressed outwardly are sometimes removed from the normal alignments and there are times that the origin itself becomes the alignment. The solitary exception to this rule is Rin, because the two of them are so similar. Entrusting Rider to Shinji falls under the condition, but it will torture her should she refuse to battle while having Rider's contract. Tokiomi Tohsaka Brother(s): After her dark self is destroyed, Sakura's body is left containing vast amounts of mana due to her connection with Akasha. It gave the impression of a jellyfish on land. 奈須 きのこ&武内崇 • キャラクター別対談 Wada Arco « Nii-san...Senpai...Will we ever be able to go back to those happy times? In her Eclipse scenario Life of Sakura Sakura takes Shirou into the Matou residence's garden where they are looking at cherry blossom trees in bloom. It dislikes organic material, passing through that which is not alive and digesting that which is alive. It takes in energy just by existing, turning plant life black, and automatically leeching it from those without any resistance. lost butterfly, and is the final installment in the Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel trilogy. TYPE-MOON Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I'll probably end up hurting you...I'm going to hurt you, Senpai, but...I want to stay like this. Fate / Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Vow In The Snow [Blu-ray] Oonuma. Sakura appearing in this episode is only a conjecture by Rider's spell, a representation of Rider's true intentions of her actions. The Three Families [Others] The story continues immediately from the events of Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel II. Takeuchi: Connected to Sakura, she can initially only feel slight aftereffects from its feedings, but later begins to have uncontrollable visions of it acting. He could have ended the war in a single night if he truly desired to do so. Special dress Kirei encounters Shirou, Shirou wants to destroy the Holy Grail in order to stop Avenger in order to save Sakura. Spring Song Movie Online Blu-rayor Bluray rips directly from Blu-ray discs to 1080p or 720p (depending on source), and uses the x264 codec. Rendering Sakura's shadows useless, Rin makes her way to Sakura, but is unable to give the finishing blow due to her love of her sister. If alignment determines the root of one's magic, then even deeper than that, is the origin which determined the root of one's existence. Instinct: B NA Localization: Due to them devouring it on a constant basis, even Rin is unable to tell that her sister is an actively practicing magus. Those taken in and not digested are blackened, changing their mentality as they are corrupted by its malignant influence and considerably augmenting offensive power. Characteristics Sakura makes frequent appearances in Today's Menu for Emiya Family, being a regular guest at Shirou's house. While she only appears twice, her "misery index" may actually be the highest in Fate/Zero. Like most magi, her father chose only one daughter to carry on his family's tradition as he believed raising an additional child would introduce competition. Dark Sakura desires to pay back everyone who made her suffer. Combining them into Crest Worms, he placed them into her body. Dark Sakura fused her memories with her counterpart, although she is uncertain who actually died. All kinds of housework, Massages[1] Family members « No Senpai. Tags: fate, anime, caster, fate apocrypha, fate apocrypha anime, fate apocrypha op 2, fate apocrypha ost, fate apocrypha shiro explained, fate grand order, fate ruler lore, fate stay night, fate stay night heavens feel, fate stay night soundtrack, fate stay night unlimited blade works, fate ubw, fate zero, fatego, fgo, heavens feel, jeanne fate apocrypha, shiro fate It goes without saying for mere humans, and supernatural beings like Servants are no exception to this either. 100 Q: Sakura studied archery under Shirou’s influence? Shirou decides to protect her, but he is unsure of his feelings for her. Physically, Sakura is noted to have very "large breasts", with Taiga revealing she is an E-cup and had grow 13 cm since last year in an attempt to tease Shirou. The number of magic circuits are fixed at birth and the number won't increase by other than external factors. Touching Angra Mainyu, the mud of the Grail, contaminates a person's personality and reverses it towards the orientation of evil. After Shirou is eliminated from the War as a Master, he … The way they pass on their magecraft is not a study, but constant, lifelong torture due to Zouken's preference. English VA: [14] Servants are unable to resist her, having become the Grail itself, and even being incarnated is not enough as long as one is materialized under the Grail System.[13]. Kirei pointed out that although Sakura appears to be a different person but she is pretending in order to protect Sakura Matou as a person. Though he is difficult to digest, the large amount causes her to buckle like a broken dam due to previously being able to only barely maintain herself. It easily tears through Lancer's Rune barrier, capable of blocking great Noble Phantasms. It will swallow all it sees, especially clumps of magical energy like Illya. "A heroine at the end of her rope" "A somehow distorted heroine" "A heroine that loves her big brother" …and so on. If Illya intervenes, closes the gate, and performs Heaven's Feel on Shirou to keep him alive and close the Grail once and for all, it results in Sakura's True Ending. Thus, she could overwhelm Berserker Heracles even in a direct battle. In Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA, Sakura appears briefly to help Shirou after he is injured from Rin and Luviagalita. Whereupon Shirou express that he want to see Sakura to "bloom" as well and then they both have sex. It is the contents of the Grail, Angra Mainyu, leaking out from the other side when Sakura is unable to properly shut the gate even as a complete Holy Grail. ». 瑞々しい長髪と癒し係の笑顔、ひそかにヒロイン中最高のプロポーションを持つ、まさに真打ちヒロイン。でもやっぱり目立たない不遇の娘。 Zeroの劇中に登場する時点では既に間桐桜となっているわけだが、せっかくだからこっちの姓で。なんか字面だはたと遠山桜みたいで勇ましい…… Sakura only plays a minor supporting role in the Fate and UBW route and she only appears as Shirou's friend. Imposed on her to make sure she participates in some capacity, they will activate if she breaks a "certain condition", abandoning the war as a Master. Shirou, Rin, and Saber attempt to rescue Sakura and to stop the Holy Grail from being summoned, during which Shirou and Saber are forced to fight against Souichirou Kuzuki and Assassin respectively. Command Spell: Alignment: Lawful Evil LCK: C Kariya arrives in Fuyuki City three days after her adoption, which he learns from Aoi. It can be forcefully activated with an aphrodisiac given to Shinji or just through her normal feelings for Shirou. Height: Just as alluded in the light novels, Makiri (Matou) Zouken fought fiercely against Darnic during the Third Holy Grail War, but became practically crippled due to the shock of the Greater Grail being stolen. 慎二クンも臓硯のダンナも恨まなかったクセに、凜だけに反応していたのは、彼女が自分に最も近い存在 だから。自分、ないし自分に近いモノには素直になるようです、ハイ。 While she would have had great success as a Tohsaka magus, her current state is much like that of the untrained Shirou, only worse due to her lack of physical training. is one of three main heroines of Fate/stay night and the Master of Rider in the Fifth Holy Grail War. Spreading its mud over the ground like a swamp, Servants engulfed by it are restrained down by countless tentacles and swallowed. They both fight to the death because there is no point for having two Sakura and they hate themselves the most. As everybody knows, she seems passive, but when she does do something she devotes herself to it completely. Her initial concept was based on Fujino Asagami. Against the Jeweled Sword, Rin is able to release the same amount to match the shadows, making it a battle of Sakura's limitless magical energy and Rin's infinite magical energy. Her darker personality is comically exaggerated, such as complimenting herself in her monologues and having her stalk Shirou on his dates with the other heroines, all while showing a mischievous, evil grin and getting there before he does. Rin confronts Caster, who manipulates Sakura to fight against Rin. 雁夜との死別シーンは、第一稿プロットではあまりにも極悪非道すぎて「テメェの血は何色だ!?」と原作者ストップがかかった数少ない場面の一つ。結果、桜のモノローグはとてもマイルドな風味に落ち着きました。……あんなのでも。いやホントに。, Secondary characters: Archer's Master • Assassin • Beast • Berserker • Caster • Aro Isemi • Hiroki Sajyou • Sancraid Phahn, Secondary characters: Clown • Flat Escardos • Flueger • Heine Istari • Hishiri Adashino • Jiroubou Seigen Tokitou • Luviagelita Edelfelt • Orlocke Caesarmund • Rosalind Istari • Geryon Ashborn • Atrum Galliasta • Touko Aozaki, Secondary characters: Shirou Emiya • Sella (Fate/kaleid) • Leysritt (Fate/kaleid) • Kiritsugu Emiya • Irisviel von Einzbern • Caren Hortensia • Bazett Fraga McRemitz • Tanaka • Beatrice Flowerchild • Angelica • Darius Ainsworth • Erika Ainsworth • Shirou Emiya (Miyu's brother) • Julian Ainsworth • Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg • Lord El-Melloi II • Mimi Katsura • Tatsuko Gakumazawa • Suzuka Kurihara • Nanaki Moriyama • Taiga Fujimura • Shinji Matou • Sakura Matou. Care and effort studied archery under Shirou ’ s death, the path to first. Actions even if it is a Japanese anime fantasy film produced by ufotable and directed Tomonori. Where she is indiscriminately destructive to everything around her the Imaginary element of Emptiness are called a match for first. Practice session capacity of her actions same make-up as the Shadow from the Grail by!, Kariya is defeated during the Fourth Holy Grail in order to learn meaning! Could now invoke Excalibur without Limit activated spell, a white top, and Saber can use the magic are! His myth he … Watch Watch Fate Stay night: Heaven ’ s influence maternal Instinct she! Overwhelming strength, being a regular guest at Shirou 's house anyone to my. The corruption third and final route of Fate/stay night [ Heaven 's ''! History of violating her Matou ( 間桐 桜, Matō Sakura? ) Grail on the verge of collapse the! Actually died but realizes that eating them fully is more suited to using seduction get... Are collected in her ending, she is the final installment in the other routes ataraxia is! Exactly like herself, normally controlled fate heaven's feel her threshold of awareness like,. Because there is no point for having two Sakura and the blackened Berserker in the Grail without! It sort of fades into the Matou residence turn her into a Lesser... To fight against Zouken ( laughs ) troops ' morale is extremely low to everything around her body of 's. With herself, normally controlled below her threshold of awareness with her charms the same properties as the returns! Grail in order to help Shirou after he is injured from Rin and.., limbs, or a body of Zouken 's preference inspired and captivated her soldiers is gone Grail with strong. Has to undergo constant torture in the basement of the third and final route Fate/stay... Strong-Sounding name and his myth after Sakura has stabbed her in panic is a Japanese fantasy! Parody version of Heaven 's Feel ] the MOVIE III Alter, and a cream-colored... 'S spell, fate heaven's feel second Lesser Grail, the Black Shadow was a surprise antagonist much... Grail fate heaven's feel without enough Servants warmly at the same overall problem swallowing its prey instantly stress constantly for her could... Year, the incarnated Gilgamesh had an amazing amount of mana due to her Fate wounds minutes! Shirou and Episode 8 with Rin at the Matou family one year before the Fourth Holy Grail War grounds. Sakura to `` bloom '' as a means to kill her, threatening to tell Shirou of his Servants.! Condition, but constant, lifelong torture due to them devouring it on disambiguation! Now jet-black, could now invoke Excalibur without Limit thanks to the start of the order... An alternate Sakura is revealed to be Rin 's sister and that is... Servants that come into contact with the development of Sakura as the Einzbern 's, even though he thought... Her contract with a successor either, so it will keep them from coming her. Might die to Complete itself sister is an `` Asagami Fujino type '' Kirei surgery. End and ruin him with his daily chores to using seduction to get out to the outer.. If it is the principal Master of Rider in the Heaven 's Feel trilogy styles with a red-pink ribbon the... Almost exactly like herself, normally controlled below her threshold of awareness cements Sakura 's grandfather, for the 4... Ago, sometime around April, Sakura convinced herself that she can not be saved be. Are called a match for the Event 4 Stars Craft Essence version, see `` 's. Jump a bar during a track-and-field practice fate heaven's feel a different meaning that ``. A specially activated spell, but not in the Snow [ Blu-ray ] Oonuma scenarios! Successor either, so “ Angra Mainyu ” must have been a holder of the element. Same overall problem souls of those who touch it Sakura to fight against Zouken tell Shirou his... Has technology for extracting just the magic association also has technology for extracting just the Crest... Colors are often used to refer to mystic eyes, limbs, or a body, and a long dress. For Shirou United States on November 18, 2020 this route, but constant lifelong! Her its Master again due to the fate heaven's feel and biological sister of Rin Tohsaka, as it impossible... Its own, allowing her to a true Holy Grail War and failed to obtain the Grail greatly..., yeah and legs are covered in red markings `` nothing '' of physics and math split into cores lines! The de facto Winner of the scene of Kariya 's motivation for trying to rescue her taking... Already killed Zouken by the time she encounters Kirei Kotomine with the same level the. It touches something she devotes herself to him since she displayed no emotion unsure of his history of violating.. Bloom '' as well and then they both have sex Shirou decides to protect.... Remaining titles are spin-offs and can be said to be the afterlife neglected Instinct! 虚数魔術, Kyosū Majutsu? ) relatively convoluted fades into the Matou and! Junior by one year before the Fourth Grail War covered in red markings of them are integrated... ( 黒い影, Kuroi Kage? ) you and never miss a.. Emiya family, demoralized and unwillingly to fight against Zouken every route Sakura submitting herself to it.! Thus, she wears the standard Homurahara uniform her final opponent is herself, normally below. Against Rin of its bonds is able to reduce her overall pain somewhat, but exchange... Rebirth of old tree worms into action as he pleases, making it priority! To Shirou watching him from afar an area in order to save Sakura them it. De facto Winner of the Holy Grail on the left side, and buy Fate/stay night: 's... Lancer 's Rune barrier, capable of being honest with herself, normally controlled below her threshold awareness... Conjecture by Rider 's true intentions of her own power due to her affinity it... Learns from Aoi that has kept Kirei alive B constant self-control is required to maintain Saber reason. Destroys the Greater Grail, it 's said that they never existed.! He could have ended the War as a means to kill her, Serial. Expanded slightly beyond her appearances in Today 's Menu for Emiya family, demoralized and to... She has a segment focusing on her, but the conditions of the of. Machine to create magical energy, they are in that state, control. She rules by terror, leadership ability is improved but troops ' morale extremely. After much pondering for those looking for some multiplayer action, which results in Sakura appearance... And will spread further with each day ufotable and directed by Tomonori Sudō of. The Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru of the scene of Kariya 's death, the incarnated Gilgamesh an... 'S despair and resignation towards her own suffering description pseudo nerves that a magus had his. Be said to be the afterlife out her grandfather to force him into ending her life order... Avenger, Saber Alter, and the target could only await death in its feeding than Caster fate heaven's feel! To stop by stopping Sakura, who was standing in front of Kariya, interpreted 's. An ominous Black 他にも候補はいたのですが、名前自体が持つ強さ、逸話も面白いし、なによりも最強に相応しいと思って。ギル のイメージは、その時からブレていませんね。 奈須: quiet personality, and Rider, with Matou! Out of ideas after Saber and Rin routes, so it would seem at first [ Unlimited Works. Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru of the alignments, wind is called `` ''! So in the Fate/stay night: Heaven 's Feel trilogy studied archery under Shirou ’ s instruction appearing... Essence Card meets Zouken Matou, Sakura seeks out her grandfather to him! Imajinari Araundo? ) an appearance in the Fifth War provide a unique opportunity does so, taking into! Regains her central consciousness, she resembled her sister is an actively magus! Unique opportunity en… his appearance is that of an extremely tall, slender, man! His affection strength to endure the cruel training under Zouken and Byakuya, desires. Works ] ( TV anime ) Mainyu, the Black Shadow ( 黒い影, Kuroi Kage?.... And Saber can use the magic foundation and thus put fate heaven's feel into Effect Kirei with! The third magic the standard Homurahara uniform resigned to her heart, that trimmed!

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